Brief History of UnLaw

Case: Minor girl raped and killed.
Evidence: CCTV, statements, autopsy, DNA, everything.
Result: Bail.

Case: 444 encounters by a police officer.
Evidence: Statements, witnesses, autopsies, everything.
Result: Case dismissed without arrest.

Case: Sahiwal massacre by CTD.
Evidence: CCTV, witnesses, statements, autopsies, DNA, everything.
Result: Transfer of murderers.

Case: 144 school children killed in broad daylight.
Evidence: CCTVs, witnesses, statements, autopsies, intelligence, everything.
Result: Mastermind got primetime on TV. Escaped.

Case: A woman’s slogan against terrorism in the country.
Evidence: Not applicable.
Result: Terrorism charges. Bail denied. Prisoned.

Case: A wealthy son killed a young man.
Evidence: CCTV, witnesses, statements, admission of crime.
Result: Luxury jail. Freed.

Case: A judge’s wife brutally tortured a minor maid.
Evidence: Witnesses, medical, statements, everything.
Result: Nothing.

Case: A man asked for peace whose 17 family members got killed.
Evidence: Not applicable.
Result: Jailed.

Case: A foreigner killed 2 people.
Evidence: Witnesses, medical, autopsies, statements, admission of crime, everything.
Result: Escorted honorably to the US.

Case: A blind girl was raped.
Evidence: None. Medical not allowed.
Result: Blind girl jailed for fornication.

Case: A man killed by Rangers in broad daylight.
Evidence: CCTV, video footage, witnesses, everything.
Result: Not applicable.

Case: Missing people.
Evidence: Missing people.
Result: Missing people.

Case: A woman was gang raped.
Evidence: Witnesses, medical, DNA, everything.
Result: “Women get raped to settle abroad.” Said the one who was settled abroad. Died abroad. Buried here.

Class Struggles in the Rain

Winters aren’t leaving.

Have you seen such a beautiful March in years? A cold Ramzan with winter-cum-autumn mixtures to serve with different flavors at different times. Beautiful air to breathe. Rains. Cold breeze.

Now the bad thing.

Last year were floods to destroy everything of the poor. Now, rains to mess with crops, particularly wheat. It’s not just manmade hyperinflation to kill the poor. Heavens are also making sure to hang them twice.

Sometimes, I wonder. Between nature and science. Not sometimes. Everyday.

And like everyday, I wake up as a believer. And after passing and processing the whole day, I sleep as an agnostic. Or an atheist.

Or whatever. Does it matter?

The only thing that matters is rhyme. Rhyme without poetry. Rhyme to smile. Rhyme to mourn. Rhyme to love rain. Rhyme to bury in the drain.

Rain to smile. And rain to kill.

Water to crop. And water to drown.

From heavens to hell, let all come down.

Let all come down, let the poor drown.

Let the poor…

Breathe for God sake!

Oh! Wait.

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Animal Farm of Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy is idiotically funny. Whoever comes on top, must be accepted. The shit that comes down from anus of the boss, must be taken in hands by the juniors. With respect. That’s why the whole recruitment system is based on finding ‘yes boss’.

That is another reason that every secretariat is hustling and bustling in office hours. Even in off hours. All departments are running around madly with briefs, presentations, and meetings. Yet, there is hardly a thing that moves.

For instance, hundreds of meetings and briefs have been conducted to provide relief to flood victims. Yet, nothing. Millions have already been wasted on meetings and stuff without any relief for the victims. This is the beauty of bureaucracy. It keeps on moving yet nothing moves. Not even an eyebrow on all the wasted papers and funds.

Come to Punjab.

Muhammad Khan Bhatti is currently the Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister. He’s not a bureaucrat but the whole bureaucracy of Punjab is reporting to him. He rose from Grade-7 to Grade-22 just because of his loyalty to Elahi family. Now imagine the beauty of Mehmood-o-Ayaz kind of system. The ugly sharks like Chief Secretary, Chairman P&D, Secretary Finance, SMBR, and other giants of administrative departments are all reporting to a clerk. A business clerk. The clerk can even keep them waiting on one leg – the leg – whenever he wishes to.

Apart from beauty of bureaucracy, this is beauty of being an idiot too. A suited booted idiot who moves with the world moving around.

So, it’s all about hierarchy. Hierarchy of bastards. Whoever comes on top, must be respected. It is not about work to be done but work not to be done. It’s not the only idiot on top. The stream follows all the way down to the point where bureaucracy ends. And this whole system is Orwellian. Like Animal Farm. Where pigs are on top and known as the bastards.

Solution: Dissolve. Dissolve the bureaucracy. Employees should get promotions gradually to reach on top. Just like in private organizations where employees rise with years of experience and field knowledge. Imagine a bureaucrat being posted as CEO of Google or NASA or Tesla. No don’t imagine. Let imaginations be clean.

Martial Races

After 1857 Mutiny, British India started to recruit specific people in their military based on their history of faithfulness. Punjabis (including Indian Punjab) and Pashtuns were on top and were recruited with favoritism as they stood faithful to English against their own fellow citizens during the mutiny.

This is the base of theory of martial race. Or martial race theory. 

After the mutiny, Bengalis were ignored. They were considered ‘weak’ for military by the Britain and were ranked the lowest. They were considered good with pen and bad with military service – or slavery so to speak. No wonder, All India Muslim League was formed in Dhaka and not in Western India (today’s Pakistan).  

After the mutiny, the percentage of Punjabi and Pashtun soldiers gradually increased in the colonial army. By 1929, 62% of soldiers in the army were Punjabi.  After Independence in 1947, Pakistan military had a share of 72% Punjabis. Bengalis percentage in army never exceeded 9% from 1947 to 1971, even though they had around 55% share of the total population. This was the discriminatory system which crashed in 1971.

Recently, as reported by Guardian, records of 320,000 Punjabi soldiers from WW-I were uncovered from the depths of Lahore Museum. The data of these soldiers is being uploaded on Data of Sialkot, Jalandhar and Ludhiana districts have already been uploaded. This compilation and digitization of data is interesting.

Coming back to martial race, after Independence of 1947, Pakistan inherited the same military with the same unsaid rules. Punjabis and Pashtuns on top over other races and provinces. This is one of the reasons behind Fall of Dhaka in 1971. The discrimination, monopolization, and hate was embedded within the politics, as well as military.

The martial race theory was a comprehensive and long-term recruitment plan of Englishmen to rule the country through local countrymen. We all know General Dyer and Michael O’Dwyer as the men behind Jallianwala Bagh Massacre of 1919. But these two men didn’t fire a single bullet. Do you know who did? Punjabis did. That day, Punjabis in uniform killed Punjabi civilians. That day, Indians killed Indians. That’s why I always say militarism is dumb. It makes you a complete duffer and you don’t even think before firing a bullet on your own.

Let me elaborate with another scenario.

A sepoy belongs to lower economic strata of the society. He is less educated and is in the military for financial stability. He is sent on duty within the country. And his usual targets are men / women of lower economic strata of the society. He attacks men of his own class. He attacks houses like his own. It’s like Jallianwala Bagh in mini-series of a soldier’s life.

This current military system, which is in Pakistan, India and almost everywhere around the world, is inherited from Britain. Medals, ranks, uniforms, divisions, everything is English. They are all trained the same way. They are recruited, brainwashed, and systematically made dumb.

The men in military embrace militarism as their religion. No questions asked. No second thoughts. No consciousness before firing a bullet. No “conscientious objection”. Just like the soldiers who were trained for Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

When a solider kills his father in the line of duty in a movie, you get goosebumps. Isn’t it?

It’s a long topic. It’s debatable too. But you need to think. Ponder. Ask. Decline. Resist. Why rules are forced on you? Why you need to accept the standards already set?

“Why not” is the counter to every “Why”. Why not?

Your name, your race, your caste, your religion, your color, your belief and your subconscious is already done and decided without a single uninterrupted-input from your own self. What left is resurrection. Question yourself. Question your beliefs. Embrace your doubts. And explore.

His Highness was a rightist once. He was in absolute hate of all those who believed otherwise. He was in support of violence over nationalism and religion. He used to get goosebumps too. A loss of cricket match used to hit like a bullet. Embarrassing, I know. But then, a decade back, things changed. Literature changed. Perspectives changed. Everything changed. His Highness will write on the journey of change another time. Till then, embrace your subconscious, doubts, and dark questions – not in Freudian way though.