5 thoughts on “About SakiNama”

  1. Keep going and we will support u in this intellectual mission and educate and free the mind of our people who are in denial mode.

  2. Sakinama is certainly a treat to read in contemporary times. Rational thoughts dipped in spicy flavoured expression and coupled up with clarity & maturity. A beautiful combination you can’t ignore.

  3. Assalam-u-Alaikum.
    I harbour a lot of disagreement with the starkly rational yet all the same, I am awed in the extreme at the sheer simplicity of it, reducing the ornate to the strictly specific, having all these headers and ‘-ism’s under which to shelve life’s intricacies. However, rationality is an attractive assortment of subtleties masquerading as and confused with wisdom yet it continues to be devoid of the more profoundly intuitive facet.
    Regardless, it is always a treat to read what you write. Unconventional and grounded yet poetic all the same. Don’t know if you’d see this but keep writing and bar no holds to express THE truth. Not ‘your’ truth.
    Thank you!

  4. Such a well versed person you are. The consistently persistent revolutionary mind. May be we meet someday in a parallel universe far from here beyond the ideas of right and wrong as rumi quotes. After all you are the cup bearer of our hearts.

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