It’s not just Bhera. It’s Raja Porus’s Bhera. Alexander the Great had his meeting with the Raja here. It was a victory but towards a downfall.

Down the road, Bhera is back. Not on horses but among donkeys.

Communism (Laal Band) was standing in capitalist McDonald’s (it’s a joke) to witness the revolution. Every ideology was kinda mixed up. Women in western clothes were taunting a man in eastern clothes for being imported. And all were there for imported meat. What a meet? McDonald’s in itself is a separate country with GDP over… let’s not embarrass ourselves with halal capitalism.

Those were jokes.

Such nuances are ugly but we are trained. We used to pick tens and hundreds of dead bodies regularly for over a decade in bomb blasts. We are trained for the worst. Right now we are in talks to have a deal with those who killed around 70k people. How cool are we?

Bhera happened. Nothing much. Ahsan Iqbal faced it well. With fame and power comes this. But yes, it was ugly and shouldn’t have happened. Ugliest rivals with opposing ideologies don’t fight this way. These two are of the exact same ideology and manifesto yet they fight for their turn on lap.

Communism was consuming capitalism and witnessing the political chaos where one democrat was being thwarted by the supporters of ousted democrat. That’s how it all was. Twist: none was / is a democrat.

Take a note of ignorance. It’s a matter of stupidity and cult mentality. This won’t lead to anywhere good and we are not demanding good. We are fine with the status quo with only one condition of my lap dancer.

Solution. Yes. It’s like the monopoly game. Do not pass Bhera. Do not go to McDonald’s. Don’t merge homies and commies. And don’t fight for two sides when they are exactly the same.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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