The Mazaris

Who needs son(s) when they have a daughter like Imaan Mazari? But then, there are some who have neither.

When the kids were fleeing the country, she returned from abroad to step into the wild arena. After all, gladiators live, fight, and even perish in the arena.

How many differences does she has with her mother, Shireen Mazari?

How many times have the spectators enjoyed their rare tussles on Twitter?

How many colors were given to the video clip when she snubbed her mother with a “don’t” after coming out of the court yesterday?

So? You just don’t know democracy. Not at home. Not beyond.

Yesterday noon, she managed to get bail for her mother. She was apprehended again by the police at night. When she couldn’t convince the forces, she said to her mother, “Amma! I love you and I’m gonna get you out”. Went inside. And broke down. Understandably.

So, why did she return to Pakistan? For this? Some missing people? Naru? Their relatives? Social justice? Civil supremacy? And her dissenting mother?

So, why not?

People often abandon their old folks without dissent. As Mohsin Hamid once wrote, ” For when we migrate, we murder from our lives those we leave behind.”

The majority that goes out never comes back They fulfill their family duties through WhatsApp. Sometimes, funerals too.

Tweeting and talking on social media for civil rights from abroad is far easier than doing the same while breathing here.

I remember another “I’m gonna get you” from another lawyer in the movie “And Justice for All” of Al-Pacino. And he did get what he wanted.

I hope the Mazaris will find peace soon under this perpetual uncivil rule.

Author: SakiNama

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