Patriotism, Patriarchy & Our TV

The drama was all about army and cadets and parades and stuff. But it will end with PAF’s victorius stunt. What else is there to show? “Narowal sector me bharboor jawabi karwai!”

Hamayun Saeed will play Major Ram’s character. After all he’s our “do takkay ka” Shahrukh Khan. Wish Sahir Lodhi could have been opted for instead.

In a scene, Abhinandan will utter, “Tea is fantasticā€¦ as it was in 71”. This will piss Hamayun Saeed and he’ll shout, “Talk about the present, Abhinandan.” And Abhinandan will reply, “Ok! Tea is as fantastic as it is in Kashmir.”

Long story short, Abhinandan will go free and will become duffers’ hero on the other side of the dufferism i.e. India. While here, we will utter “fantastic” in a loop.

The protagonist will embrace martyrdom in an operation. This will give you goosebumps and teary eyes. You will feel patriotism running through your veins; numbing your brain.

Finally, trash will be off-air.

If “Mere Pas Tum Ho” can qualify for cinema screen, then the standard here is already set. No surprise.

Both these dramas would have collapsed in under 2 minutes in front of Asma Jahangir. But that’s another thing.

I think no other two countries would have suffered that much because of blind patriotism as Pakistan and India have. The border only divides the two huge crowds. Always ready for war and blood and missiles; meanwhile dying of hunger, thirst, illiteracy, crime and corruption.

Fighting in cricket. Fighting on poor-sectors of the border (never heard of “gola bari” at Lahore’s DHA sector near the border). Keeping the war business alive.

And media business too. Easier than war – provoking the same insights.

P.S. I watched “Once upon a timeā€¦ in Hollywood”. It’s fantastic.

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