The Word ‘Idiot’ has a Face

If the word ‘idiot’ had a face, it would have been… wait!

It’s caretaker setup in Punjab but it’s a caretaking setup for PMLN.

The top bureaucracy of the province is PMLN affiliated as evident from the last night’s shuffle. That’s a shame. Not that but ‘affiliated bureaucracy’ is a shame. The primary characteristic of bureaucracy was supposed to be impartial. But that’s a characteristic.

A word based on character. Can’t be affiliated to our bureaucracy. Because affiliation is a must for rent seeking and profits.

Anyway. Punjab is under PMLN. Bureaucratically and administratively. Comprehensively.

If there was one lesson from Jinnah, it was parliamentary politics. Politics of pen and paper. Not agitation and quitting and non-cooperation.

Even when AIML had a decisive defeat in General Elections of India in 1937, Jinnah didn’t quit. He didn’t opt for street politics and useless agitation against Congress. When Congress resigned in 1939 – a blunder – there was nothing left but a fall for the quitters. AIML and Jinnah emerged as victorious in General Elections of India in 1945.

Even before that when Gandhi and Congress decided to support Muslims during Khilafat Movement (1919-24), Jinnah objected to ‘Non-Cooperation’. He wanted electoral and parliamentary politics instead of street agitation. The abrupt ending of that movement proved Jinnah was right.

Quoting Jinnah is easy. Having his badge on the collar is easier. But to learn something from his life practically is somehow a no for all the loudmouths.

So, here we are. Among a huge herd of idiots and duffers.

Quitting National Assembly was a dumb move. Quitting Punjab was a dumber move. Quitting KP was dumbest. All from the one idiot who has a pretty huge dumb following. With no strings of rationality attached.

If the word ‘idiot’ had a face, it would have been Imran Khan.

P.S. It is naïve of you if you are seeing a political cartel – like this current PDM – for the first time.

A few years back, PTI made a similar cartel / alliance to rule. It had PMLQ, MQM, BAP, AML, GDA, and various independents to form a government. They had Judiciary, Intelligence, and Military Establishment on their side as well.

You used to have goosebumps when a notorious businessman used to fly his plane to buy independents for Khan. Now you are in shock. Conveniently.

Today is a repetition of the past. Just because you don’t like the clown in charge now doesn’t mean that it’s the first ever circus in town.

All the moves IK had back then – when he used to win – were because of the military establishment on his side. Remember the Senate Elections? How the majority lost?

He wasn’t smart. He isn’t smart now. He was always an idiot. Back then his ‘nappies’ were changed. Now, he’s being ignored for another kid with nappies. Don’t pretend to be in shock. This is a repetition of a repetition.

Over and out.

Ain’t That Good Opium Anymore

Ishaq Dar gave us a hint of his failure a few days back. He used religion. He remembered God.

It’s typical. People in power do that to stay in power after failures. Imran Khan excelled this and propagated it dangerously.

Khan’s own home was regularized for pennies in Islamabad while the poor were thrown out and their homes were bulldozed from Islamabad to Karachi. But tasbeeh never felt. Quran and Hadith remained his source of inspiration to tell you guys.

This is a way to drug you. This is a way to snatch your home, your food, and sometimes your kids too – to keep you calm.

It’s just like killing 144 students and labeling them ‘martyrs’ to make things holy and spiritual.

It’s just like the army chief visiting the dilapidated homes of dead soldiers – to hug the old parents – and lessoning them about Jihad and Paradise; so that the drugged parents keep on producing more poor soldiers to die in vain in chain.

Reject that.

Don’t respect that b

Because religion has nothing to do with the state. The state will only use it to abuse you. perpetualy.

Don’t snooze anymore.

Cloud Atlas

Hate Modi for mass murder.
Acquit Rao Anwar for the same.

Free Ehsan Ullah Ehsan, the murderer.
Jail Ali Wazir, the victim.

Weep for Palestine.
Supply military for Yemen.

Cry for Kashmir.
Ignore Uighur.

Make Taliban.
Kill Taliban.

Rent yourself to free Afghanistan.
Rent yourself again to capture Afghanistan.

Ban the politicians from live transmissions.
Let the boys deliver political press conferences.

The opponents are ruling.
The rulers are the opponents.
All with the same falling.

No food on the table.
No oil for the vehicles.
No electricity for the poor.
No security for the people.

This land has been through this before. In 1800s when the Raj was imposed. When Bengal was starved to death. When Jalianwala Bagh was massacred. When 1857 was revenged.

But this land never died. Never.

Lads came. One after another. To shout. To starve. And to be hanged. On repeat. One after another.

Bhagat Singh. Azad. Bose. Mangal Pandey. Tilak. Savarkar. Bismil. Rani. Khan. Sukhdev. Udham. Begam Mehal. And more. So many more.

So, here’s the calling of the land again. Not the whole land though. And not the same Raj either. But it’s’s time. When food is robbed and basics are snatched, it’s time. When there is no freedom to think and write, it’s time.

The whole system is upside down with clowns.
And the only way to downside up is;
To burn the citadel down.

P.S. It’s like the movie ‘Cloud Atlas’. Throughout history, people have struggled. Against powers and superpowers. No time in history was without struggle because there was always some power. Weak are meat, and powerful eat. But the struggle never ceased. In all centuries. In all times. From the womb to the tomb.


When they are in apparent power, they rejoice arrests of opponents.

When they themselves are opponents, they talk of freedom of speech and civil rights.

Nonetheless, they all got naked within a span of a year. Some months. They all.

Last time they were all united was for Extension of the Chief.

First time they were all united was for 21st Amendment in the Constitution for Military Courts.

They all know who unites them.

They all know who divides them.

They all know who operates them.

They all know who uses them.

They all know who disgraces them.

They all know who flushes them.

And they all know who gags them.

Yet, all these puppets look forward to them. They all.

How pathetic and how miserable they are all?

Now, one is arresting. The other one is protesting.

Just like a year back; arresting one was protesting and protesting one was arresting.

How to take a side among insects?

How to define a principle when there’s nothing to differentiate?

Hear! Hear! Rao Anwar is Innocent.

How many times this page has mentioned Rao Anwar? May be 444 times. Or more.

Anyway, congratulations. The judicial brothel, where judges sell themselves for some price, have acquitted Rao Anwar. No wonder, the murderers are always safe here. Like Ehsan Ullah Ehsan was.

This is a big nexus. Rao Anwar is police. Judges are the judiciary. Orders came from Rawalpindi. Landlords were safeguarded. This is a whole nexus that the judiciary has maintained today.

Anyway. There are some methods to kill.

One is, kill and pay. It takes some time, but it works. Always work. It has some religious support as well. Don’t Aww!

Two is, kill and don’t pay. Kill more. And more. Countless. Now, you cannot pay all the families of victims. Like, you cannot pay families of 444 murdered ones. In such cases, trial will be long, but you will be acquitted. Because you are an asset. An asset that keeps the violent machine of the state greased.

So, the brothel has done its job for another butcher. Or butcherer. The two words are confusing. Isn’t it mate? Don’t mate!

Hundreds of thousands died in 1971 and not a single person was blamed or punished.

70,000 died during the military experiment during War on Terror and no one was blamed or punished.

144 students got murdered in broad daylight in a school and no one was punished. Parents were shutdown. The mastermind was kept in a safehouse and was strategically freed.  

So, 444 killings and nothing happened. Simple analogy. Simple history. That’s why history is important.

Congratulations again. The naked dance in and around Islamabad and Rawalpindi is the reason that this country is in a pathetic state of affairs. No wonder, just like before 71, a lot want to get rid of it. A lot.

Now a hint.

Remember those who proudly put badge of the national flag on their dresses. Mostly officially, behind their large desks, in luxury offices. Or on their uniforms. Remember them. Because they are the exact culprits with bloody hands of civilians. This country has given them so much.

Even blood and flesh. To fill their thirst and hunger.

Given them land to make mansions. And bury the useless ones.

To make huge towers. To avoid the poor ones.

To raise a breed of dogs. To avoid a breed of humans.

Remember them.

Because, when you will be out – and you will be soon – you must not go into collateral damage. You must know where to strike and who to put down. To burn the citadel down.

Power Outage. No Outrage.

No satire. His Highness is like James Bond, going ‘all-in’ in poker.

His Highness actually wants the country to default. No pun. He wants power outages or blackouts for permanent. He wants hundreds of ships and cargoes lined up in Arabian Sea for months for clearance. He wants the whole economy to go down into the final depths like Titanic.

Only after the complete disaster, will come the actual reincarnation.

A new constitution, not this garbage.

A new Penal Code, not this colonial leftover.

A new administrative setup without idiot in the hierarchy of bastards.

A new police system of humans with repercussions to face for every failure.

A new public setup without twitter queens and kings.

A new military minding its business precisely. Not that business. No. You get it?

Or a Public Private Partnership (PPP) kinda model through which defense and some other burdens can be outsourced. To China perhaps. Let it be. Even in worst case scenario, it would be better than this. THIS.

Anyway, the point was, no satire here. This blackout is beautiful. Waiting for the night with a clear sky to see the stars and their faults.

Life is beautiful without complications of electricity, water, gas, inflation, and dumbs-in-charge.

Marla’s Smoke

When Marla wraps her fingers around a cigarette and lights the fire in dark mode, and inhales the first puff of the fresh tobacco; you feel the urge to meet her. Cross her and come by again for eye contact for a conversation to happen. That never happens.

But whatever happens, happens in slow motion. Black and white.

Only the smoke remains afterwards. That you can inhale. Second-hand smoke of Marla’s cigarette. A fine epilogue, nonetheless.

Into the Wheat Crisis

Wheat crisis isn’t a political failure. It’s a bureaucratic failure.

This hierarchy of bastards of bureaucracy lives in cocoons where they can’t see or smell the poor. The vehicles are guarded. The whole hierarchy is guarded. And they themselves are never short of any kind of food as it arrives at the door step on its own. In different forms. Gifts. Thanks. Favors.

So, they are clueless. They are clueless about the situation as much as they are clueless about their jobs – where they keep on swinging from one department to another until they are retired and completely retarded.

Such crises will keep on surfacing till this colonial setup is going to sustain. It’s wheat today. It will be sugar, rice, and other stuff in future. Near future.

Just know the problem rightly.
It’s a bureaucratic failure.
Not a political failure.

Uncensored State

That wasn’t a joke that the state is a brothel. With new revelations, the whole state is running on asses with asses onboard.

Safe houses. A new term where ‘deals’ and ‘deeds’ are ‘done’. And recorded. With men in charge for men to discharge.

From PM house to CM houses to all the big guarded buildings to the boys hidden behind barriers and barracks – it’s a brothel. Like cloud computing. Not an actual cloud. Not actual computing either.

Biology. Sucks.

So, it wasn’t just Faris Shafi’s lyrics or Orya’s philosophy of life or Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s dramas or afterlife lecture of some Mullah – the entire state is running on dicks. With dicks. Around ducks.

Too bad. You cannot meet in a park and cannot even book a room without nikah nama.  But they can have all the facilities in the most sacred places of the state.

Bloody civilians. Too bad. You cannot even afford yourself in a brothel.

No wonder, everyone is pious here. Yet, everyone is a hypocrite. From snorting to escorting with beads in hand and a whole new sensational world in mind.

That’s why there is no debate that tires a mind further. Masturbation is fine. Mental masturbation isn’t.