The Art of Selling 101: Sugar

First, you make sugar. With cheapest labor. Subsidized electricity. And rent seeking.

Then you share your output with the cartel members. Numbers. Tons.

Then you export the sugar. Best is Afghanistan. The whole logistics get its undue share. Particularly the boys and the bureaucrats.

Then, sugar shortage is created in the local market and is widely publicized. Which isn’t even a lie.

And then, you import the exact same sugar that you had exported. At much higher rates.

This is how this business of sugar works here. The same has been successfully experimented on rice and wheat in past. Ideally, it’s one commodity per season. You don’t do all in a single time. No. Don’t be a greedy idiot.

This was lesson 101 on selling a product. Twice. It’s B2B to BC Selling.

Boys give free pass and route to such exports. Like Ehsan Ullah Ehsan got. Oops! I didn’t intend to deviate.

Since deviated already, have you ever wondered why it’s always Narowal or Sialkot sector that gets firings from the neighbor? Why not Lahore? Is it because DHA is just over the border? Or is it also a business of war working like a cartel?

Buzz off mate! I said no oops-i-did-it-again today.

Anyway. Bureaucrats do all the redtapism to make the impossible, possible; without a burden on conscientiousness. The only burden they afford is on national exchequer.

While these subsidies on elite businesses are generated through extra taxes on everything that can’t be taxed. The politicians approve these subsidies. To divide a blame of wrongdoings, they approve such things through cabinet meetings.

That’s the crux. You can arrest one man. But you cannot arrest a whole cabinet.

That’s how the cartel and its logistics make money.

By the way, a big bureaucrat died recently. Yes, all praises. In awe. Obviously. Death of a big gun is always heart wrenching. But that death reminds me of an incident that happened in Punjab not long ago. Pretty low but nothing unusual from a usual bureaucrat. That has been mentioned here on this page. But for now, offer your condolences and prayers.

Hush now. May you all rest in peace too.

Author: SakiNama

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