The Bank and its Guards

This story is about a bank which was robbed by its own guards. The bankers forgave the guards and increased their budget so that they would be happier and would refrain from robbery.

However, after only a couple of months, the bank was robbed again. The bankers retaliated in whispers. They bickered among themselves but acted that everything was fine. Nobody wanted to lead in firing the guards. The bankers were afraid of guns. And so they became afraid of their own guards.

Nothing was done and a habit was formed: the bank was consistently looted by its guards.

Often the bankers would hand over the money to the guards themselves.

The entire system of the bank changed. The bankers started to salute the guards. In order to ensure the smooth functioning of the bank, it was necessary to respect the guards like saviors. Saluting took a 180 degree turn and was made mandatory.

The chief of the guards was an intelligent man. He knew that as long as the Bank Manager believed that he was running the bank and the bankers did not overcome their fear of guns, they could do whatever they wanted. The bankers loved him because he was the head of their security. They would shout slogans to show their support of the guards on occasions like the Annual Bank Holiday and Banker’s Day. There would be a huge celebration with fireworks and awards would be handed out to the guards for their contribution to the bank.

Then came a new Bank Manager. He called the Chief Guard for a meeting. After a heated debate, the Chief Guard was dismissed from service. Before leaving, the Chief Guard ordered his guards to loot the bank. The Bank Manager was shot dead.

The bankers became afraid and began singing their slogans.

The situation was contained.

The guards were in official power. One of the cashiers was made the new Bank Manager while the Chief Guard ran the show. The Chief Guard made a new building besides the bank where he shifted the guards.

The security budget was gradually increased to around 50% as the bank was not safe and was looted again and again. The Bank Manager allowed the guards to take any measures without prior permission for the safety and wellbeing of the bank.

Due to consistent bickering, whisperings and mini-conspiracies by the thinking bankers against the guards, there was need of a spy. A spy was hired from within the bank. The spy made his roots within the departments of the bank. He would inform the guards of any suspicious activity and the suspect would be abducted clandestinely.

The spy was known and unknown at the same time. Sometimes the bankers would be convinced of his goodness and loyalty. At other times, they would suspect the spy. If the spy would suspect that a banker suspected him, that banker would go missing.

There was an operational manager who used to talk against the guards. He found some proofs against them. Then someone found him in the washroom; dead.

Today, a banker was killed while she was getting ready to go home. She was shot five times.

She was suspected to talk to the office boys. She helped the office boys as they were financially very weak. She also encouraged them and wanted to educate them about their legal rights. She was warned by the spy to stop her activities.

She did not listen.

She was punished for treason.

Walli – With All Due Respect My Lord!

My Lord! You don’t know how much I’m going to love You and You cannot imagine the passionate sajdah that I will offer right on that moment of reunion… that sajdah which is better than a thousand nights of worship.

With all due respect my Lord! You cannot imagine it because you are not me.

Because you are not a human being

Because you are not in pain

Because you are not me, like I’m not You.

This is a relation between You and I

I ask,

I bear,

I cry,

I serve,

I accept,

I bleed,

I weep.

And You?

You give,

And forgive.

Just give me!

And forgive me!