You Missed Me?

You missed me?

I did not.

With so many ATL references that one cannot not miss, liar!

Such a lousy user of words. ATL?

Above the line. It’s a marketing and advertising term.

You market and advertise yourself?

Subconsciously. Step by step. Person by person. With already marketed references of glamorous impact.

That’s BTL.

Whatever. It’s an indirect way for deep impact.


Books. Tolstoy. Activism. Snowden. Harsh truths. Arundhati Roy. Asma Jahangir. Conscientious objector. Like no one. Tyler Durden. To give mayhem a chance. So, I may narrate. The narrator. Songs. Hey you! Out there on your own, sitting naked by the phone, would you touch me?

I would never touch you.

Those were lyrics. Touch is suffocating. More disgusting than interruption. What was I saying? Yes. And Messi. You know, the most beautiful thing about Messi is that he doesn’t know he’s Messi. Like Cillian Murphy. But Cillian Murphy is nothing on my list of the list. Anyway, once bitten, never forgets.

Let me be honest. You write beautiful words as if they are divinely revealed on you, yet you are so shameless and disgraceful. You are without an iota of sense of what happens afterwards.

I’m just the messenger.

Ok messenger! Do they know that you have already written the scripture. Why don’t you reveal it to the world.

That was for you.

Take it back.  

Then I have to burn it.

I don’t care because your words are a scripture of hypocrisy.

You may publish those later in life like the letters to Milena or the letters to Salome.

So that hardheartedness can be published and propagated?

Would be a magnum opus.

As if the followers are waiting for the magnum opus.

Subconsciously, yes.

Fantasies. What about the practical implementation of the magnum opus?

Up to the believers.



Ridiculous. How miserable you are when you speak.

I’m just the…

You are a false…

You missed me.

Two Divorces & A Marriage

Noise: She deserves happiness. Her ex must be a wrong number and she must have left him for good and married a man of her choice. She already suffered a lot in the past when she was accused of her behavior. So happy for her and all the women.

Someone: Hmm.

Noise: He is such a scum for leaving his wife though who left her country for him. He’s as shitty as most men. Feeling sad for his ex. She was too good for him.

Someone: Isn’t it a same story from both sides?

Noise: No. Men cheat and don’t suffer. Women don’t cheat yet they suffer.

Someone: Who do men cheat with? Eh, women!

Noise: You are defending the cheaters here.

Someone: No. Just trying to stay out of personal choices of random people.

Noise: Ok, tell me, who is to blame here?

Someone: Your ability to judge people loudly with gender bias in deeds that were committed or uncommitted by the two equally.

Noise: Now you are blaming me for speaking out loudly for the right cause.

Someone: There’s no cause except people sharing their own insecurities and dilemmas in personal happenings of other people; just to make a point that they too were right in their own past deeds.

Noise: Now you are judging me. Are you calling me the bad person in my past life?

Someone: No. Not blaming you for anything.

Noise: You are blaming me and all like me who suffered.

Someone: Usually, it’s the both sides that suffer. At least in the cities and among upper classes where suffering is not just one dimensional.

Noise: Blame everyone so that all can be sleep peacefully. Right?

Someone: No one’s to blame here except the suffocating settings of marriage, that the whole world has adopted in unison. A concept that sounds beautiful on papers yet rarely is a blessing for any.

Noise: Just because you wanted to defend a man, you targeted religion. How immoral you can be?

Someone: Morality! What would be the next stop? Blasphemy? All the way from a random marriage of two random people to this?

Noise: Just accept that you will go to any length to defend cheaters. Even if you had to go against religion.

Someone: Should I recite Shahadat now?

Noise: Perhaps you should.

Someone: Perhaps I should recite Tauz first to get rid of the demons around me.