The Touch of Religion

Suri: Khan sb! Give some Islamic touch. Give example of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

The music continued in the background. The DJ couldn’t evesdrop what the mic recorded conveniently. Even the equipment was conspiring against the Great Khan.

He listened. How could he miss that touch? He knew the importance. He knew religion is the key to success. Not action, but words can ignite the whole electorate. Even the whole country can be set ablazed with mere use of words.

IK: I… I… I am a follower of the Prophet PBUH.

The crowd – as expected – cheered. Suri was right. The moment was right. The words were right. Only the equipment wasn’t right. Or maybe too right to capture whispers.

They sell. They sell whatever they can. Some sell patriotism. Some sell philosphies of great history. Some sell blood. And some sell religion.

When politicians have no manifesto, no successfuly history, no political ideology, no long-term political insight; they offer other things. Be great again. Religion. Nationalism. Patriotism. Civilization. Whatever!

So, here we are. In a mess. Of idiots. And the only debate we have is who is the lesser evil. Choose! Red pill or blue pill. Where’s that pill? ECP?

Just like your marriages and past relationships are personal matters and shouldn’t be discussed – rightly – then religion holds the same place. It’s a personal matter.

The beliefs of your dentist doesn’t matter to you. The marriage of your contractor doesn’t matter to you. The philosophy of your driver doesn’t matter to you. What matter are their work and work ethics. But, sigh!

We have learned nothing from past. We don’t even learn from the religious hate being spread in India. We just love to play with fire. The fire which has burnt us so many times. In Sialkot. In Kot Radha Kishan. In Karachi. In Lahore. In Islamabad. In Quetta. In Peshawar. Everywhere!

I don’t care who you follow. Not my concern. My concern is your policies, your rule, your decisions, your options, your choices, your impact, and – above all – your words. Because you are representing a whole lot for a whole country.

So, listen carefully. Listen again. That touch, that evesdrop, is a clear message on what they sell, and how they sell. Beware!


Author: SakiNama

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