It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. It doesn’t matter if you achieve your goal or not. It doesn’t matter if you get the love of your life or not. These are the decisions of Allah.
What matters the most is “attendance”. I am a believer of attendance only.
Attendance in school.
Attendance in life.
Attendance in mosque.
Attendance in punishment.
Attendance in trial.
Attendance in court.
Our whole life is just an attendance. To be. To be present.
It hurts when we don’t win or when we lose the love of our life, but that is not in our hand. Only thing in our hand is to be present. The attendance.
Live your life. Love your life. But be present. Remember to have your attendances. You have at least one attendance each day. Some days have hard attendances and some have easier ones. Just be present and leave the results on the Almighty.
Or make so many attendances at His door that He let you “be” and in what you want to be.

Walli – An Extraordinary Love Story Demands An Extraordinary Sacrifice

An extraordinary love story has an extraordinary journey to travel. Only an ordinary love has an ordinary story.

He met the girl of his dreams and married her, is ordinary.

She loved her brother and lived in peace, is ordinary.

But the life of Wali was extraordinary. Just like his life, his love was extraordinary too. It wasn’t a love story like Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal. That would be too mundane.

His story was not of an ordinary love where the two fall in love and marry, or they commit suicide, or one of them dies.


Wali’s story was of his love for his daughter. For whom he travelled the universe. For whom he passed 4,000 years of the human race just to be here today. Just to be here in the 21st century to meet his daughter.

But it was exceptional even after 4,000 years. He didn’t know there would be laws, courts, hate, contempt, fraud, cheating… He was in pursuit of his daughter only and on his way he realized the ingredients of love.

Normal people hide their love. Wali doesn’t. He shows it to the world because he cannot hide it. How can you hide your eyes? It is all in there.

People know Wali because of his love. Oh Wali! There is no hiding.

Wali has been cheated. The whole 21st century cheated on him. He, the Saladin of his times, has been cheated by his own people.

But Wali is on his way. Wali never gets tired. He resurrects every time he goes down. He was not meant to fail in his quest of love.

And Wali lives on.

His love lives forever.

His heart beats forever.

The tale has not ended.

It’s just the beginning.

And the tale of this love is extraordinary.

q teri cheezian urdu poetry