Cover the Kids too… in Coffins

It’s time – “high” time – we make abaya compulsory for kids, young boys, young girls, dead ones, living ones, hens, cows and goat.

Everything that breathes.

Including meat. Remember Dhuan of Manto? A warm and fresh peice of meat can be a source of an erection too. It should be covered. Before and after sale.

We are told about a time of jahliya in Arabia. People used to bury their daughters alive. Can you imagine that they were better than us? They were!

Had we been living during that time, things would have been different. K-2 might have been raised and thrown over this part of the world.

We are an in inferno lower than of jahliya’s time. We don’t bury kids alive. We keep on producing. We keep on abusing. We keep on killing. And we keep on burying. Without hesitating.

We cry, we moan, but we don’t stop. Millions of kids are here. You can choose and abuse. Like a buffet. But remember to dump the body. Cut it into pieces. Mutilate it. Feed it to dogs. Throw it in a nallah.

People understand economics, finance, engineering, politics, history… why won’t they understand erection?

Karachi. Kasoor. Lahore. Peshawar. Islamabad. Anywhere.

Notice. Suo Moto. DC to answer. DPO suspended. Forensic lab in limelight. PM upset. CM clueless. It’s the same old routine. Same old protocols to handle habits and erections.

Kashmir banay ga Pakistan? God forbid!

But do cover. Cover everything that breathes. Including animals. Anything with an asshole. Cover it. Like a crime.

Penises, so many penises. Mostly – a source of humiliation. Some couldn’t rise and many couldn’t sustain. The whole country is obsessed with mardana kamzori. But statistics say differently. Everyday, we abuse 10 kids.

Schools are not safe. Madrassahs are not safe. Streets are not safe. Even relatives are not safe. What can be done? There is no answer. There is only misery. And misery will prevail. Because we see, we shout, and we become normal.
Until we are jolted again.

Last year, young Zainab’s father said that the head of JIT should be a Muslim. His consciousness was amazing. The rapist and killer of his daughter was a Muslim. Apparently, a pious one. He was trialed. And hanged. An example was set. Zia’s time was remembered.

But we fucked up again. Our security, our existence, and our future is as stake; but we keep this religion and abaya card alive for personal scores. So what now?

Riyasat-e-Madina loading…

How to keep our kids safe?
Honestly, take contraceptives. Use condoms. Vasectomy. Let the kids stay in the heavens. But our selfish nature will not allow us to do that. Then what?

Tell them about inappropriate touches. Teach them about private body parts. Tell them the limits, danger zones, and preventive measures. And make sure that you are friendly enough that they can share and talk about everything / anything with you.

You know ladies! You should be proud that you are not men. You should be happy that you don’t have this mardana kamzori, where you have to grab, re-position and aim your little circumcised brain every 5 seconds in public.

Dilemma is: there is another world to be seen yet; inferno.

Question is: if hell is to be seen yet, then what the fuck is this?

He used to teach numerous kids. He was not gay. That’s haram. But that day he couldn’t control himself. He did not allow a kid to go home until the lesson was learnt. The lesson was learnt a little before 8 pm, with blood dripping from his back. A little erection, which couldn’t satisfy his wife ever, destroyed a life forever.

May God never have mercy on us.

Ifs & Buts

It is easy to show concern when you are away from responsibilities.

As soon as a fight ends, you always see people emerging from all sides. “Me hota to”, “Me ghar per nahi tha werna” happens. All those who were not present in the fight, emerge as loud mouths showing great concern and “if” scenarios.

Similarly, children who leave their parents and settle abroad, show more concern for their parents’ wellbeing. They know they don’t have to do anything, so they care more.

Expatriates are the same way. Settling abroad but being ultra-patriotic. They know they don’t have to bear the heat or loadshedding or steep inflation or anything; so they chant more. Their social media is all about “what to do” and “how to do” for Pakistan because they know they don’t have to do shit.

Pakistan has one of the highest number of people settled abroad. People have to take time to get appointments after months because embassies are full of requests for immigration. Fake asylum attempts are at their peak. Ask anyone and you will find every other person having a dream to settle abroad.

I have seen Pakistanis and their realities abroad. Just to settle, they do jobs which they wouldn’t ever consider in Pakistan. After doing Masters and PhDs, they opt for below-blue-collar jobs. Coming back to Pakistan is nothing less than a nightmare.

Well, it is your right to live anywhere and settle your ass wherever you want. No one can argue with that except your family. The point is; just don’t be a hypocrite. Be honest.

If you didn’t enter the fight at the first scene, don’t chant “if” stories later. Don’t be a hypocrite.

If you have left your parents or loved ones for prestige abroad, don’t be a hypocrite when you are already beaten up by your selfish self.

And if you have left your country, for another country, for better future and better life, just accept things are better outside for a reason. And stop telling others about patriotism and responsibilities when you don’t even count here or there or anywhere.

In a crowd, there is usually one person who takes charge to stand out in the fight. Whether he beats or gets beaten is another thing.

In a pool of kids, there is usually one who takes care of parents in their old age. Even after doing everything, s/he doubt himself / herself all the time. In the end, s/he has neither prestige abroad nor money here but that’s another thing.

And in a population of millions, there is usually one at a time who shines in the whole country. It can be Abdus Salam, Edhi, Jalib or Asma Jahangir. How s/he is treated by the rest of the country is another thing altogether.