Class Struggles in the Rain

Winters aren’t leaving.

Have you seen such a beautiful March in years? A cold Ramzan with winter-cum-autumn mixtures to serve with different flavors at different times. Beautiful air to breathe. Rains. Cold breeze.

Now the bad thing.

Last year were floods to destroy everything of the poor. Now, rains to mess with crops, particularly wheat. It’s not just manmade hyperinflation to kill the poor. Heavens are also making sure to hang them twice.

Sometimes, I wonder. Between nature and science. Not sometimes. Everyday.

And like everyday, I wake up as a believer. And after passing and processing the whole day, I sleep as an agnostic. Or an atheist.

Or whatever. Does it matter?

The only thing that matters is rhyme. Rhyme without poetry. Rhyme to smile. Rhyme to mourn. Rhyme to love rain. Rhyme to bury in the drain.

Rain to smile. And rain to kill.

Water to crop. And water to drown.

From heavens to hell, let all come down.

Let all come down, let the poor drown.

Let the poor…

Breathe for God sake!

Oh! Wait.

Earthquake Plans

Maybe He wanted to save someone from murder. So He jolted the earth to change the plans.

Or maybe He saved a child from abuse today. 10 is our daily national average. 9 for today. 1 saved because the abuser panicked because of the earthquake.

Or maybe He wanted to put fear in the heart of that shopkeeper to sell honestly today, as one of the buyers coming today is His special.

Or maybe He wanted to save the lady from domestic tortures from tonight. Who knows?

Or maybe He wanted to give a short break to that guy who was having a very hard and long day at work.

Or maybe He wanted to put fear in the heart of a mob who was going to burn down a temple tonight.

Or maybe He wanted us to call our parents today.

Or maybe He wanted us to have a cigarette break.

Or maybe He wanted us to talk about jeans again.

Or maybe He just jolted the whole region just to make us afraid.

Or maybe He was having fun with our big egos. Mild jolts without a string attached.

Well, dear Lord! These tricks work for a couple of hours. We go back to our baseline within 24 hours.

And – even though we know You can do things – such manoeuvres are not appreciated. Thank you.

Lahore vs. Multan (First Half of PSL Final)

It’s like Lahore’s bureaucracy against South Punjab in general. And usual.

While the venue is always Lahore.

You have a problem?

Come to Lahore from Alipur, Muzaffargarh, D. G. Khan, R. Y. Khan, Fort Munro, Rajanpur, Multan, and Bahawalpur.

Come to Lahore for interviews. To submit an application. For the Ombudsman’s hearing. To meet a Secretary. To beg a Section Officer. To pay the bribe. To wait in corridors. For all the routine ugly stuff for your disgrace.

But, most probably, as soon as you enter, the Babu may have left already. Or the meeting has been postponed. Or the mood. Mood swings without PMS.

PMS. Some of them are from PMS actually. But mostly are CSS. It’s a federally owned curse in the whole country.


Lahore had been brutal today. At least in the later half.

And Multan should lose. To keep the records straight.

Human Shield for Human

Mourning. Again.

Outside is an amazing crowd. Doing everything on the call of their leader.

Inside is a leader who has no courtesy for those outside.

He make videos with shells and bullets in front of his desk, without empathy for those who collect these for his videos.  

Sometimes, he mourns a death. He calls the relatives to offer condolences. And relatives come. To receive the condolences.

At the same time, he keeps thousands of others in the same line of fire for more potential deaths and condolences.

Because dead bodies are not necessarily bad. It’s a boost. A martyred voter is still a voter.


What would have other – real – leaders would have done here? Given themselves in. Without a doubt and any second thought. But this one needs a human shield. People may die so that he may resides in the mansion.

The bravery of the followers is amazing, nonetheless. A demo for another institution that.

Just a demo. For now.


She wished to be a punk rocker with flowers in her hair.

He prayed for her to be the one, so he could listen and see her daily.

But then, the residents of the world don’t live by their wishes. They rely on prayers.

How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!

The world forgetting, by the world forgot.

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!

Each prayer accepted, each wish resigned?

Beat the Lion and the Dogs will behave

One thing that unites this country is police. It’s same from north to south. Their faith of violence, injustice, apathy, and disregard of humans is homogenous. From Islamabad to Peshawar to Quetta to Karachi to Lahore.

They brag on Twitter. As Bhai and Api. So nice and cool in tagging each other to take notice for the sake of followers. Yet, the disgust for humans sustains. Weaker the human, the more disgust and disregard they offer.

This ugliness starts from IG and goes down through DIG, SSP, SP, DSP, ASP, Inspector, SI, ASI, PC to all the way down to Muharrar.

They have learned from the worst, their brothers in another uniform. They believe in guns and violence. They can halt anything. Can produce dead bodies at will. Can beat women. Can abuse transgenders and others. And can become bystanders themselves when a mob is doing their job of violence.

The more high they climb on their hierarchy of bastards, the louder they shout.

This utter disregard is pretty much same everywhere in the world. Why is that? Give men uniform – any uniform with a gun – and they will forget to be humans altogether.

Don’t touch him. Not yet. But a time will come when they will be dragged by their collars and they will remember all the filth they said in arrogance.

People say: beat the dog and the lion will behave.

I say: beat the lion and the dogs will behave.

Aurat March 2023

Men march. In uniform. Like in a circus. After killing millions, they get medals and monuments. They are praised. They are seen as a symbol of nationhood. And everything around blood and dead bodies.

Women can’t march. Not with their bodies. They haven’t killed in millions; so, no medals. Some naked monuments by famous male artists, but nothing much. Just bodies. Bodies on paintings, magazines, media, advertisements, etc. Hence, when they march for something more than their bodies, they become a symbol of shame and disgust.

Every man has a day. Woman… just dark nights.

Meanwhile men in public. Next to a wall on a road. Any road. With their teeny-weeny in hand. Left hand, mind you. Urinating. And thinking: how women march for vulgarity only to undress and proclaim indecency with their bodies? Why do they all want to dance naked? Even with all this, why don’t I get any?

After they are done urinating their mind, they don’t mind, their own business.

American Murders

After Alex Murdaugh’s sentencing, one thing that comes in mind is that even though human history is full of murders but something isn’t right in America right now.

Here’s an epiphany:

Robbers and thieves murder for food or wealth. They have a reason or motivation, sometimes accidentally; but they do it to gain something or to remove the witness.

Some murder for revenge. A clear motivation.

Some murder to hurt a particular person. Another clear motivation.

And there can be other reasons. All wrong but there is always something behind the ugly action.

But America’s recent history of murders – and mass murders – is insane. Convictions have shown that murderers murder for fun there. Murder to taste blood. Murder for the sake of murder only. No clear motivation. No revenge. Nothing. Just murder. For fun.

Like the recent case of Bryan Christopher Kohberger who stabbed and murdered 4 students.

And some, when they aren’t caught, goes into a habit until they are caught. For example, in a small Muslim community of Albuquerque, New Mexico, a man is killed every once in a while and murderer is yet to be caught as there is no dot to connect between the random murders, except the pattern of murdering.

Maybe it is something like rape when rapists don’t enforce themselves on others for sexual pleasure but to show power.

Remember that serial rapist Marc O’Leary? He did once. Didn’t get caught. So he went into this habit and was only caught accidentally. Sexual pleasure was secondly for him.

School shootings are usual news in the US. Kids are perhaps as much unsafe there as they are in Afghanistan. Other countries wake up from slumber when their schools are targeted and the US is still debating about freedom of guns and bullets.

Anyway. It’s insane. America is giving tough time to Russia and China at global level, but deep down the society at individual level is scary as hell.

As if every murderer there is an American Psycho – who is into murders and executions just for fun or addiction.

It’s debatable. This epiphany. But if something is wrong with a murder anywhere, then something is insanely wrong with murders in America.



His Highness gets your attention when he calls you an idiot. Or dumb. Or herd.

It’s like Jerry Maguire’s “You had me at stupid”.

The fault definitely isn’t in his stars. It’s the other way round. Around.

It’s nothing personal. It looks like but it isn’t. Just want you to read a couple of small paragraphs. So you may disagree. Or even hate. But you may not be able to ignore.