Babus & Babies

It’s easier to make a kid understand a thing than a DMG/PAS officer. Or any CSP/PMS in general.

What’s the hierarchical idea of private organizations?

Imagine a new CEO is imposed on Google. A CSP of course.

Or in Yahoo. Or Tesla. Or Amazon. Or NASA.

What will that lead to? Obvious disaster.

Here Education Department is under CSPs. As well as Health. IT. Roads. Communication. Buildings. Everything.

They sit at the top of the hierarchy of P&D Departments of all the provinces too. Handling development portfolio of tens of departments. Over a hundred across the country.

Nutshell: Dump. Garbage producing garbage from taxpayers money. As easy as a nod.

The uglier part is they come as a Secretary or CEO or DG of a Department as a newborn child. The third tier of the hierarchy teaches them from A, B, C to D. That’s it. They cannot go further than that.

Then when they are at D, they are transferred and another newborn arrives. Baby’s day out starts again and the whole department becomes a daycare center.

This is how we have messed up the civilian departments of the country. CTP to CTP. Step by step. Every year with commoners without common sense.

Now imagine the high profile meetings. Cabinet and Board meetings where they all sit after years and decades of service. They discuss. Imagine them discussing issues and projects and their feasibilities. The intellectual discussion is so fuckin embarrassing that your existence feels like a misfit in a club of unknowns; enjoying the dumbest party ever.

Like Marla in the testicular cancer club.

Every other word is nothing more than a joke for the guys sitting behind them who have actually done the work. Imagine the homeworkers talking and having a discussion. Would be worth a sitting.

Anyway. This is how it works. Those who sit behind, near the walls, are the girls and guys who know; while those who chair and the ones in the front rows are the miserable beings of our system.

A system which has given us these babus and babies.

The Federal and Provincial Government should end this system. With no second thoughts or ifs and buts. Let the senior most employee with due qualifications and set of criteria be at the top till his/her retirement.

There is such a system in the Judiciary and various other setups. Or in private organizations where employees from the middle and bottom hierarchies rise to the top due to their performance and experience.

Putting a new kid after every few days to head a Public Department will give Government nothing. Absolutely nothing.

The top-notch cream – so called – starts from being an AC usually. Then with different intra and inter departmental rotations, they become DCs. Then, over the years experience of various postings here and there, they become commissioners and secretaries in their late 40s to 50s. And by the time they reach the top of the hierarchy, they are as pure as a newly baptized kid.


I know the politicians have their cons. But they face questions from the public most of the times because of the lethargic bureaucracy and it’s incompetence.

Let’s take an example.

The Prime Minister goes to Peshawar tomorrow and announces a university. Now it will take ages for the bureaucracy to make this happen. Not that they are going deep into feasibility but because of their routine red-tapism.

First there will be a Directive from the office of the PM which in itself will take 2 weeks at least. Then it will reach the department’s right wing in another week. Then the department will ask the district to make a feasibility report which is nothing more than a couple of pages’ shit. Then that will come back to the department. Then after long ‘please put-up’ and ‘urgent please’, PC-I will see the day. Then it will go into the intellectual board of P&D which will approve it – obviously because the PM had already announced it – after amusing discussions. And then the case of allocation of funds will come. Then it will lead to release.

All this will easily take a year.

And in the meanwhile, the PM will face the harsh questions and the bureaucrats will keep on playing merry go rounds of transfers and postings.

The solution is simple but it’s an abrupt one. Discontinue the establishment. And by establishment, I mean both the establishments: civil and not-so-civil.