If Karima Baloch was a traitor and was killed by Indians; then why didn’t the news channels cover it? You know when news channels don’t cover a story?
I know you know.
Do you know when people look abroad for their local issues?
According to your definition of treason, why do people become traitors? Why does a whole locality become treacherous?
Were we traitors when we asked for Pakistan?
Were Bangali – 55% of the population – traitors in 1971? Can a majority be labeled as traitor? If yes, doesn’t that kill the whole purpose of a state? Or a nation state?
Why do we like exactly the same thing in our neighborhood – like Khalistan Movement – but brutally hate the same one at home?
Why do we like foreign authors who criticize their governments – like Arundhati Roy – but hate our own similar critics for exactly the same reason?
Why do we prefer liberal governments in the West and non-liberal government at home?
And – again – why are news channels mute on certain incidents and issues? Why are thousands of people -who disagree under the banner of PTM – not part of the news; but a radical preacher talking about blood and hate is telecasted live?
We mourn APS every year. But we don’t shake our souls when we all know Ehsan Ullah Ehsan’s episode. No question asked.
Is there a standard? Or is there only hypocrisy? Sheer hypocrisy.
Questions are the same. Answers may vary. You can have your own version of answers. Sometimes, it is hard to land. Sometimes, it is not. But do analyze. Listen. Read. And have an opinion on things which are overt and covert at the same time.

We Didn’t

The kids were taken brutally. One by one for hours. Till 144. Or 145. Or 146. We are not sure.

The blood was telecasted. On TV Channels. On social media. An alarming security situation was created.

A narrative was set: We are at war and we are at the losing end.

Constitution amended. Budget enhanced. War approved.

This is how the business of war works. With blood. With collateral damage.

If we had been conscious and righteous enough; we would have taken them by collars for the security lapse.

We didn’t.

Then we saw the mastermind – Ehsan Ullah Ehsan – escape. We should have taken them by collars again.

We didn’t.

Then we saw the commission report of the APS incident. A slap on the face of all the parents around. We should have taken them by collars.

We didn’t.

Maybe we are deadbeat now. We see kids get raped daily. We see their faces. We see their mutilated dead bodies. And we have become numb. A little hue and cry after some time and that’s it. We are done.

So, here we are. Dead. Consciously, knowingly, deliberately, physically, and spiritually.

May heaven fall on us. And bury our stinking coffins.

EU DisinfoLab

While we – not we – were abducting people, silencing dissent, composing songs, producing movies, fighting on Twitter, and lecturing about 5th generation warfare; the neighbor has actually been fooling the whole world successfully since 2005.

For 15 years, the neighbor has been manipulating the UN and the EU. Even with dead participants. We – not we –were making sensitive tapes for political gains. A dime here, a dime there. A dummy here and a traitor there. Ludo kinda stuff.

And then, you yourself become a victim. See, what happened to Sheikh Rasheed. Became prey to his own bosses. This is sad and disgusting. Principally speaking, that’s no one’s business. Instead of the victim, shame the criminals who trap politician and judges and activists like that. No one should degrade, humiliate, ask for resignation or anything else from Sheikh Rasheed based on this episode. No one should. But, the loud-mouth won’t be spared, I guess.

Anyway, back to business.

Who exposed the neighbor? Number 1? No. Not those who were abducting people, silencing dissent, composing songs, producing movies, fighting on Twitter, and lecturing regularly about 5th generation warfare; but a foreign NGO.

These two South Asian countries have serious basic issues. Poverty, hunger, malnutrition, stunting, health crisis, millions out of school children, farmers’ issues, inflation, water crisis, intolerance, discrimination, and what not. Yet the two neighbors are always fighting with each other for vanity. Spending billions on weapons. Spending billions on manipulation. Spending billions on propaganda to keep cash-cows – like Kashmir – alive.

Business. Nothing more and nothing less.

Sometimes the business flourishes on narratives of patriotism and nationalism. Other times, religion becomes the key ingredient. And it sells. Always.

As Manto said, a hungry human is a hungry human. Not Muslim or Hindu.

By the way, you must be aware of the farmers of India. But do you know anything about farmers of Okara?

Nonetheless, congratulations for now. It’s not a victory for being stupid and foolish for 15 years, but ok. Even the exposé has come from abroad. But you don’t get this.

As Pink Floyd sang: I have become comfortably numb.

Random Numbness (December 2020)

Not long ago, a ‘boy’ was asked about his million dollar pizzas in a TV show, very politely. He left hanging. Literally ran away. He was not even grilled till then.

And that interview was in Urdu.

But – for federal reasons – Ishaq Dar became the only achievement for the government this year. So much so that the ban was lifted to give some air to ARY. Huge success.

After all, it served the imposed narrative. The idiot Dar proved to be an asset for apologists.

Better to have an intelligent enemy than an idiot friend. Dar’s case was uglier.

Or maybe the perfect idea of interviewing is two exactly same idiots as interviewer and interviewee. Like Hamza Ali Abbasi and the PM discussing family matters. Well, I do agree with the PM. He is very well experienced, at least in this field, by all means.

Or maybe the interviewer can be an interviewer and interviewee at the same time. Like Kamran Khan questioning and then answering. And PM nodding, as is his official duty.

By the way, there was another BBC interview of General Durrani. You didn’t watch that obviously. It was pretty raw.

On the exact same scale, we have successes and we have failures. One interview was of the oppositions’ success and another was of the government’s. One exposed the government and the other one exposed the opposition.

With an idiot ruling the country – not ruling though – with duffers behind the curtains – ruling though – with loudmouth ministers and senators, dumb opposition; we have idiotocracy for the herd. And the herd – public-at-large – is dumb-fucked. Choosing sides of either him or her, and forgetting their own selves.

Let’s proceed collectively. The perception is of biases only. Let me give you an example:

There is a guy. Who ruled this country. For long. Has properties in Pakistan, UK, and Dubai. Has billions in accounts. Was convicted. Ran away. Medical reasons. Hidden abroad like a coward.

That guy can be Nawaz for some.
That guy can be Musharraf for others.

Bias. Equally guilty idiots are the ‘selected’ ruling party as are the opposition.

One thing for sure, without bias, is that all the stakeholders failed even after agreeing and praising each other. With the federal government, three provincial governments, and the establishment on one page; things as smooth as Michael Jackson’s criminal, things got messier. They all – together – failed to deliver even basics. Apart from gimmicks like banning and unbanning TikTok, what do they have achieved?

As reiterated before, the backing is for the idea. The idea of democracy. For whatever reasons – vested or invested – PDM stands right at the moment. There is this thin line and you have to stand corrected. You can throw these out later with mere votes. The one PDM is standing against, are in power since 1947, and they cannot be thrown out through ballot. Not even when they lose or are humiliated.

A little diversion.

People stood individually in the past, which always amazes me. How on earth they had this courage to stand in the ugliest of times? Some were abducted. Some got killed. Some never returned. And some were found mutilated. Yet this motherland kept on giving birth to the souls who stood right, even alone.

Sometimes I ask myself, why do mothers in Palestine and Kashmir and Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan give birth? Why do they bring new lives in such harsh times? And then I see these amazing souls who stand alone without a thought of the consequences.

Not like those who sit in front of the PM and lick for hours in recorded interviews. Not like the PM himself who negated every single stance of his when he was talking about public, and lost everything to be on the seat he is. Not these for-sale souls.

Thanks to all the mothers and women who keep on nurturing the generation next even when they know the risks. Thank you to mothers in Palestine and Kashmir and Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan and Pakistan and everywhere around the world.