Video Scandals

This is an ugly topic but let this be drained in as general terms as possible.

It’s been over a month that people are spreading rumors – or not – about ‘videos’ to be leaked soon. Some say there is one and some claim about seven. The accused are already defensive while the others are desperately waiting.

This trends on Twitter almost daily which is disgusting and shameful.

I hope that no such video exists. I hope no such video will be leaked. And I hope no one has to suffer with such scandals.

This is going to degrade this nation further, which is already rotten to the core. Intelligence is busy looking for hangouts and sleepovers to gain leverage to control the political landscape. No wonder this is the only thing they do fine.

Video. Sex scandals. TikTok leaks. Hidden cameras. Rape news. Harassment. Vulnerable kids. What is happening in this part of the world? All the technological advances are being used for sexual acts. Half of men here are thinking from testicles while the rest have impotency as the posters speak on walls around the country.

Anyway, let’s hope against such videos. But if they exist, let’s reject them. Reject this idea. Whoever is talking about their existence with mock in words and smirk on face is doing a bad job. For now, no one has the video, yet everyone is lying and trying to stay relevant. How irrelevant!

If it’s with consent, it’s none of your concern. It’s their private lives. Judge a politician by his politics and not by such rumors (even if not rumors). This is exactly the same way a politician shouldn’t be judged by his religious beliefs. Marriages, ex-wives, sons, daughters, etc. of anyone are not your concerns. Your concern must be their ideology, words, wealth, statements, and politics.

So let’s reject it altogether.
Reject such tactics for your opponents.
Reject this shaming culture for the sake of whole society.

Don’t shame the victims. Stop victim blaming. Shame those who are into such filthy activities to make people vulnerable.

Shame the wrong ones, not the wronged ones.