Blasphemy & Aurat March

Hence blasphemy. When there is nothing left, there is blasphemy. Always. You can play a little trick and then mock and kill anyone. Mob justice prevails too in certain cases.

But connecting the two – #AuratMarch and Blasphemy – is actually herd-creativity at its best. Low though. But sure.

First of all, ladies, you should be thankful. You are getting unpaid promotion and marketing – on a vast level – for the march; even after the march.

A guy tweeted that men who think Aurat March is against them, is actually against them. True.

What is wrong in the march by the way? It’s a gathering of women in public with a charter and some activities. Why is it so threatening?

Have you even read the charter? Not a single point is wrong or controversial. And even then, you have your right to disagree.

There were banners which were irrelevant and funny. Some were wrong too. So?

“Not all banners.”

“It’s just 1%.”

Women were dancing. There was naach gana. So? Men are fond of naach gana and mujra in our part of the world. They shower money and stuff. But when women were dancing just for themselves and enjoying themselves, they couldn’t bear it. That’s actually being a hypocrite loser.

Women were promoting homosexuality. Well, there are two aspects. If someone was supporting the idea through religion, that is wrong because religion is already defined. Otherwise, it is actually a human trait and a debatable topic. You need to differentiate between the two.

Transgender? To be very honest, we don’t have any space for transgenders anywhere. Not in our laws. Not in our society. Not in our religion. Religion is actually silent on their way of life, marriage, sex, etc. So, there is this forum which publicly talks about transgenders in daylight. Absolutely fine. Commendable, in fact.

Banners? Some were rebuttals. Some were mocking. Some were funny. And some were sharper than a knife. Women from different backgrounds came with different banners. Disagree where you may. But you cannot stop or silence them as there was nothing intimidating, violent, or gory.

French flag? Well, that was not French. Not even close. Have some sense. If stripes would have been horizontal, it could have been an Indian flag! Right? Not all… but all dumb.

Orya and Ansar and stuff? You are twisting and actually replacing words just to impose blasphemy. I don’t know why these men here have a fetish of blasphemy. Even when there is no blasphemy, they try to insinuate there is. They make sure to make everything blasphemous. Mocking their own beliefs and religion, yet staying religious at the same time.

I loved that:

Mullah bhi sunn lay, azadi
Ansar bhi sunn lay, azad
Orya bhi sunn lay, azadi

But blasphemy. Imposed and forged one. Hence. How many lives have to be destroyed with this card? Why is there no counter argument to argument?

And even while imposing blasphemy, you are using utterly disgraceful words. One tweet is quoting Quran, and very next one is with the ugliest words against women. How do you even write the two together? Isn’t this blasphemy?

Why don’t you see blasphemy when kids are raped inside and outside madrassahs?

Why don’t you see blasphemy when underage girls are married to elderly men or to the Quran? Or when girls are converted by force?

Why don’t you see blasphemy when children are raped and murdered and dumped? Can you tell me the number of such incidents on 8th March? No. Because you were focusing on where you were not invited.

Why don’t you see blasphemy when every single drama ridicules the norms of the society and specifically targets one gender to be miserable, pathetic, and succumbing to unseen threats of abuse?

By the way, there are some women to blame too. There were women in the Aurat March who were loudly shouting slogans, but these are the same women who play the miserably pathetic characters in TV dramas and soap operas. This is hypocrisy as well. When you are being paid, you go for any character that demeans and insults your own gender. And the next day, you are out with exactly the opposite narrative. Wrong. You don’t sell out for anything when you are fighting a war.

So, ladies, ignore and stand corrected. This year was better. The banners and placards were better. There was less controversial stuff this year; until the herd forged things to impose blasphemy.

This blasphemy is an industry. Like war. People have made fortunes on it. It works as bribery and is an ultimate kit to kill anyone, anywhere. Now it’s after the whole gender who came out for a day in a year. Make it semi-annually. Then quarterly. Then monthly.

There is an existential crises since the beginning. Men of this part of the world have to realize yet that women exist. And breathe. And have needs.

Women exist. Blasphemy doesn’t.

Guys, have some sense and some self-respect. Nothing of yours has been challenged except your trespassing. Nothing is being taken away from you except what wasn’t yours. Have a better focus. Make the kids safe. Make underage women safe. Make trans community safe. Make better laws for people. End the laws of wanni and karo kari. End honor killings. End forced marriages. End this denial of ‘all is good.’ Because nothing is.

End this hypocrisy.

And disagree where you may.

Not in the mood to jump into labyrinths of topics in a single post. But will surely come back and will spake like Zarathustra.


Author: SakiNama

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