There’s no Solution

Military + it’s pimps + inappropriate use of religion and hallelujah!

The debacle of Shehryar Afridi and his lies in the name of God, and his life goes down with a smirk of Fawad Chaudhary.

But he will sustain. Liars do sustain.

The incumbent pimps are no different. They lied too. They lied about missing people. Sat with them and made promises.

Bilalwal promised. Maryam promised. And both took the opportunity of being Zalims. Tortured the already tortured souls with the same police force which they hated a while back.

There is no solution. So stop asking for one. For now, just know the problem. Identify it clearly. Knowing it is the first step and the only step for now. And next time, vote for new faces. Absolutely new ones with a vision and a manifesto.

But with the boys in town, even that’s not going to work.

Even if you will fulfill requirements of a strong case, you will end up in dick chamber of Retard Justice Javed Iqbal who is into oral exploration more than his desk job. The filth behind the tables is too much. Too many. Fat pigs with impotent tails between their legs, but eyes and tongues as lusty as a young boar.

There’s no solution. Not for now. Identify the problem. Know it. And wait for the time when you will have to come out to follow a genuine lead to burn the cruelty in ashes along with all the cruel pigs.

Author: SakiNama

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