Instant Orgasmic Cricket

Someone missed a century. Couldn’t touch the last ball. Millions missed an orgasm for the night.

No one will remember the great innings of Imad. And his useless sacrifice. Or chacha’s knock.

Imagine if someone could have played a similar, almost-orgasmic, innings from New Zealand, Pakistan would have definitely won.

Our great opener couldn’t make a century after staying for 20 overs. Their Chapman came at 5th and made a century in the 18th. Don’t take a bow. You can never get this.

By the way, isn’t this the most dead pitch in the world?

Anyway. We have had a recipe for years now. It is the recipe of juggling.

Drop the 3rd one who was an opener.
Put a new 3rd.
Put the other opener at 4th.
Bring 7th at 5th.
8th at 6th.
And keep Shadab no matter what.

Keep on juggling so that no one may settle. May never settle. And the argument stays intact that they all fail and the openers are the only two saviors we have.

The last major trophy we won was CT 2017. A remarkable win. The stars of that tournament were disgraced – some due to their own self and some due to politics of favoritism. Remember those stars? They didn’t get such hype on social media and they stayed in the domains of cricket. Fakhar. Sarfaraz. Hassan. Aamir. Malik. Imad. Junaid. And others.

The thing was, they were not juggled. Only Shahzad was replaced – justifiably – and then there was no stopping for Pakistan. A 180 runs win against India in the final.

But bless you. You may not remember those days. Now is the time of reels. Shorts. Short term span. And instant orgasms.

Another T20 home series is lost with ‘big stars’ in the squad.

Congratulations. Wake up now. The dream is over.