Audio Leaks

It’s another disgusting age. This time of audio and video leaks. Most recently, audios are taking a lead. Thanks heavens. Otherwise, it would have been a naked animal farm.

Sometimes, leaks are against judges. Sometimes against opponents. Sometimes against others dissidents. Rarely against the one on lap at the moment.

And never against the military.

Because it is the military. The intelligence. Setting another line of moral degradation of the society.

First, they came up with a plan of renting the state.
Then they came up with plans of Jihad and blasphemy and playing with fire.
Then they came up with plans of enlightenment modernization and abductions.
Now, the plans are to listen, record and leak.

Apparently, they are neutrals. Indifferent. Far away from politics. Hidden inside Cantts and DHAs. Yet, they are clearly listening to everyone. And they are clearly behind this mess of leaks.

Once, a PM defended the eavesdropping. Now he’s not defending anymore because he’s been excommunicated.

The current PM on the lap is fine. He got angry – a little – when his own conversations got leaked from the PM house, but then he was fine.

It’s time for all the civilian idiots to sit and shut the establishment first. Else, nothing is going to change. They will keep on listening. They will keep on releasing. They will keep on robbing lands. They will keep on building an empire.

You can’t pass the check posts without being checked.

You can’t enter their housing societies.

They start with Phase-I and then keep on expanding beyond X.

They start with Askari I and then never stop.

Today, the country has more Cantts than proper cities.

People just don’t get it. It isn’t much different like the situation in Palestine. Or Israel. Or whatever.
It’s like Apartheid of South Africa. Or Kashmir since 370. But no one gets it. Except His Highness.

Next time, when you shed some crocodile tears for others, spare a few drops against the evesdrops and all the mess that stands and builds around. Until then, know the problem. And sleep corrected.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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