Random Numbness (November 2020)

I was waiting for so long.
For a miracle to come.
Hush. Now. I see a light in the sky.
Oh it’s almost blinding me.
I can’t believe I’ve been touched by an angel.
With love.

These are some lines from Celine Dion’s song. No jazbaat intended.

Since yesterday – a new day – there have been some miracles. We have witnessed epitome of logical reasoning; which is jazba. Jazbaat can do shit.

But that’s not the instant case here. IG – not Instagram – is the apex post of a police officer in a province. Who was abducted. From his home. Forced to file a case. Blah blah. At 4-am.

Now imagine Balochistan. Or Fata. Or all the people who are not IGs. People who are no more than locusts; eating state’s crops while being treacherous, treasonous, and venomous. Shame!

If an IG can go missing, theories regarding missing people stand true.

If an IG can be abducted from his home, stories of abductions stand true.

But of course, not everyone is IG enough to get a response like that. Suspended. New postings. New locusts to kill.

This is treason. Someday, on your way to evolution, you will find this definition. I am sure.

Land does not matter. People matter. Land is for the people. People are not for the land. If a land has nothing to offer to its people – other than graves – than it’s worth is not more than that of a graveyard.

As Iqbal once said,
Jis khait se dehqaan ko mayassar nahi rozi,
Us khait kay her khosha-e-gandum ko jala do.

As he also said,
In taza Khudao main bara sab se watan hai;
Jo perhan iska hai, wo mazhab ka kafan hai.

A new day indeed. Quoting Iqbal without checking the exact words. I am bad with poems. Can’t remember couplets. But we all have our references to support us. Right?

But then there is history too. And yesterday was historical, which has negated all your fairy tales. Perks of being duffer. Their own narrative was invalidated . Quashed. Flushed.

Anyway, I am concerned. Not for you. Or you. But I am concerned about those who are going to be the leaders of times to come. Our kids. Our next generation.

People were mad when Trump was losing. They thought Trump was good for them as there were no new wars. Pretty dumb. I say that because these same stunted-analysts never talk about those who started wars at home.
Who were the presidents in 1965, 1971, the 1980s, and during War on Terror? Exactly, hypocrite!

Back to Trump. Well, he was the loudest voice of populism in the world, which was bad for everyone. You want liberals in Europe and America to let you make mosques and let you practice your faith. For that – liberalism – Trump was bad. He was bad for blacks, for immigrants, for health services, for minorities, for women, for the whole world.

He was as bad as you are good at your hypocrisy on liberalism.

So, don’t be sad that a populist has lost. You were a loser even when he was the winner. A patriotic loser though.

Anyway, things are expanding.
With all the disagreements and agreements, PDM has done a pretty nice job. With all their vested interests, they are your only hope at the moment. You can throw them out later on with mere votes. But those – against whom PDM is standing – cannot be thrown out with votes.

Let me be precise, there is this thin line. All you need to do is to step on the right side. Disagree where you may.
Disagree on Urdu and lingua franca.
Disagree on what happened at Quaid’s tomb.
Disagree where you have your reasons.
But stand corrected. That’s all. Let the sun of democracy rise here.

No further judgements. You are dismissed.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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