Once upon a time, a Chief Justice went against the Boy. The boy got angry and dragged the chief by his collar and threw him out of his office. This angered the law fraternity.

They stood up. Turned around. And burned the citadel down.

The boy had to run away out of the country with a tail between his legs. Didn’t face courts again even when he was ordered to be hanged till death.

That was a time of martial law. Direct martial law. Nothing in disguise.

Today, the Chief Justice isn’t even ready to take such a risk even though he knows a whole majority will stand with him. But no. No my dear.

And this is not a time of martial law. This is worse. This is the devolutionary process passing at a uniformed pace.

But. Don’t worry. Just wait and watch. Countries and nations pass through these stages before becoming something. Nothing stands forever. Neither good nor bad.

#SakiNama who was about to become #Rasputin but was denied through transparent polling.

Author: SakiNama

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