Budget Season

If you guys remember about DDP (District Development Package) that was included in ADP 2021-22 of Punjab – imposed by CM Office without consent / approval from administrative departments – then you must know where we stand today in terms of budgeting.

First, do search “DDP” on this page and you will find a detailed post from last year. That DDP was introduced to reduce the pressure of forward block in PTI that was forming in Punjab last year. That DDP has robbed billions of rupees which have gone to waste. Useless infrastructures were raised with the intention to gain votes by next General Elections.

Objectively speaking, of the total ADP 2021-22 budget of Rs.560 billion, Rs.360 billion were allocated for DDP in Punjab. Of the total 7,122 projects, around 3,600 were DDP which were to be funded in 2-3 years. By the way, of the total Rs.560 billion development budget, Rs.60 billion were for Health Insurance; yes, that’s not even ‘development’.

Anyway, shit happened and they were all sent packing.

With those half built structures erected, new government is not ready to own them. Not all, at least. Some of the useless projects shall be dropped (rightly) and remaining will be funded in piecemeal for years and years. But who will be answerable for the billions already spent and lost? Umm! No one!

This shows not only the criminal mindset of politicians, but also the impotency of bureaucrats. All the bureaucrats who were CS, PS to CM, Chairman P&D, Finance Minister, and all the administrative secretaries of Punjab during May-June 2021 were those who were part of this crime. That was a huge waste. Imposed without feasibility studies. Dictatorial times.

Don’t ask if anything is great now. It is same as before. PMLN has brought its favorite bureaucrats in top positions – who love to serve PMLN more than the general public. This new lot of bureaucrats will hurt the system and public exactly the same way, but in another direction.

Now to the point!

Your subsidies hurt because your money is already wasted. Your money has gone to please the ministers. It has gone in housing schemes and development scams. It has been burned in sarkari vehicles. Dalay for dallay. Your money is already gone. Whoosh!

Story time:
Once upon a time, Chairman P&D wanted his wife to be hired in Bills & Melinda Gates Foundation for a polio project. The Chairman did all he could but the wife failed. Sad! But this didn’t end. The Chairman asked Secretary of the concerned Department to end the contract with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Secretary did by formally issuing a letter – imagine his secretariat capabilities. Anyway, long story short, PM Office had to call CM Punjab to sort this shit out. The shit was sorted but none was suspended. All worked as usual as nothing criminal has happened.
Story ended without any conclusion.

Foreign-funded projects go to another level. They are robbing people with an interest rates. Do you know all the projects – which aren’t aid – have to be paid back with an interest rate over the years? No you don’t. Next time you open an ADP book of any province, have a look on foreign funded projects. And then do a research on what they are actually doing. You can have complete data from the source sites which are funding the projects. For example, World Banks’ website has all the data of their ongoing projects all over the world.

In Pakistan, relatives and friends of people on top posts are hired in these foreign-funded projects with huge salaries for incompetent and incapable people. Only a couple of good employees are hired to streamline the project. Rest are all bad references. Salaries can be as high as Rs.15 lac. Rs.4-6 lac is kinda normal salary for consultants who are not even consultants.

Another story time:
Once upon a time, during an Economic Affairs Division’s meeting, a foreign funded project (of over Rs.30 billion) was being discussed when discussion got heated as the project had nothing to show except salaries. EAD asked the provincial government to shut down the project. The relevant minister agreed. But then, top secretaries of the province – including Chairman P&D – declined to close it down. Because he had vested interests.
Story ended without any conclusion. Meri marzi!

Bureaucracy is lucky that no Manto was ever born here. No one spilled the beans. Prostitutes and brothels have a system. Much better. At least they give a service in return of money. Bureaucracy is worse than that. You can’t even differentiate who is who. Who’s the pimp? Who’s for sale? It’s a brothel house in complete chaos, where everyone is running and looking busy, and talking to the clients, yet no client is being served. None! Not even His Highness. But why is the rum gone?

Coming to the conclusion. These politicians need IMF for themselves. After local budget is badly allocated and loan-based projects are messed-up, IMF and other countries are needed.

IMF was usually not needed when Military Generals were directly ruling the country. Zia had billion dollar funded jihad. Musharraf had billion dollar funded anti-jihad. Gillani was the last guy to went to IMF in 2008 for $7.6 billion loan. After that, Pakistan went to IMF in 2018 under Imran. Not taking sides here. PMLN gave a challenging economy to PTI in 2018. Ironically, PTI had given even worse back to PNLN in 2022.

Take this. No, you take this. This is in shambles. The house of cards is falling. Mary had a little lamb. Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. Reluctant to fall. Came down with the wall. Cards. Are we all drunk?

They’re all screwing you. With the help of bureaucracy. And establishment. And the whole system. And somehow, you are enjoying it. Why?

If you look closely, with your right hand on your heart, you shall know His Highness is the only person for you. But he isn’t standing. He’s sitting. Correctly.

Dark Red Lipstick

She was sadly sad and alone on the table of two with her head resting on the wall. The only glimpse of a smile she bestowed to the restaurant was for a random kid.

The saddest face with fine mascara and dark red lipstick. She wasn’t even looking at her phone the whole time, which was lying on the table. There was no hope for her to be joined by anyone. Or the one.

Remember that Charlie Wilson War? A stiff drink. A little mascara. Red lipstick. And came down the whole Soviet Union. That was that.

The glances exchanged and sadness was transferred. She didn’t blink and I had to lose, as always. Nothing else. She remained alone.

The noise of utensils and the unknown English track didn’t help the loneliness of the restaurant. Nothing could change the aura created by a single soul. Single. Soul.

Then her food came. With that came delight and the charm in her eyes that she bestowed to that kid a while back. But this time it remained. Like the whole restautant was finally served. How wrong was the whole setup? She wasn’t looking at her phone because no one was coming. No one was awaited. No one was needed.

The sadness was for the steak to be wrapped in brown buns with onions and jalapeno or whatever. Can’t tell about food. Can’t tell about eyes either.

A deception. Beautiful. Stucked. Sadly!

The Touch of Religion

Suri: Khan sb! Give some Islamic touch. Give example of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

The music continued in the background. The DJ couldn’t evesdrop what the mic recorded conveniently. Even the equipment was conspiring against the Great Khan.

He listened. How could he miss that touch? He knew the importance. He knew religion is the key to success. Not action, but words can ignite the whole electorate. Even the whole country can be set ablazed with mere use of words.

IK: I… I… I am a follower of the Prophet PBUH.

The crowd – as expected – cheered. Suri was right. The moment was right. The words were right. Only the equipment wasn’t right. Or maybe too right to capture whispers.

They sell. They sell whatever they can. Some sell patriotism. Some sell philosphies of great history. Some sell blood. And some sell religion.

When politicians have no manifesto, no successfuly history, no political ideology, no long-term political insight; they offer other things. Be great again. Religion. Nationalism. Patriotism. Civilization. Whatever!

So, here we are. In a mess. Of idiots. And the only debate we have is who is the lesser evil. Choose! Red pill or blue pill. Where’s that pill? ECP?

Just like your marriages and past relationships are personal matters and shouldn’t be discussed – rightly – then religion holds the same place. It’s a personal matter.

The beliefs of your dentist doesn’t matter to you. The marriage of your contractor doesn’t matter to you. The philosophy of your driver doesn’t matter to you. What matter are their work and work ethics. But, sigh!

We have learned nothing from past. We don’t even learn from the religious hate being spread in India. We just love to play with fire. The fire which has burnt us so many times. In Sialkot. In Kot Radha Kishan. In Karachi. In Lahore. In Islamabad. In Quetta. In Peshawar. Everywhere!

I don’t care who you follow. Not my concern. My concern is your policies, your rule, your decisions, your options, your choices, your impact, and – above all – your words. Because you are representing a whole lot for a whole country.

So, listen carefully. Listen again. That touch, that evesdrop, is a clear message on what they sell, and how they sell. Beware!


Fuel for Thought

Billions are given to sugar mafia through subsidies.

Billions are given in huge support packages to development and land sectors. This was the only sector which was given billions during Covid-19; more than health itself. You already know why!

Billions are spent every year on official vehicles which roam freely in and around cities as thugs who care about nothing. By the way, bureaucrats are the true winners. They get oil in liters – litters – not in Rupees. So it doesn’t matter if its Rs.180 per liter. They know how to make the right policies, albeit for themselves.


Billions are spent every year on new weapons and new missiles for nothing. Even after achieving balance of power and deterrence, the necessity of defense budget never stabilizes. It always hurt people’s pocket, who get goosebumps in return on patriotism.

Billions are spent on privileges of judges, bureaucrats, army, ministers, secretaries, etc.

The simple worth of Military Businesses (MilBus) in Pakistan was over $20 billion in 2008. Must be around $50 billion today. Yet, billions from national exchequer are needed again and again and again.

And no one asks how and why and what for.

But give relief to the general public and they will count every penny and will keep on mentioning it every single day.

Give relief in petroleum and everyone will tweet about the damages the country is facing.

Give subsidy in metro / public transport and the whole bureaucracy will tell you how much they are bearing.

Funds for students of HEC are not being allocated properly. They are badly short of funds and are cutting students every year. This year, the situation is pretty alarming.

Same is the case of pensions – mind you, civil pensions, not military. They have made sure that the whole country knows that the biggest burden the country is facing is of pensions. You. Your old folks. Because they can’t handle you.

These white-collar-thieves tell you about Rs.1 when it comes to onions, tomatoes and potatoes. Rs.1/-.

They have press briefings on how they are managing to give relief of Rs.5/- in flour or Rs.8 in rice.

They make you feel like beggars. But then, they call you out and make you feel like kings and queens around the elections, and the euphoria is so high with the beat and the music that you don’t get it.

Why don’t you get it?
When will you get it?
Why you are such an idiot?

Services by the Government are services on behalf of people for people by the people. No one expects a return / profit on military services. Because it’s a service. Try to think same way for public transport, health and education as well. At least.

You are not the burden. They are the burden.
You don’t need IMF. They need IMF.
Your pension, your fuel, your public transport, your education and your health are not the burden.
Their vehicles, their fuel, their privileges, their developments, their lands, their bailouts, their reliefs, their theft, their wars, their lust for blood; these are the real burden.

His Highness isn’t pleased with this Rs.30 increase in fuel. Not into arguments. We all know the shit when it comes to us. But the thing is: this is going to haunt the lower strata really badly, which is already suffering under hyper-inflation.

Nationally Sexist

Though this land is pure and it is defined by its religion, but you peek a little closely and this land offers you nothing but hypocrisy. Hypocrisy wrapped with tasbeeh in hand and religion all around.

Women have been ridiculed here in politics since the beginning. Don’t know how and when we inherited that. Ayub didn’t spare Fatima Jinnah when he was politically challenged by a woman.

Benazir was ridiculed when PMLN was enjoying the lap.

Musharraf had worst kind of language for women rape victims.

Listen to some prominent heads of PMLN and you will find them full of sexism and misogyny.

One argument that opponents make against Bilalwal is by objectifying him. Sheikh Rasheed and many others love to make trash jokes to look funny. They call him names and make sexist jokes shamefully, as if being a woman is a sin here. It is by the way, isn’t it?

And that same Bilalwal stood taller than all the loudmouths yesterday when he defended ex-PM’s visit of Russia in US. He left vengeance and hate at home and declined to wash the dirty linen abroad. Touché!

Anyway. Women have been ridiculed and objectified here in politics. In fact, even in wars too as a strategy.

In 1971, women of the East were raped and killed during the war. A prominent strategy of the war was to insult and degrade women of Bangal physically and psychologically. And we never apologized for our sins. We don’t even accept without ifs and buts.

What Imran Khan did today is not only below the belt but disgusting. This defines him. Populism – just like Trump was sexist and misogynist – has its way. Cult never gets it. In fact, the cult cheers on such trash and this is exactly why they were there. It’s more like a stage drama where people are for Punjabi comedy which revolves around filthy jokes.

Imran Khan – being a leader of his party who loves to portray himself as a Caliph – let this be for you:

تسبیح پھری تے دل نہیں پھریا ، کیہ لینا تسبیح پھڑ کے ہُو
علم پڑھیا تے ادب نہ سکھیا،کیہ لینا علم نوں پڑھ کے ہُو

سِر تے ٹوپی تے نیت کھوٹی
لینا کی سِر ٹوپی تَرھ کے؟
تسبیح پھِری پر دِل نہ پھِریا
لینا کی تسبیح ہتھ پَھڑ کے

And for all those coming up with pictures of Khan’s family! Shame on you too! You are more disgusting because you are not getting it even now.

Julius Caesar

Before the arrival of Julius Caesar (born in 100 BC), Rome was a republic. It had a Consul, appointed by the Senate, who ran the country as a head. The Senate also had the power to remove the Consul anytime.

After defeat of Spartacus – a slave who rebelled against Rome – three military men emerged as victorious: Julius Caesar, Magnus Pompey, and Marcus Crassus. Only Caesar was without wealth among these three while the other two were arch rivals. Caesar made them an offer of alliance, gave his only daughter in marriage to Pompey and became a Consul of Rome.

Together these three made a ‘Triumvirate’ and ruled Rome for 7 years.

Caesar – as a Consul – used violent means to threaten Senators to pass legislations favoring Pompey and Crassus. Caesar became infamous and with him, the image of the other two had a falling too. So, the other two, who were arch rivals, decided to move a motion in Senate to remove Caesar as a Consul. One of the senators who was against Caesar was renowned philosopher Cicero.

Thus Caesar was removed as a Consul and was made Governor of Gaul (Northern Region of modern day France), which was always under threat of attacks from Gauls.

But Caesar had a plan.

He took his legions, made strategic plans, and gradually started to conquer Gaul. Gaul was considered a foreign land which couldn’t be conquered by Rome, but Caesar took it as an opportunity. In the next 4 years, Gaul was conquered and came under the rule of Rome.

And so came the time for Caesar to March to Rome with his legions. Pompey, along with Brutus and other senators, left Rome to gather an army to fight Caesar. Caesar, rather than moving towards Rome, went after Pompey and finally defeated his army and became emperor of Rome. But as Pompey fled to Egypt, Caesar moved after him after appointing his loyal soldier Mark Antony to take care of Rome.

In Egypt, Pompey was killed by Ptolemy – brother as well as husband of Cleopatra; who were in war of power. Caesar had an affair with Cleopatra. After stabilizing her rule in Egypt, he moved back to Rome. Together, they had a son named Caesarion who would later on become the last pharaoh of Egypt.

Back in Rome, Caesar made Rome an ‘Empire’ for the first time in centuries. He made new laws that made him more powerful, and kept the people happy with food, jobs, and gladiator games. He raised infrastructures. Education and record keeping were streamlined. Rome’s growth at that time was unprecedented. However, his aim of consolidating all powers to himself was haunting senators. He appointed himself Dictator of Rome for life in 44 BC.

But with Rome becoming an ‘empire’, the senators were not happy and hence they had a violent plan under a senator named Brutus. Yeah! Everyone knows Brutus. Caesar had a long affair with Brutus’s mother but that was not the reason for him to stab Caesar. Brutus had a vision and he aimed for Rome to be a republic rather than an empire.

Hence, in 44 BC, Caesar was stabbed 23 times and killed in the Senate by the senators. His final rule was from 49 BC to 44 BC – 5 years.

After Caesar’s death, Marc Antony went to Egypt and married Cleopatra. Their life story is adapted by Shakespeare in his famous play. Antony committed suicide when he wrongly heard about Cleopatra’s death. Cleopatra committed suicide after finding out.

The above mentioned history has different version as well. So, you may have read or heard things a little differently. I was actually fascinated by this story because of various reasons.

  1. Big names. All the names mentioned above in the post are names we hear and read regularly, without actually knowing that they all existed together in the same era in the same empire. Julius Caesar, Pompey, Spartacus, Antony, Crassus, Cicero, Brutus, Cleopatra, Ptolemy; looks like a classic cast.
  2. The fall. You can go north and south and down to the oceans and conquer everything. But then you are stabbed in broad daylight in the very citadel of the Senate you owned and ruled. Your own palace becoming your own graveyard.
  3. How much to attain? After decades of war and risking his life, he almost had no son – a long story of no heir – and had no peace. His consistent struggles gave him fits and he reigned for a mere couple of years in the end.
  4. How great was Rome? It had a democracy and Senate long before the Christ. It had a system of irrigation, education, record-keeping, voting, legislation, philosophy, etc. Unfortunately, we couldn’t learn from the great minds of the past.
  5. Where are we? We still have a combination of all the bad things. We have outdated laws from the colonial era. We have an outdated bureaucracy system for appointing the least capable men on the top posts. We have a Senate which can be brought at any moment. We have a military regime in the modern world. We have voting issues. We have bad laws and worse interpretations of laws. In a nutshell, we have a democracy which is not a democracy.


شاید،الیکشن آ رہا ہے۔

بکواس نظریوں پر بکواس ہو گی۔

روز بحث ہو گی۔

جلسے ہونگے۔

روز جلسے ہونگے۔

لوگ جھلسے ہونگے۔

آپ کا دوست چ بن جائے گا۔

اور چ آپ کا دوست بن جائے گا۔

آپ وہ خود بن جائیں گے۔

خودی سے آگے نکل جائیں گے۔

آپ کی گنتی نہیں۔

آپ کے ووٹ کی بھی گنتی نہیں۔

آپ کی نسلیں بھی گنتی میں نہیں۔

تو آپ ٹھنڈ رکھیں۔

,اور سکون نہیں ہے تو ہمت کریں

تاریخ پڑھیں اور سوچیں

پھر درست جانب اشارہ کریں

لیکن پہلے استخارہ کریں۔

Video Scandals

This is an ugly topic but let this be drained in as general terms as possible.

It’s been over a month that people are spreading rumors – or not – about ‘videos’ to be leaked soon. Some say there is one and some claim about seven. The accused are already defensive while the others are desperately waiting.

This trends on Twitter almost daily which is disgusting and shameful.

I hope that no such video exists. I hope no such video will be leaked. And I hope no one has to suffer with such scandals.

This is going to degrade this nation further, which is already rotten to the core. Intelligence is busy looking for hangouts and sleepovers to gain leverage to control the political landscape. No wonder this is the only thing they do fine.

Video. Sex scandals. TikTok leaks. Hidden cameras. Rape news. Harassment. Vulnerable kids. What is happening in this part of the world? All the technological advances are being used for sexual acts. Half of men here are thinking from testicles while the rest have impotency as the posters speak on walls around the country.

Anyway, let’s hope against such videos. But if they exist, let’s reject them. Reject this idea. Whoever is talking about their existence with mock in words and smirk on face is doing a bad job. For now, no one has the video, yet everyone is lying and trying to stay relevant. How irrelevant!

If it’s with consent, it’s none of your concern. It’s their private lives. Judge a politician by his politics and not by such rumors (even if not rumors). This is exactly the same way a politician shouldn’t be judged by his religious beliefs. Marriages, ex-wives, sons, daughters, etc. of anyone are not your concerns. Your concern must be their ideology, words, wealth, statements, and politics.

So let’s reject it altogether.
Reject such tactics for your opponents.
Reject this shaming culture for the sake of whole society.

Don’t shame the victims. Stop victim blaming. Shame those who are into such filthy activities to make people vulnerable.

Shame the wrong ones, not the wronged ones.


The Consciousness of Dead Societies

“Sakoon sirf qabar main hai.”
Nope. No peace in grave or graveyard either. The young girl who died three days back in Gujrat, couldn’t find peace there either. She was abducted from her grave, raped and left naked. The dead was robbed by the ones who lived.

————— Part I —————

How to blame the victim in this case? Could she have done something to prevent what happened? Other than her existence of being a woman with a body? But she didn’t even exist at the time of incident. She was dead. The whole graveyard was dead. Except those who were not dead, were dead.

Does this call for security for the dead ones too where the alive are not secure?
Does this call for a committee of the dead?
Does this call for the brotherhood to have a long discussion with the dead?

Manhood. Brother. Man. Hood. That’ the problem!

No you cannot secure all the graveyards. And who will guard the guards? Eye on an eye!

The problem is power and objectification. Some randy dogs got to know that an object is buried inside the grave, so they dug to find gold. And they thought they had the power to do this. The audacity. The show.

The problem is lack of education, empathy, understanding, and intellect. The distance between the two genders is so wide that one in power doesn’t even understand that the other exists. Manhood is in denial of womanhood. Manhood is disgusted by womanhood. Womanhood is merely an objectification for manhood. Scoring. Hitting. Beating. Empowering. Reproducing.

Don’t blame lust here. Lust is as intelligent as anger. It knows where to flow. You don’t dare to raise your eyes or voice on people – women – when you know you are lower in social or power hierarchy. Your lust and anger know boundaries clearly and vividly.

Back to the graveyard.

So, even when they – women – die, the body remains. At least for some hours when it stays fresh. Like a plucked flower. Doesn’t matter if the body is warm or not. Doesn’t matter if the heart’s beating or not. Doesn’t matter if the air passes or not.

Instant justice is punishment. Beat the dogs so the remaining breed may behave.

For the long-run, the first step would be to understand that women exist. The second step would be towards equality. The third step would be towards understanding each other by removing barriers of communication. The fourth step would be to consistently educate men. Men need education with or without a beating.

————— Part II —————

The Local Graveyard Committee of the Dead was called before dawn, not unusual as graveyards work in moonlight. It was an emergency case, though not a new one. The elders thought it was enough.

The eldest of the graveyard cried that they were unable to do anything even when they could see that all happened in front of them for hours. That too in the broad night when all the dead were awake.

After a long discussion, the committee decided to decay themselves rapidly with a foul smell to keep men away. The amendment was passed unanimously.

But the dead-women and kids retaliated. A dead-boy accused a dead-elder of sodomy in life. A dead-woman accused a dead-elder of rape in life. A dead-girl accused her teacher. A dead-male accused his qari for raping him and his class fellows. The whole graveyard erupted in chaos.

The eldest of the graveyard cried again. He asked the heavens to fall and prayed to God to have mercy. He raised his hands and cursed the dead society of the graveyard that lightning may strike the ugliest one right here and right now to set an example.

The heavens made a move. Lightning thundered to prepare for a feast of the dead souls. The wind made a move from one grave to another to choose the most cursed one. Serial rapists. Harassers. Sodomists. Killers. Abductors. Who was to be struck down with lightning from hell?

The angels made a decision and inferno’s thunder falls on a grave, making a heatwave of a bomb. The whole graveyard fell in shock. The wind stopped. The thunder went back to the open sky. And the beastly angels from Hell came down to pick the most cursed soul to be transferred. This was the soul of the eldest of the graveyard. He was punished for knowing what was happening inside the madrassah; not with one kid or two but many, while he kept praying for himself.

Eid Greetings

Breathe without air. Beat without blood. Feel without pain. Hear without sound. Cry without tears.

Happy Eid!
But who has it happy?

Broken people, broken dreams; some with health issues, some breeding cancer deep inside, and some just having another Eid but nothing like the previous one when that particular loved one was around and sitting right across the sofa. Where do they all go?

Where has the father gone? Where is the mother? Open the old cupboard and sniff and try to get that one shot of their scent. Long and slow breaths and you will travel through the time frames to a hug that you have been missing. Smell has a memory. We don’t realize it until the perfume is gone.

Where is the aunt? The uncle? And the old man who used to sit at the bus stop?

And where are the kids? Sons? Daughters? Eid Mubarik? The parents who lost their parenthood cannot be happy for a moment. They can be seen laughing and smiling but they are not those laughs and smiles. No eid or happiness can bring back their joy of life ever again.

Only kids can have a happy Eid till they are carefree and clueless. But not all kids. Naru cannot have a happy Eid. His mother died in pursuit of his father who is missing… like other missing people… in the deep hell of this deep state.

So many holes. So many pains. Yet, we stand and embrace and hug each other like we are actually smiling with happiness. Maybe we do! After all, we are all born with hypocrisy. I know. Wrong word.

Some are financially weak and Eid makes them even more vulnerable. The better-off offering more Eidi to the kids and the weak ones being exposed around. Happy Eid!

And those old folks who made us, and the old lady who kept us warm in her belly for nine months, and the sofa with a missing spot and the cupboard with the scent, and the bricks in the house, and the leaking tap in the bathroom… everything has a missing. Everything has a missing point.

Some of us run away from the bricks and the cupboards and the sofas as we don’t want to travel through time while time itself is sneaking away right through our hands like a fistful of desert sand. Mirage! This is all a mirage. Tell me, how many years since 2018? I can count to 2. See! We are a missing point.


This is how we are supposed to carry on the burden of legacy and humankind. Evolution. Reproduction. Death. Decay. Without a choice. Without consent.

So, Eid Mubarik! With all the pains, nostalgia, time travels, and missing points. The Sofa across you is empty today. Your sofa will be empty tomorrow. And you think you two will meet afterwards when both the sofas will be empty and that’s the point where…just kidding. Let’s not open the pandora box today.

Not today Zarathustra!