Into the Wheat Crisis

Wheat crisis isn’t a political failure. It’s a bureaucratic failure.

This hierarchy of bastards of bureaucracy lives in cocoons where they can’t see or smell the poor. The vehicles are guarded. The whole hierarchy is guarded. And they themselves are never short of any kind of food as it arrives at the door step on its own. In different forms. Gifts. Thanks. Favors.

So, they are clueless. They are clueless about the situation as much as they are clueless about their jobs – where they keep on swinging from one department to another until they are retired and completely retarded.

Such crises will keep on surfacing till this colonial setup is going to sustain. It’s wheat today. It will be sugar, rice, and other stuff in future. Near future.

Just know the problem rightly.
It’s a bureaucratic failure.
Not a political failure.

Author: SakiNama

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