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Billions are given to sugar mafia through subsidies.

Billions are given in huge support packages to development and land sectors. This was the only sector which was given billions during Covid-19; more than health itself. You already know why!

Billions are spent every year on official vehicles which roam freely in and around cities as thugs who care about nothing. By the way, bureaucrats are the true winners. They get oil in liters – litters – not in Rupees. So it doesn’t matter if its Rs.180 per liter. They know how to make the right policies, albeit for themselves.


Billions are spent every year on new weapons and new missiles for nothing. Even after achieving balance of power and deterrence, the necessity of defense budget never stabilizes. It always hurt people’s pocket, who get goosebumps in return on patriotism.

Billions are spent on privileges of judges, bureaucrats, army, ministers, secretaries, etc.

The simple worth of Military Businesses (MilBus) in Pakistan was over $20 billion in 2008. Must be around $50 billion today. Yet, billions from national exchequer are needed again and again and again.

And no one asks how and why and what for.

But give relief to the general public and they will count every penny and will keep on mentioning it every single day.

Give relief in petroleum and everyone will tweet about the damages the country is facing.

Give subsidy in metro / public transport and the whole bureaucracy will tell you how much they are bearing.

Funds for students of HEC are not being allocated properly. They are badly short of funds and are cutting students every year. This year, the situation is pretty alarming.

Same is the case of pensions – mind you, civil pensions, not military. They have made sure that the whole country knows that the biggest burden the country is facing is of pensions. You. Your old folks. Because they can’t handle you.

These white-collar-thieves tell you about Rs.1 when it comes to onions, tomatoes and potatoes. Rs.1/-.

They have press briefings on how they are managing to give relief of Rs.5/- in flour or Rs.8 in rice.

They make you feel like beggars. But then, they call you out and make you feel like kings and queens around the elections, and the euphoria is so high with the beat and the music that you don’t get it.

Why don’t you get it?
When will you get it?
Why you are such an idiot?

Services by the Government are services on behalf of people for people by the people. No one expects a return / profit on military services. Because it’s a service. Try to think same way for public transport, health and education as well. At least.

You are not the burden. They are the burden.
You don’t need IMF. They need IMF.
Your pension, your fuel, your public transport, your education and your health are not the burden.
Their vehicles, their fuel, their privileges, their developments, their lands, their bailouts, their reliefs, their theft, their wars, their lust for blood; these are the real burden.

His Highness isn’t pleased with this Rs.30 increase in fuel. Not into arguments. We all know the shit when it comes to us. But the thing is: this is going to haunt the lower strata really badly, which is already suffering under hyper-inflation.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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