The Conversation

Why not is the answer to every single why.

Why not?

It was cold, dark, somewhat secluded and odd too. And they chose to meet.

Yes, Why not?

She was seeking a voice. He was seeking some validation. Or vice versa. On the outside, she was an independent woman with a job, a home, kids and opinions. And he looked like a complete guy. A guy with everything that is needed to blow people’s minds. So, both of them decided to take a walk in a track of a cold, dark, somewhat secluded park.

She was not one for small talk. She asked him, “What is happiness?

He was not easily surprised. “That question remained unanswered by Socrates. How can I know?” He asked back.

But what is happiness to you?

Nothing. There is peace of mind, sometimes. But there is no happiness. An illusion perhaps. I don’t know. Although, I am happy now. Walking here randomly. Without a purpose. And answering without thinking. Don’t know!

Not worth thinking about, then?

Nothing is. I don’t know”, he responded again, stepping ahead of her, like they weren’t even walking together.

She began again, “I have seen happy people and happy couples in particular. I have seen them being truly happy.

Illusion, my friend. There is no happiness. Not here at least. You only see the happy Instagram life of those who pretend.

Why are you saying that? Happy people do exist,” she reiterated, leaping to catch up to him and reaching him, and staring right at him.

The only happiness is not to be born.

That is so morbid. Do you think your life has no purpose? How do you wake up in the morning?

Like people in prison. Oh! Prisoners.

What about children? Children make you happy, even if you are not related to them. And your own blood, well, I don’t think there is anything more beautiful than that,” she tried to give an argument for happiness. To happiness.

Agreed. But for how long?” he built his argument. “Some years. For your personal happiness, or a way to entertain yourself, you bring souls into this world. This miserable world where every single layer – up in the air and down in the earth – is being compromised for an unhealthy world ahead. Water, not safe. Air, not safe. Laws, not protective. And these same kids make you a coward. After happiness, you are always in panic mode. Fearing the evitable and the inevitable. Panic and fear are not happiness.

That’s a perspective and as it’s yours, I won’t tell you it’s misguided, which it is. But I will tell you that planting a seed, watching someone smile, hearing laughter, experiencing poetry, flowers, the moon and children are happiness. Have you seen the entire world shining on a single face? It is when a kid smiles while looking at you.

I have.

Yet you are stubborn not to believe.

Maybe. And afraid of the tears to fall, catastrophe to arrive and bad phase to come. Plants, laughter, poetry, flowers and children; they all die eventually.

Yes, everything dies and therein lies the beauty. Imagine a never-ending life; that would be torture for everyone. An actual tragedy.

It is a lost situation in any case. Misery with a deadline or without a deadline. Nothing to make you happy.

Your philosophy of life is not only one-dimensional but also depressing.

I agree,” the corners of his lips turning up into a rare smile.

You are a pessimist.

Actually, a realist!” His smile lingered.

Whatever,” she said, losing her train of thought. Damn his lazy smile.

They continued to walk in the dark and shady public garden. Old ones were jogging on the track. Young ones were sitting in couples on dark benches. The silhouettes were difficult to define. But not romantic at all.

Isn’t touch disturbing? The overall idea of two bodies coming close, closer, invading breathing space… how the hell have poets and writers sold this for centuries?

He picked up a leaf and absent-mindedly tore it in half, “Of all the relations in the world, we only make one by choice; marriage. And we fail at it. Even the pretending happiest couples curse their decision of marriage from time to time.”

Dark Shakespeare!

Darkespeare. Glad to be of service.

The silhouettes on the benches continued to move. Couples spending their present with someone they know will not be part of their future. In the not so distant future – they will decide to part ways. And then, again, in another close encounter, they will remember the benches in the park. Yes. These same benches. They have been witnesses to a lot of warm history in a cold track.

Imagine living with someone and remembering someone else. Kissing someone and imagining someone else. Isn’t it the reason people close their eyes while kissing? She would call that morbid.

The walk continued amidst the moving silhouettes. He asked her if he could smoke.

Sure”, she replied; while he wondered why he asked her.

She resumed the conversation, “So, tell me. How can we be happy? What do you think is the core of all our problems?

Existence is the core of all problems.

So… non-existence…is mass suicide the answer?

I didn’t say suicide. I said non-existence as in not to begin the existence. And I don’t know the depth.

Very convenient for a confused man to know one dimension only.

Knowing that you don’t know is not confusion. Besides, I have questions as well. I can try answering this one: loyalty lies at the crux of all social problems.

How can you blame loyalty which is the epitome of human values?

Loyalty demands injustice. It divides everything into two: The thing or things you are loyal to and everything else. Loyalty to your country means to hate enemy countries. Loyalty to your caste, creed, religion, ethnicity, and anything else demands violence; sooner or later. Loyalty to religion demands… you want me to commit blasphemy, don’t you?” he stopped abruptly.

No! I don’t want anyone to be blasphemous because religion to me is the most important philosophy of life. And loyalty is one of the most important human values.

Well, religion is a philosophy and a beautiful one. But it is personal. At least, it should be personal. You can talk about it and persuade someone, but you cannot force and kill based on religion or any philosophy. And that is exactly why the state should be secular.

No, the state should not be secular if it was established solely on the basis of religion.

What if the basis is wrong?

How is the basis wrong?

Look around you and see the blood, hate, desecration, filth, devolution, illiteracy, hunger, anger…I could go on…” looking bemused and sad at the same time.

Is it all because of religion?

No, it is because of the religious followers who always find a religious reason to do so.

Easy to blame them.

Who else should I blame then? Bees?

She smiled and he was reminded of sunshine. “Okay, let’s put aside all our world views, but I completely disagree with you on the loyalty part.

Loyalty should have some sort of limit. Endpoint. For example, loyalty to religion is fine, but it should end before it reaches the threshold of justifying bloodshed. Loyalty to a political party is acceptable, but it should die when the realpolitik becomes corrupt. Loyalty to country is okay, but it should not be based on xenophobia.

And loyalty in marriage?

Ah! Marriage is unhappiness and one should not be loyal to unhappiness.” He smirked.

You don’t mean that, right?

I do. I do. I do.

Now you’re just mocking me.

Albeit cryptically, I have answered your questions.

I feel that the entire society will collapse without loyalty.

Let me give you an example. Imagine a woman living in an abusive marriage for over a decade. She is violated both verbally and physically. There is no escape from the marriage as she will not be accepted back by her family and her husband or the society will kill her. Now, after a decade, she gets a chance at love.

It’s an extramarital affair.

This is all she’s got; an affair. And this affair, this relationship; gives her some peace and happiness. Shouldn’t she follow that path?


Why not? Doesn’t she deserve some respite? Isn’t she worthy of love?

It is not that she isn’t worthy, it is that she cannot trespass.

Her husband is trespassing already. Why can’t she?

Because it is wrong from all aspects; religious, social, moral and ethical.

You are talking about all the standards that are the reasons behind her suffering and unhappiness. And you are not allowing her a chance.

Because the chance is wrong.

By your standards. Or the society’s. The society that has given her nothing; that has left her to rot; that would rather see her die than step up and save her. She is not hurting anyone; she is just living some moments of peace. And I think, she should follow what brings her peace.

You are advocating an idea that may collapse the whole society.

Don’t you see? Society has already disintegrated for her if she is suffering.

Well, I will choose suffering over transgression.

And I will let people live their personal lives the way they want to live their personal lives.

And I won’t hold someone accountable for their personal lives, even if I disagree.

Finally. Agreement at disagreement.

Both walked some more with to and fro questions, answers, and rebuttals until the time to say goodbye arrived.

I was heartbroken before coming here. Now, I am going back carrying burdens off-loaded by a confused man.” she said.

I was looking forward to breaking a heart before coming here. And I am still waiting.

Haha! Because you are mean. Well, I do not intend to go in the direction to get broken.

No one is, until tracks collide without a plan and without intentions.

Keep dreaming friend, not going to happen.

Not dreaming. Forecasting.

See you in another weather forecast. Ciao!

And he saw her in the farewell moment – the only face to face exchange in some light – and he sighed in relief that at least he was not the reason behind her heartbreak. Sighed in relief. That’s the least dark he could become.

In another world. When we are both cats.

Biden’s Day 1

Day 1 of Biden: Inauguration. Office. Issuance of promised presidential orders. 17 executive orders. Muslim ban: abolished. Mexico wall: halted. Student debt collection: freezed. Paris climate accords: re-joined. Discrimination against LGBT employees: banned. and so on… This is how you prove that homework was done prior to oath. This is how you show dignity of your spoken words. Not 90 days. Not 1 year. Not 2 years. No hiccups. No blame-game. No old-age NRO shit. No if and no but. Straight to work like a true leader. Breaking the conservative threshold right on day 1 with liberal orders. And here we are stuck with container speeches, narcissism, NRO, inflation, and incompetency. But don’t blame. He is a meme only. Nothing more than a dummy. Blame yourself for patriotic pizza services; serving customers in all civil domains. Here. And hereafter. ======== Response after some stupid comments:

Those who stood with the US on War on Terror, are angry that Democrats are pro-war.

Those who remained silent at being an active ally on war against Yemen, are annoyed that Democrats will be harsh on foreign policies.

Those who gave air bases to let drones fly and kill civilians, are advocating that Trump was better than the Democrats.

Those who neither hear nor speak of missing people, are criticizing that Democrats are violators of global human rights.

Those who supported Trump on Afghan policies, are historically myopic of their own violence in the neighborhood.

And this can go on and on with inclusion of silence on Uighur and mourning for Palestine.

Relax Mr. Hypocrite!

First of all, PTI was not compared to Republicans or Democrats. PTI was nothing until it was nurtured specifically for this task to cover the Martial Law.

Only the loudmouth PM’s promises were compared to that of Biden’s. You may call the comparison between a rotten tomato and an apple. Whatever.

Secondly, our PM was clueless – which he has admitted himself – about everything. All he has to do is vomit all day. All his ministers and SAPMs are assigned to throw filth on news channels and Twitter. Nothing more or less.

Apart from NRO, past corruption, billions offshore, and inflation; they have delivered ZERO. You want to defend that, defend it. Lick. Gag. Whatever you like.

Thirdly, as said before, this government is not even in power. I don’t actually blame them. They are clueless dummies. Memes. Jokers. Defending their uniformed bosses all the time; who are running businesses, civil institutions, foreign policies, security state’s narrative, Covid-19, foreign funds, real estates, and what not.

Lastly, Biden is for the US. Not for Pakistan. Try to get this.

So, Mr. Hypocrite! Take a deep breath. Inhale for 10 seconds. Now, exhale for 10 seconds. Push your fingers down your throat. Gag yourself. Good. Now vomit.

Hazara Bleeds… Again

Jam Kamal, the incumbent-incompetent Chief Minister of Balochistan, expressed his grievance on murder of 11 coal miners in Splinji. The clueless CM didn’t even know that the butchering happened in Mach area and not Splinji. But I guess, even he knows, who cares. It’s bleeding so consistently in the region that it’s hard to track locations.
Hazara is being targeted for its ethnicity for over a decade. Thousands have been killed. People have mourned and the state has condemned. For nothing. Because the killers were nurtured and raised under the state. Proxy outfits for proxy wars to make sure the system remains insecure.
These outfits have been owned and disowned at will. For Dollars – in both cases – too. They have been used to wreak havoc whenever necessary, and they have been targeted and killed in other scenarios. The double game – of keeping snakes at the backyard – is so complex that it’s hard to have a clear narrative of what is actually happening.
That’s why, of all the problems, there is one problem. Of all the evil leaves, there is only one root-cause.
The other day, people were asking for solutions. Well, for that, you need to recognize the problem first. That’s the first step.
The second step is to identify the troublemakers – the perpetrators. And here, you will cover yourself with green blanket.
The third step is to have a democratic view to the solution. Involving civil bodies. Civil Parliament. And that’s exactly where the whole dream collapses.
But you can resist and protest. With words. With gestures. With actions. And sometimes, with silence too.
Have a look in history. The people you quote today, were those who dissented. The people you praise today, were those who were not in majority. The people you are proud of, took the lone-righteous-path. And here, you are quoting poets of revolution while sailing the ship of Zalim in bloody waters.
When Imaam Ahmad bin Hambal was imprisoned, one of the prison guards came to him and asked him:
“O Abu ‘Abdillah! The hadith that is narrated regarding the oppressors and those that aid them – is it authentic?”
He said: “Yes.”
The prison guard then said: “So, am I considered to be an aide of the oppressors?”
Imam Ahmad replied: “No. The aides of the oppressors are those that comb their hair, and wash their clothes, and prepare their meals, and buy and sell for them. As for you, you are one of the oppressors themselves.” (Source: ‘Manaqib al-Imam Ahmad’ by Ibn al-Jawzi; p.397)
How much blood is necessary?
How much blood is collateral damage?
How much blood a motherland needs?
Are people for the land or the land for people?
With that, and with spilled blood, we have nothing else to do. We will mourn, as usual. For some days. Until another massacre will shake us from our deep slumber.
Press snooze.

Police Brutality & State Terrorism

Police brutality and Rangers’ violence in Karachi: Ignored.

State brutality and killing of students and young men in Balochistan: Ignored.

FC brutality in the whole western belt: Ignored.

State criminals of Sahiwal incident: Pardoned.

444 encounters in Sindh: Hushed.

Now police brutality in Federal. Islamabad. A young man killed mercilessly. Because system allowed this. State allowed this. Gaps allowed this.

17 bullets.

So, incidents happen. Young die. Old gets older and get promotion after promotion for their violent loyalties.

Don’t mind but APS happened because…

Don’t mind. Don’t mind. You can’t. Anyway.

This land, is a windmill of martyrs. We make and sell martyrs. Sometimes individually and sometimes in bulk. Here and there and everywhere. We know how to snooze. We know how to stay numb and dumb. And we are addicted to tears of mothers. Nothing shakes us anymore.

Till next episode, buzz off!

Happy Old Year Marla!

It was tough to find bank details and transactions of 1990s regarding Asghar Khan case. But it was easy to find details of money laundering, corruption, transport rent, breakfast bills and movie tickets from 1970s and 1980s.

It was easier to get humiliated, defeated and dissected than to talk and accept the East.

It was tough to investigate Benazir murder case. But it was easy to hang Bhutto on a controversial murder case.

It was easy to clean the crime scene in Rawalpindi, and easier to blame all gagged puppets who followed.

It’s easy to call back the absconder in London than the absconder in Dubai.

It’s easy to kill traitors here and there, around the rivers; but it’s tough to keep the actual terrorists in custody.

It’s easy to encounter 444 than to call the one in the Supreme Court.

It’s easy to impose, kill, loot and settle abroad; than to get raped to settle abroad.

It’s easy to challenge expatriates to come back to get murdered than agree to disagree.

It’s easy to abduct, kill and dump them than to give them equal civil rights.

It’s easier to shot, burn, and kill than actual blasphemy. Blasphemy for the sake of blasphemy.

It’s easier to censor and label than to listen.

It’s easier to burn a temple than to protect one.

It’s easier to be an apologist and status quo asshole, than to shake conscious alone.

It’s easier to sleep corrected than to stand corrected.

A little politics. A little religion. An ultimate combination. Some cocaine. Some threat. All done.

The vicious cycle of imposed-democracy is here again. Again? You may debate this and that, with ifs and buts, and blame the puppets here and there; without understanding the root-cause.

It’s 2021. Same like 1990s! A little ‘naya’ and a little reformed. With a new joker as a scapegoat.

Anyway. Happy Old Year Marla!