Army Act… Again.

Made during the British Raj. Adopted with some amendments in 1950. Amended over the years and decades. Bestowed with significant powers under 21st Amendment of the Constitution – after the APS incident – and then extended for once.

And now, just when the country was morally and financially down to its historic rock bottom, the incumbents are up with the Act again, to downgrade the country further.

The loudmouth holders of this Act today will be held under the same Act tomorrow. It won’t discriminate among civilians. In fact, it will divide the masses further.

The duckling that roared ‘mujhe kyu nikala’ and ‘vote ko izzat do’ will be roaring the same slogans again in the future like an idiot in a loop.

For now, the biggest challenge for Pakistan is to not fall for this Act. This Act should not be used to be tried on civilians. It should be halted. For all the trespasses and vandalizing, there are civilian rules and civilian courts for the civilians. The deep state’s authoritarianism will hurt the sentiments of the masses and the lower strata of ‘bloody civilians’ will be highlighted even more.

Idiots on both sides.

In the short-run, it will hurt the civilians and the political opponents.

In the long-run, it will hurt the ruling politicians.

And in the forever-run, it will hurt those who are keen to use it again against their fellow citizens.

A country is for people. People are not for a country. Period.

Author: SakiNama

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