Bajwa Leaks

“Ask Agriculture Department”. That’s where it ended when Shahzad Akbar had nothing else to say. Well, that was precise and accurate. Like Faisal Vawda with a boot on the table. Demonstrating political history – and present – of Pakistan.

How did Sharif go abroad? Why is that even a question? Yes, PTI’s government in Punjab recommended it and PTI’s government in Federal nodded at the departure. But it was Agriculture Department. Ass always.

Sheikh Rashid – press conference minister of the state – has reiterated a zillion times that it was establishment. But he also claimed that PM IK didn’t know about it.

Well, what does he know? For international matters, boys go to meet MBS. Boys talk to Bill Gates. Civil bodies are only to represent where they can’t go. Like UN. Or Summits.

Yet ECP is here. Ballots are here. Votes are here. A whole democratic setup is here. To keep you busy with a democratic presence.

Zia introduced Sharif in the 1980s. Sharif took federal. Dismissed. Took federal again. Dismissed. Treason. Deal. Went abroad. Came back. Took federal a third time. Dismissed. Deal. Abroad.

See the pattern. He ruled for around 9 years as PM. Never completed his term. Did all the dirty work for the establishment. And as soon as he got the confidence to impose civil supremacy… dismissed. Followed by treason. Followed by corruption. Followed by deal. Followed by a visit abroad. Followed by another selection.

Meanwhile Bajwa, the CPEC-Bajwa, is on Twitter. Businesses abroad. Papa John’s Pizzas with 133 restaurants. Prados. Mansions. Properties. Bajco. Worth somewhere around US$100 million.

That would be around PKR 17 billion. Just 17. Billion.

But it’s not Panama Leaks or Dawn Leaks. It’s Bajwa Leaks. He’s not a PM to be taken out by the collar or a journalist to be cleaned up.

So why so serious? Will you mourn every single island in Australia? Or every single acre? Or every single farm house? Or every single housing scheme? Or every single marriage hall? No.

We have other things. To grieve. To weep.

We have Hayat Baloch. Like we had Sahiwal. And Naqibullah. And hundreds of thousands of others. Begging for basics. Striving to breathe. Do we care if this or that is in federal? No. Because nothing changes.

They are all in one boot. Or boot on them. Or whatever.

Why to care about the every single leaf when we have this beauty of diversity?

We have Julie Khan. The trans-vocalist. She dared to defame Pakistan with truth. So lies were invented to book her and humiliate her. She had been violently treated in the past too but she didn’t learn. Hopefully, she’ll learn now.

Then we have dead bodies. Falling here and there. Like leaves in autumn. Will we mourn about every fall on each fall? No.

Then we have people going missing all of sudden. And their not-so-nationalist parents being prized with national awards. Like Joyo.

But we do insist to be that voice that shakes whatever podium it gets.

Let’s see another pattern.

Wherever there are foreign funds, there are boys. Locust. Covid-19. Floods. Earthquake. CPEC. And stuff.

So, you should be rational enough to rise above the dust to see a macro picture.

Or you can keep on proving your sect, your religion, your caste, your language, and your political party. This or that. Waste of time.

Read لَكُمْ دِينُكُمْ وَلِيَ دِينِ.

For you is your religion, and for me is my religion. Move on. Rise.

Don’t take nationalist salad or religious sauce anymore. Ask for pizza. Where’s your slice?

It’s Papa John’s Pizza by the way. There is papa. And there is pizza. Those who consider them as ‘papa’ won’t ask for pizza. Even a bacon pizza will become holy and sacred.

All you need to be is Faez. Not Faiz. It will be a struggle for better Pakistan and better future for future generations.

Rise yourself above all the petty things. Above the dirt. Above the dust. Above the noise pollution. And then you will be able to see the root cause of all the problems around you. It’s pretty uniform.

Rashid Minhas & Matiur Rehman

This patriotism and nationalism is a business of the elite. It is embedded in you with curriculum, songs, movies and slogans. So that you can die and your family be proud of it.

Take this example:

Rashid Minhas took the plane down and crashed it because an agent was trying to take it to other side of the border. Minhas embraced martyrdom and was awarded Nishan-e-Haider.

Who was the agent? What is the other side of the story?

Matiur Rehman was the “agent” who was trying to take the plane out of Pakistan. He was fighting for his nation i.e. freedom fight of Bangalis. From Bangladeshi point of view, he was their hero.

Matiur Rehman was awarded Bir Sreshtho (equivalent to Nishan-e-Haider) and is known as their national hero. Just like Minhas.

Two sides of the same coin. Same story. Same incident. Same plane. Same martyrdom. Same medal of honor. And same religion.

Both were sons. Both had families. Both had dreams. Both had a life.

But who won? Business. Business of war, weapons, arsenals, jets, tanks…

And who suffered? Those who were sick, hungry, illiterate, malnourished, and striving for basics. Public. Awaam. Janta. They are still striving. Pakistan, India and Bangladesh have the highest pool of people below poverty line.

Take it this way. There are five members of “Security Council“. This council of security is supposed to make this world more secure. And these five countries are the top five countries of exporting weapons. Business. Nothing else. We either end as consumers or collateral damage. Wraped in a flag. 21 shots. That’s it.

As Arundhati Roy said;

“Flags are bits of colored cloth that governments use first to shrink-wrap people’s minds & then as ceremonial shrouds to bury the dead.”

Hayat Baloch

Anger isn’t blind. It’s pretty intelligent. It seldom goes out on the powerful and rarely unleashes itself on the higher ups. Face-spitting and insults always travel from top to bottom. Hierarchical.

Same is the case in informal social life. You will divert your gaze from an angry stare from someone you think can hurt you. But at home, no one dare stare at you. Because you are an angry man. You can spit venom and can hurt anyone under you.

That was the whole point of the movie “Thappad”. Of all the people in that party, the furious guy slapped his wife only. Not his boss or colleagues or his uncles. His wife. Taken-for-granted one.

Anger isn’t blind. It’s pretty intelligent.

Come to Hayat Baloch.

A student of Karachi University, killed in Turbat by FC Personnel on August 13th. It’s a crime to call it ‘reaction in haste’. That’s insult to injury. It was not haste. It was the intelligent anger. From powerful to powerless. The superiority of the defenders.

FC personnel knew that they can unleash their anger on the general public without a second thought. And they did.

So. Gunned down. Outside his home in front of his father. Eight bullets.

Happy independence day!

And then you wonder why they don’t get goosebumps ata national songs. They don’t. I don’t. Because life there is not life here.


Sahiwal massacre happened. Everyone cried for weeks. The government used the usual tactics of cooling down the anger. The anger cooled down. And CTD personnel were escorted.

Like Ehsan Ullah Ehsan. Oh! He wasn’t escorted. He escaped. I apologize.

Naqibullah. One of the 444 encounters of Rao Anwar. Naqib’s father died in pursuit of justice. While Rao walks free. Even Supreme Court didn’t get ‘angry’ when he didn’t respond to subpoenas for months.

Remember Sarfraz Shah killed by Rangers in 2011? Hayat Baloch’s murder is an exact case. From Sindh to Balochistan. The power remains intact. Above law. Above humanity. Above consciousness.

These are the reported cases. Imagine the unreported. If you look closely, you will remotely find such news in mainstream media. Hush!

Yet we call it Riyasat-e-Medina. Stubbornly. Without shame. There were no such cruelties in Riyasat-e-Medina. Prophet Muhammad PBUH would never approve of Pakistan as Riyasat-e-Medina.

People were not killed in broad daylight in Riyasat-e-Medina.
People were not abducted in Riyasat-e-Medina.

But guess where we are. Here:

  • One religious scholar is busy licking honey fingers in dreams. While another religious scholar – who talks about diversified peace – is living in exile. In fear of his life.
  • Mosques. Kids are raped. A married couple spins. Former one is accepted as no one labels it blasphemy. Latter one demands blood and blasphemy trends.
  • People are being abducted and killed by the state. But the whole community is adamant to declare the state as the fortress of Islam. Such sheer hypocrisy.
  • Books are banned. Dissent is not allowed. National narrative is being implemented through force and violence.
  • Justice for Kashmir with songs and roads. And bullets for those who dissent and ask questions. Hypocrisy remains intact.

Chief of the boys is talking to Bill Gates. And meeting MBS. From locust to Covid-19 to earthquakes to flood to wherever there are funds are boys. Getting fat now. Decomposing while composing. Well, it’s democracy.

And the puppet IK is the man to blame. Because we blamed puppets before.

These politicians and the political parties and the licking scholars and proxy outfits… these are effects. What’s the cause? What’s the root of all these evil?

Exactly! There is one cause. There is one evil root. You can keep counting leaves and argue over puppets, meanwhile I pray that Allah defends us from our defenders. And of course… duffers!

Our Saudi. Not Our Saudi.


MBS arrives. PM drives. Nation derives. Petrol on credit. MoUs and MoUs. Brotherhood. Unity. Herd: Charismatic. History is made.


PM pulls out from Malaysia’s visit. Pakistan sidelines Turkey, Iran and Malaysia. Herd: Strategic foresight. Bold. History is made.


Dirilis Ertugrul. Must watch. Haga Sophia. Must follow. Praises. Herd: Tectonic shift. Caliphate coming soon. History is made.


Foreign Minister: Slam Saudia. Slam, slam, slam. Saudia: You accented idiot! Give my money back. China: Here’s the $1 billion. Give them back. Government: Here’s the $1 billion. No more pimping for you. I’m out. Public: Where’s the actual $1 billion gone? Herd: Shut up! Saudia: Where’s the remaining $2 billion? Government: Bro! Let’s meet. I will drive for you. Saudia: No! You are driving me crazy. Government: Let me send you my man to cool things down. China: The fuck bro! Government: (winks China) Saudi: I see that. No more oil for you. Government: We will not succumb to any pressure. Herd: Bold. Farsighted. Bliss. History is made.


Foreign Minister: I stood tall and resigned when Raymond Davis was escorted. Today, again, I will leave if I had to. And then I will resurrect again. Like Jesus. In another era. In another party. In another way.


We’ll not surrender. We’ll not compromise. It’s not Yemen. It’s not Uighur. It’s not Afghanistan. It’s Kashmir. [music] We’ll draw maps. We’ll make songs. We’ll be shouting [music]. We’ll be quiet. [silence] Whatever happens. Whatever we commit. Is farsighted. [music] And history will be made. [silence]

Single National Curriculum

Whenever someone has talked rationally against theological or social or cultural beliefs, s/he has been mocked. Be it… anyone.

Such is the fate of Dr. Hoodbhoy at the moment. For exposing the Single National Curriculum (SNC). And using a word: “fasaad”.

First, the word ‘fasaad’.

Well, it was not directed at a single person. It was mentioned with the example of ‘Radd-ul-Fasaad’ – a national military operation. A formal operation within the state. Against the people of the same state. Who misused and misinterpreted the religion to create “fasaad”. Hoodbhoy didn’t direct it against any single person but against a mindset.

And he was absolutely right. He was answering the stupid zig-zag hypothesis on SNC for days. There is a threshold to tolerate stupidity. That too in abundance.

Second, the 18th Amendment.

When the budget came, the herd was defending ‘the chunk’ as “education falls under provinces”. True. Then how come SNC is being imposed from the capital? Isn’t it violation of the constitution?

And if the educational concerns are really high, why not focus on HEC first? It falls under the Federal domain. Easy to handle. Without violating the constitution.

Or perhaps 18th Amendment is an issue for such reasons. ‘Uniform’ reasons. Not that uniform. Uniformity’s uniform. Hmm.

Every problem in Pakistan is due to the 18th Amendment. That’s the narrative being propagated from the sewerages of Karachi to the misery of Balochistan.

Anyway. Let’s proceed.

Third, Dr. A. H. Nayyar (‘Dissecting The Single National Curriculum’, 31.07.2020, Dawn) has mentioned that SNC will create 520,000 jobs for madrassah graduates. To teach in mainstream public and private schools. Read again: 520,000 jobs for madrassah graduates.

Dr. Mariam Chughtai said that they are planning to convert over 35,000 madrassahs into schools. However, it looks like she is planning to convert mainstream schools into madrassahs.

With that, we will have blasphemy cases. Remember Junaid Hafeez of Bahauddin Zakriya University? Yes. Faithfully such cases. In every nook and corner of the country. And we will have Zia’s Pakistan.

Onboard again.

So this is it. Not just it. But it.

With the whole herd on one side, Dr. Hoodbhoy is inclined to lose his temper. There is a threshold to tolerate dumbness.

Seeing Twitter for the last couple of days, and seeing even the sane voices uttering nonsense, losing faith in this country is very natural. Why is there this craziness of unity? Unity in education. Unity in religion. Unity in culture. Unity in every single aspect of life. WHY?

Idea behind unified curriculum is to upgrade the quality of education of the lower strata. Not to downgrade the quality of the upper strata to equalize it with that of the lower strata.

Dr. Hoodbhoy is the only voice against SNC. He alone is un-silencing and exposing the agenda behind. He is the lone warrior at the moment. You may disagree with him on certain points – I do – but you need to listen to him at least, and without bias.

As Leonardo da Vinci said, “Nothing strengthens authority as much as silence.”

And as Martin Luther King said, “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”

And as Czeslaw Mitosz said, “In a room where people unanimously maintain a conspiracy of silence, one word of truth sounds like a pistol shot.”

Unified curriculum. Decade old quality. Banned books. Only the cheaper tactics are on the cards.

Not HEC.

Not vocational training of teachers.

Not 23 million out of school children.

Not quality of education.

Not infrastructural development of schools.

Not rote learning.

And this will create ‘fasaad’. If it hurts you, it’s you who needs to heal.

From Curiosity to Curse

Kids are not safe.

Kittens are not safe.

Kittens from kids are not safe.

Books are not safe.

And this is all connected.

Since Zia, chapters on ‘reproduction’ in biology books became a national threat to the moral upbringing of the kids. The moral brigade never allowed education about sex and reproduction. So here we are. Morally corrupt. Since puberty.

On the other hand, children – not knowing safety measures – are easy victims for pedophiles. Particularly in suburbs and madrassahs. If we could teach our kids about sex and harassment, they would know certain precautionary measures. At least from the usual suspects like close relatives and madrassah teachers.

But every time there is a talk of sex education, people get outraged. They don’t get outraged at actual rape / pedophilia incidents, but they do lose their minds as soon as there is talk about relevant education. Or maybe they think of sex education as sex novels. Who knows? Upbringing? Perhaps.

Comes curiosity… insubordination in its purest form. With genitals attached to the body since birth, kids get curious. Everyone does. Naturally obvious. As parents and teachers don’t communicate on this topic, informal channels are left to find answers.

With easy access to the internet, questions are answered. Incorrectly. Imprudently. Without apprenticeship. Mainly through porn material.

And with that upbringing… comes a kitten.


From silencing books to kids raping kittens, nothing is difficult to comprehend.  From curiosity to curse.

Education is the evolutionary solution to every problem. Be it intolerance, violence, misogyny, discrimination, racism, harassment, blasphemy or anything. We – with the usual blanket of religion – have completely covered certain grave issues. Closing our eyes or hushing the topic won’t resolve the problem.

And where have we landed ourselves with this blanketing?

Welcome to pedophilia capital of the world. To bestiality. To shushing. To pious in public and monsters in private.

This is the problem where you can start playing your part. Open up. If the schools don’t talk, you talk. Talk to your kids and remove the communication gap. Tell them about their privacy and how they need to protect themselves and be protected from others.