Hear! Hear! Rao Anwar is Innocent.

How many times this page has mentioned Rao Anwar? May be 444 times. Or more.

Anyway, congratulations. The judicial brothel, where judges sell themselves for some price, have acquitted Rao Anwar. No wonder, the murderers are always safe here. Like Ehsan Ullah Ehsan was.

This is a big nexus. Rao Anwar is police. Judges are the judiciary. Orders came from Rawalpindi. Landlords were safeguarded. This is a whole nexus that the judiciary has maintained today.

Anyway. There are some methods to kill.

One is, kill and pay. It takes some time, but it works. Always work. It has some religious support as well. Don’t Aww!

Two is, kill and don’t pay. Kill more. And more. Countless. Now, you cannot pay all the families of victims. Like, you cannot pay families of 444 murdered ones. In such cases, trial will be long, but you will be acquitted. Because you are an asset. An asset that keeps the violent machine of the state greased.

So, the brothel has done its job for another butcher. Or butcherer. The two words are confusing. Isn’t it mate? Don’t mate!

Hundreds of thousands died in 1971 and not a single person was blamed or punished.

70,000 died during the military experiment during War on Terror and no one was blamed or punished.

144 students got murdered in broad daylight in a school and no one was punished. Parents were shutdown. The mastermind was kept in a safehouse and was strategically freed.  

So, 444 killings and nothing happened. Simple analogy. Simple history. That’s why history is important.

Congratulations again. The naked dance in and around Islamabad and Rawalpindi is the reason that this country is in a pathetic state of affairs. No wonder, just like before 71, a lot want to get rid of it. A lot.

Now a hint.

Remember those who proudly put badge of the national flag on their dresses. Mostly officially, behind their large desks, in luxury offices. Or on their uniforms. Remember them. Because they are the exact culprits with bloody hands of civilians. This country has given them so much.

Even blood and flesh. To fill their thirst and hunger.

Given them land to make mansions. And bury the useless ones.

To make huge towers. To avoid the poor ones.

To raise a breed of dogs. To avoid a breed of humans.

Remember them.

Because, when you will be out – and you will be soon – you must not go into collateral damage. You must know where to strike and who to put down. To burn the citadel down.

Author: SakiNama

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