Walli – The Verdict

Finally, the day had come. The judge asked him to speak. As the other party never showed up in their defense, it was an open and shut case. And it was finally his time to speak.
And he spoke.
He spoke for 20 minutes.
He said all those things. He told all the truth.
Not a single lie. No fabrication.
The judge was mute the whole time. He didn’t know what to say.
It was a unique case for the judge, for the lawyer, and for the people sitting around the court room.
In family courts, the cases are mostly filed by women. They file cases for child support, for monthly payments, for dowry misuse and for physical abuse.
This was a case where a guy pleaded to be allowed legally to pay for his kid, to be allowed to have custody, or at least regular visitations enforced by law, and for all expenditures of his kid to be directed to him.
This was strange. Court rooms don’t see things like that.
And he spoke. The whole court room listened. He couldn’t be bothered about who was listening.
He made rare eye contact with the judge.
His frequent eye contact was with a smiling picture behind the judge.
The picture that had told him to stay strong, be patient, and fight for the right cause till death for the last 1 year. He did.
That picture was the only sane voice that he had heard at courtrooms in all those hearings.
The man in the picture was Jinnah .
He stood like Jinnah, he waited like Jinnah, and that day, he spoke like Jinnah.
Jinnah stood for a whole nation. He stood for his whole world.

The last thing of the day was that the judge gave the verdict. A verdict like Jinnah.