Biden’s Day 1

Day 1 of Biden: Inauguration. Office. Issuance of promised presidential orders. 17 executive orders. Muslim ban: abolished. Mexico wall: halted. Student debt collection: freezed. Paris climate accords: re-joined. Discrimination against LGBT employees: banned. and so on… This is how you prove that homework was done prior to oath. This is how you show dignity of your spoken words. Not 90 days. Not 1 year. Not 2 years. No hiccups. No blame-game. No old-age NRO shit. No if and no but. Straight to work like a true leader. Breaking the conservative threshold right on day 1 with liberal orders. And here we are stuck with container speeches, narcissism, NRO, inflation, and incompetency. But don’t blame. He is a meme only. Nothing more than a dummy. Blame yourself for patriotic pizza services; serving customers in all civil domains. Here. And hereafter. ======== Response after some stupid comments:

Those who stood with the US on War on Terror, are angry that Democrats are pro-war.

Those who remained silent at being an active ally on war against Yemen, are annoyed that Democrats will be harsh on foreign policies.

Those who gave air bases to let drones fly and kill civilians, are advocating that Trump was better than the Democrats.

Those who neither hear nor speak of missing people, are criticizing that Democrats are violators of global human rights.

Those who supported Trump on Afghan policies, are historically myopic of their own violence in the neighborhood.

And this can go on and on with inclusion of silence on Uighur and mourning for Palestine.

Relax Mr. Hypocrite!

First of all, PTI was not compared to Republicans or Democrats. PTI was nothing until it was nurtured specifically for this task to cover the Martial Law.

Only the loudmouth PM’s promises were compared to that of Biden’s. You may call the comparison between a rotten tomato and an apple. Whatever.

Secondly, our PM was clueless – which he has admitted himself – about everything. All he has to do is vomit all day. All his ministers and SAPMs are assigned to throw filth on news channels and Twitter. Nothing more or less.

Apart from NRO, past corruption, billions offshore, and inflation; they have delivered ZERO. You want to defend that, defend it. Lick. Gag. Whatever you like.

Thirdly, as said before, this government is not even in power. I don’t actually blame them. They are clueless dummies. Memes. Jokers. Defending their uniformed bosses all the time; who are running businesses, civil institutions, foreign policies, security state’s narrative, Covid-19, foreign funds, real estates, and what not.

Lastly, Biden is for the US. Not for Pakistan. Try to get this.

So, Mr. Hypocrite! Take a deep breath. Inhale for 10 seconds. Now, exhale for 10 seconds. Push your fingers down your throat. Gag yourself. Good. Now vomit.

Author: SakiNama

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