Random Numbness (October 2020)

11 Pakistani Hindus died in India. They were Hindus after all. No hue and cry. That’s why. Imagine if they would have been Muslims… Sunni Muslims… Punjabi Sunni Muslims? This would have caused an uproar. But just uproar. We get emotional after a couple of days for a couple of days.

Like we got emotional after APS. After Mashal. After Sahiwal Massacre. After Imaan. After Zainab. Now after Sialkot Motorway.

Or like we get emotional for Kashmiris. UNGA speech. One-minute silence each week. Two-minute silence. Three-minute… shut up! That’s not even an average ‘duration’ of men here. But they stood in defiance, against all odds, without knowing and without asking anything.

What else do you want from the herd?

And that’s old talk now. They got Kashmir. We will get Gilgit Baltistan. That was the deal. Hush!

Anyway. Social media had a “Yazid per lanat challenge” vs. “Gustak-e-Sahaba per lanat challenge” for quite some days. While people were sending duly-earned lanats on each other, APS Commission Report was publicly flushed. Utter disgrace. State doesn’t care about blood. Be it of children. Over 130 children.

The guy who accepted the responsibility of APS Massacre, Ehsan Ullah Ehsan, escaped. Was caught. Got primetime slot on television. Became a strategic asset. Then escaped. ‘Apparently’. All in the name of hidden – behind the curtains – ugly business deals.

So, my dear 130+ kids! You are alive forever, as you are shaheeds. Martyred. I know you went to school, not war; but no one goes to war these days. Those who go to war – apparently – aren’t martyred anymore. What else can I say? Apologies? No. Sorry!

Go to Jail. Do not collect $200. That was monopoly, the board game.

Do not got to jail. Collect $200,000,000. That is pizza business. Don’t know how it came here without a good sauce.

War has always been business. For example, when the state was running operations in Balochistan and FATA and Bugti was killed to show power; boys – apparently on-duty – were doing business. Mining. Real estate. Selling people. Stuff. Now the business has expanded globally. Alhamdulillah. Billions of dollars. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. No one is talking about the islands in Australia or the elite estates in Dubai.

Back to the APS Commission report.

Now – again Alhamdulillah – we have two commission reports regarding December 16th. Congratulations! Blushing?


Last weekend, people were busy throwing dirt at each other. Apart from Shia vs. Sunni, there was PML-N vs. PTI too. Talal Chaudhary happened. A woman MNA was discussed, along-with her character and #TanzeemSazi at 3 am in the morning. Rubbish escalated and went to ‘najaiz aulad’ vs. ‘shadi se pehle aulad’.

Do you guys ever realize that you are being played? Like pawns in the chessboard working for the Queen?

While you guys fight over the characters of others, you are being molested with your basic rights.

While you are indulging in sectarianism, they are counting profits while indulging in drinking.

While you guys are discussing legal and illegal kids of others, your own DNA is manipulated at your own home. Apparently your own home.

So many ‘apparently-ies’ today. But it is what it is.

That’s all for my catharsis for today. Thanks herd!

Author: SakiNama

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