Cloud Atlas

Hate Modi for mass murder.
Acquit Rao Anwar for the same.

Free Ehsan Ullah Ehsan, the murderer.
Jail Ali Wazir, the victim.

Weep for Palestine.
Supply military for Yemen.

Cry for Kashmir.
Ignore Uighur.

Make Taliban.
Kill Taliban.

Rent yourself to free Afghanistan.
Rent yourself again to capture Afghanistan.

Ban the politicians from live transmissions.
Let the boys deliver political press conferences.

The opponents are ruling.
The rulers are the opponents.
All with the same falling.

No food on the table.
No oil for the vehicles.
No electricity for the poor.
No security for the people.

This land has been through this before. In 1800s when the Raj was imposed. When Bengal was starved to death. When Jalianwala Bagh was massacred. When 1857 was revenged.

But this land never died. Never.

Lads came. One after another. To shout. To starve. And to be hanged. On repeat. One after another.

Bhagat Singh. Azad. Bose. Mangal Pandey. Tilak. Savarkar. Bismil. Rani. Khan. Sukhdev. Udham. Begam Mehal. And more. So many more.

So, here’s the calling of the land again. Not the whole land though. And not the same Raj either. But it’s’s time. When food is robbed and basics are snatched, it’s time. When there is no freedom to think and write, it’s time.

The whole system is upside down with clowns.
And the only way to downside up is;
To burn the citadel down.

P.S. It’s like the movie ‘Cloud Atlas’. Throughout history, people have struggled. Against powers and superpowers. No time in history was without struggle because there was always some power. Weak are meat, and powerful eat. But the struggle never ceased. In all centuries. In all times. From the womb to the tomb.

Author: SakiNama

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