Happy Old Year Marla!

It was tough to find bank details and transactions of 1990s regarding Asghar Khan case. But it was easy to find details of money laundering, corruption, transport rent, breakfast bills and movie tickets from 1970s and 1980s.

It was easier to get humiliated, defeated and dissected than to talk and accept the East.

It was tough to investigate Benazir murder case. But it was easy to hang Bhutto on a controversial murder case.

It was easy to clean the crime scene in Rawalpindi, and easier to blame all gagged puppets who followed.

It’s easy to call back the absconder in London than the absconder in Dubai.

It’s easy to kill traitors here and there, around the rivers; but it’s tough to keep the actual terrorists in custody.

It’s easy to encounter 444 than to call the one in the Supreme Court.

It’s easy to impose, kill, loot and settle abroad; than to get raped to settle abroad.

It’s easy to challenge expatriates to come back to get murdered than agree to disagree.

It’s easy to abduct, kill and dump them than to give them equal civil rights.

It’s easier to shot, burn, and kill than actual blasphemy. Blasphemy for the sake of blasphemy.

It’s easier to censor and label than to listen.

It’s easier to burn a temple than to protect one.

It’s easier to be an apologist and status quo asshole, than to shake conscious alone.

It’s easier to sleep corrected than to stand corrected.

A little politics. A little religion. An ultimate combination. Some cocaine. Some threat. All done.

The vicious cycle of imposed-democracy is here again. Again? You may debate this and that, with ifs and buts, and blame the puppets here and there; without understanding the root-cause.

It’s 2021. Same like 1990s! A little ‘naya’ and a little reformed. With a new joker as a scapegoat.

Anyway. Happy Old Year Marla!

Author: SakiNama

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