Brief History of UnLaw

Case: Minor girl raped and killed.
Evidence: CCTV, statements, autopsy, DNA, everything.
Result: Bail.

Case: 444 encounters by a police officer.
Evidence: Statements, witnesses, autopsies, everything.
Result: Case dismissed without arrest.

Case: Sahiwal massacre by CTD.
Evidence: CCTV, witnesses, statements, autopsies, DNA, everything.
Result: Transfer of murderers.

Case: 144 school children killed in broad daylight.
Evidence: CCTVs, witnesses, statements, autopsies, intelligence, everything.
Result: Mastermind got primetime on TV. Escaped.

Case: A woman’s slogan against terrorism in the country.
Evidence: Not applicable.
Result: Terrorism charges. Bail denied. Prisoned.

Case: A wealthy son killed a young man.
Evidence: CCTV, witnesses, statements, admission of crime.
Result: Luxury jail. Freed.

Case: A judge’s wife brutally tortured a minor maid.
Evidence: Witnesses, medical, statements, everything.
Result: Nothing.

Case: A man asked for peace whose 17 family members got killed.
Evidence: Not applicable.
Result: Jailed.

Case: A foreigner killed 2 people.
Evidence: Witnesses, medical, autopsies, statements, admission of crime, everything.
Result: Escorted honorably to the US.

Case: A blind girl was raped.
Evidence: None. Medical not allowed.
Result: Blind girl jailed for fornication.

Case: A man killed by Rangers in broad daylight.
Evidence: CCTV, video footage, witnesses, everything.
Result: Not applicable.

Case: Missing people.
Evidence: Missing people.
Result: Missing people.

Case: A woman was gang raped.
Evidence: Witnesses, medical, DNA, everything.
Result: “Women get raped to settle abroad.” Said the one who was settled abroad. Died abroad. Buried here.

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