Lustful Society

It wasn’t easy for him to put his reputation at stake for a single erection. But he had to. He was out of control. He took his student, a little angel. He ruined that angel. He raped her. And then he killed her. It was just an erection which society couldn’t understand.

Hell of a society it is which thinks from underwear/underpants. Those who cannot perform are addicted too. Horny!

He went to Dubai to earn a living for his family; his father, mother, wife, and a son. But one day, an erection and a seduction destroyed his life. His father told him to divorce his wife so that he can marry her. What? Well he fucked up. After crying, abusing, and requesting, he asked about his son; “you are a grandfather and I am a father of that son, what is his sin?” His father hung up. He called his wife; she said she can’t do anything. She needs a physical existence of a husband too.

Well she was right. Two years back, she needed financial support. Now she needed physical presence of a man in her bed. Be it any man.

And here is another story. He was a banker. He got consistent promotions. His salary was increasing every year, so as his frustration. He couldn’t handle it anymore. One day out of frustration, he put his hand on an internee’s thigh. She was shocked. What should she do? Should she yell? Should she complain? Should she slap him? Or should she “I-will-recommend-you-for-the permanent-job” let it go. She let it go. It initiated her a decent career.

He used to teach numerous kids in his mosque. He liked one of the kids. The kid was beautiful and fair. He was not gay, but a little pedophile. Mostly he was into women… his wives. But that day he couldn’t control. He punished the kid not to go home until the lesson is learnt. The lesson was learnt a little before 9 pm, with blood dripping from his back. A little erection, which couldn’t satisfy his wives ever, destroyed a life forever.

I am a slow learner. I am always a slow learner. I blamed erections for this messed up society. What if there is dysfunction? So here is another story. He knew he couldn’t perform. He tried on prostitutes. He tried on eunuchs. No success. Eunuchs made fun of him. His parents forced him to marriage. He told his father he cannot perform. His father told him other ways, like test tube baby options. On the wedding night, he did it… without erection. Another life was ruined.

There are lusty bus driver with evil in their eyes and in between the thighs. Every fifth second, they have to touch themselves to align and reposition. They are pretty good to judge a woman, her figure, her curves, her character, her age, her sexual experience, and her ultimate desire to feel their moustaches. Their sudden hit of breaks, so that ladies leap on them. Then there are van drivers. Their hands remain on gears within which they have little feelings of thighs. They know the ladies want it. It happens rarely when a woman complains. They keep on shrinking in their volume, in their own world, in their own self.

You want me to narrate more stories. May be you are enjoying. I know. People read rape news with a little sensation, a little appreciation, and sometimes a little erection too. Publishers try to put extra details into rape news with the limited words they use. All is dependent on your vulgar imagination, browsing experience, and addiction to porn… according to which you imagine a colorfully blue film.

This is the world which has developed after centuries of learning, knowledge, Prophets, Divine Books, philosophies, virtues, Sufism, culture, values…

Dilemma is: there is another world to be seen yet; inferno.

Question is: if hell is to be seen yet, then what it is it now?