Two Divorces & A Marriage

Noise: She deserves happiness. Her ex must be a wrong number and she must have left him for good and married a man of her choice. She already suffered a lot in the past when she was accused of her behavior. So happy for her and all the women.

Someone: Hmm.

Noise: He is such a scum for leaving his wife though who left her country for him. He’s as shitty as most men. Feeling sad for his ex. She was too good for him.

Someone: Isn’t it a same story from both sides?

Noise: No. Men cheat and don’t suffer. Women don’t cheat yet they suffer.

Someone: Who do men cheat with? Eh, women!

Noise: You are defending the cheaters here.

Someone: No. Just trying to stay out of personal choices of random people.

Noise: Ok, tell me, who is to blame here?

Someone: Your ability to judge people loudly with gender bias in deeds that were committed or uncommitted by the two equally.

Noise: Now you are blaming me for speaking out loudly for the right cause.

Someone: There’s no cause except people sharing their own insecurities and dilemmas in personal happenings of other people; just to make a point that they too were right in their own past deeds.

Noise: Now you are judging me. Are you calling me the bad person in my past life?

Someone: No. Not blaming you for anything.

Noise: You are blaming me and all like me who suffered.

Someone: Usually, it’s the both sides that suffer. At least in the cities and among upper classes where suffering is not just one dimensional.

Noise: Blame everyone so that all can be sleep peacefully. Right?

Someone: No one’s to blame here except the suffocating settings of marriage, that the whole world has adopted in unison. A concept that sounds beautiful on papers yet rarely is a blessing for any.

Noise: Just because you wanted to defend a man, you targeted religion. How immoral you can be?

Someone: Morality! What would be the next stop? Blasphemy? All the way from a random marriage of two random people to this?

Noise: Just accept that you will go to any length to defend cheaters. Even if you had to go against religion.

Someone: Should I recite Shahadat now?

Noise: Perhaps you should.

Someone: Perhaps I should recite Tauz first to get rid of the demons around me.

Author: SakiNama

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