Police Brutality & State Terrorism

Police brutality and Rangers’ violence in Karachi: Ignored.

State brutality and killing of students and young men in Balochistan: Ignored.

FC brutality in the whole western belt: Ignored.

State criminals of Sahiwal incident: Pardoned.

444 encounters in Sindh: Hushed.

Now police brutality in Federal. Islamabad. A young man killed mercilessly. Because system allowed this. State allowed this. Gaps allowed this.

17 bullets.

So, incidents happen. Young die. Old gets older and get promotion after promotion for their violent loyalties.

Don’t mind but APS happened becauseā€¦

Don’t mind. Don’t mind. You can’t. Anyway.

This land, is a windmill of martyrs. We make and sell martyrs. Sometimes individually and sometimes in bulk. Here and there and everywhere. We know how to snooze. We know how to stay numb and dumb. And we are addicted to tears of mothers. Nothing shakes us anymore.

Till next episode, buzz off!

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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