Power Outage. No Outrage.

No satire. His Highness is like James Bond, going ‘all-in’ in poker.

His Highness actually wants the country to default. No pun. He wants power outages or blackouts for permanent. He wants hundreds of ships and cargoes lined up in Arabian Sea for months for clearance. He wants the whole economy to go down into the final depths like Titanic.

Only after the complete disaster, will come the actual reincarnation.

A new constitution, not this garbage.

A new Penal Code, not this colonial leftover.

A new administrative setup without idiot in the hierarchy of bastards.

A new police system of humans with repercussions to face for every failure.

A new public setup without twitter queens and kings.

A new military minding its business precisely. Not that business. No. You get it?

Or a Public Private Partnership (PPP) kinda model through which defense and some other burdens can be outsourced. To China perhaps. Let it be. Even in worst case scenario, it would be better than this. THIS.

Anyway, the point was, no satire here. This blackout is beautiful. Waiting for the night with a clear sky to see the stars and their faults.

Life is beautiful without complications of electricity, water, gas, inflation, and dumbs-in-charge.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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