Brief History of UnLaw

Case: Minor girl raped and killed.
Evidence: CCTV, statements, autopsy, DNA, everything.
Result: Bail.

Case: 444 encounters by a police officer.
Evidence: Statements, witnesses, autopsies, everything.
Result: Case dismissed without arrest.

Case: Sahiwal massacre by CTD.
Evidence: CCTV, witnesses, statements, autopsies, DNA, everything.
Result: Transfer of murderers.

Case: 144 school children killed in broad daylight.
Evidence: CCTVs, witnesses, statements, autopsies, intelligence, everything.
Result: Mastermind got primetime on TV. Escaped.

Case: A woman’s slogan against terrorism in the country.
Evidence: Not applicable.
Result: Terrorism charges. Bail denied. Prisoned.

Case: A wealthy son killed a young man.
Evidence: CCTV, witnesses, statements, admission of crime.
Result: Luxury jail. Freed.

Case: A judge’s wife brutally tortured a minor maid.
Evidence: Witnesses, medical, statements, everything.
Result: Nothing.

Case: A man asked for peace whose 17 family members got killed.
Evidence: Not applicable.
Result: Jailed.

Case: A foreigner killed 2 people.
Evidence: Witnesses, medical, autopsies, statements, admission of crime, everything.
Result: Escorted honorably to the US.

Case: A blind girl was raped.
Evidence: None. Medical not allowed.
Result: Blind girl jailed for fornication.

Case: A man killed by Rangers in broad daylight.
Evidence: CCTV, video footage, witnesses, everything.
Result: Not applicable.

Case: Missing people.
Evidence: Missing people.
Result: Missing people.

Case: A woman was gang raped.
Evidence: Witnesses, medical, DNA, everything.
Result: “Women get raped to settle abroad.” Said the one who was settled abroad. Died abroad. Buried here.

Random Numbness (Dec 2022)

Things became boring. Bajwa left ceremoniously. Faiz left unceremoniously. No DG. No DJ. No two sad faces in uniform to meddle in politics without meddling in politics.

Khan is left with nothing but mistakes to remember. It’s been over a week since he announced resignations from two provincial assemblies, but nothing.

Doesn’t even feel like mocking him anymore. With Faiz gone, he’s pretty much done. Until he finds another Faiz.

Meanwhile, the little Sharif is still ruling the country with his hand gestures. No middle finger. Only hands. He’s on top with the new Chief in town. No worries for him until someone sees the boy in a mirror. Snake. Like all the previous snakes who had milk and then they wanted the cow too.

Aren’t they the holy cows themselves?

Then is Zardari. Looks irrelevant but isn’t. His ‘khudday line’ aged well for the boy who was thinking to rule till 2029 – but ended in 2022. Couldn’t see his due 2023.

And then is our Fazlu. He’s sad about Joyland. Doesn’t want to ride along. Couldn’t handle his tongue about women. Typical. Why do these men with beards have to sniff every arse in every town? This business of sniffing needs some scholarly researched articles. To cite. For bickering.

It is boring. There is no fun left. April was the best month of the year. With Joker replacing a Joker and all the midnight drama and fun and everyone seeing the actual culprits who were named and shamed throughout the year.

Blessed days are always remembered when they are gone.

Honestly, let’s halt. For a moment. Omit April.

Khan would have installed Faiz. For sure. The later would have re-installed the former in Fall 2023. Faiz would have given an extension in 2026 to 2029. And Khan would have all the time and all the watches to enjoy and sell. By that time, Ghafoor would have updated the game to 9th Generation warfare with so many unemployed youth sniffing each other’s arse online.

But the dream turned out to be a nightmare with all the relevant boys becoming irrelevant. Only the Joker in Islamabad stays intact with the country breaking down financially. What a shame! For comedy. Of errors.

Anyway. With external loans around $99 billion, the country is on a verge. Still, loans are being taken for roads and unnecessary development projects. Extremely useless loans which are not going to help achieving SDGs or sustainability.

For a peek, go to the World Bank’s official website and see the portfolio of Pakistan and the loan-based projects this country is running. Useless. Pathetic. With billions to be paid in years to come.

Meanwhile, local development is designed only for the sake of ribbons to be cut before the election time. Right on time.

Ah! Solutions. Yes. You crave for solutions. 1st rule of the page is, do not talk about solutions. 2nd rule of the page is, DO NOT TALK ABOUT SOLUTIONS. 3rd rule is, to know the problems, accept them with heart. 4th rule is, to unite with relatable common macro problems. 6th rule is yet to be designed. It will be something a little closer to the history of errors. 7th rule will be something around solutions. 5th rule is left intentionally for unintentional needs and wants.

Until then, suffer!

Random Numbness (Feb 2022)

This world is a comedy of tragedies. And errors. Not precisely.

One of the blunders in our history was Liaquat Ali Khan’s visit to America in 1950. In a polarized world, he chose a pole instead of staying in the neutral zone.

And today, we are witnessing another blunder. Our PM is in Russia while Russia is in war mode in Ukraine. Red carpet and stuff like that are achievements for the incompetents in power, without an iota of sense in the message being given. The tour is being telecasted live through mobile phone videos by Gill as if he’s in a wedding function.

Just when Russia is invading Ukraine, there is one PM walking the red-carpet in Russia. Our PM. Our very own idiot. Shameless!

But who cares? When you are an idiot – and high – your blunders are miracles.

Yemen happened and is happening. Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam happened. Who cares? Powerful comes and conquers. Babar did. Salahuddin Ayubi did. Mehmud Ghaznawi did. Sultan Fatih did.

So did America. So did Russia. That’s not even the point. Point is one idiot sitting in the lap of the powerful when that powerful is poking a weak enemy with military might.

One need to be a ‘conscientious objector’ at the right time.

The idiot also offered live debate with India’s Modi some days back. How convenient is that? While gagging media in his own country through PECA, the PM is in the mood to have a live debate. Freedom here. Not there.

And what can Modi make out of this offer? After all, the two idiots will be live. Two blood hounds. Both in some superiority complex because of their religions. Both disregarding women and minorities. Both narcissists. Both dumbs ruling the dump side of the world.

And who will win? Who will decide? And how will we understand their fallacies? Both the countries won the wars they fought with each other. Who will decide the victories in future wars? Ugly ducklings! Ruling hungry, malnourished, stunted, illiterate and fanatic people on both sides of the border.

Heaven! The world is a heaven. If you are an idiot. Or high.

Sometimes His Highness wonders how these people get here? With so little sense and intellect, they achieve the apparent top order. There was Trump. And there are Bolsonaro, Boris, Modi, Imran and many other populists around who are absolutely stupid. They make senseless analogies and are always confident enough to sustain.

Anyway. PECA is here. We can’t talk, but we can. We can make analogies. After all, who is going to look after our words? Bureaucrats? Another dumb lot. Dumb people are dangerous but first, they are dumb. Tough to reach you.

PECA is going to gag things more. It’s not about the idiot PM but the duffer boys. Every now and then, there is a leak and a new General gets exposed. The recent one being General Akhtar Abdur Rahman. He dealt directly in the business of Jihad. Make mujahedeens. Get dollars. In cash. So, his generations – the two Akhtars in different political parties – may have fortune for decades to come. So, you must remain mute under PECA.

After all, what could you do about the island in Australia and Pizzas in America? Nothing. You cannot defeat those who have weapons and the whole narrative of religion under their arms. You mock. You get abducted. Like people get abducted. Here and there. More there.

PECA is draconian. It is needed where regimes are dictatorial and military based. Ours is a military dictatorship; so, it was the need of the hour.

PECA is meticulous. You can criticize but you cannot criticize. You can mock but you cannot mock. You can disagree but you cannot disagree. You can call them randy dogs but you cannot call them randy dogs.

Athar Minallah gave some fine comments on PECA and you should read them. Rest; Arif Alvi is a man of bills. Hundreds and hundreds of bills. And with an impotent opposition like the current one, there is no one to halt.


Some weeks back, Iqrar ul Hassan was served with his own medicine. Well, he must have done something. “He must have done something; otherwise agencies don’t beat (or abduct or kill) people like that.” What are you getting at? That’s the typical sentence we slap on the face of all the missing and dumped ones. Must have done. Something.

And people die. Everyone dies. Noori died a couple of days back. He had a tombstone on his bed. He harassed someone. Then he evolved. And then he realized he didn’t harass her. Now she will be answerable to Noori’s kids.

Saari raat jaaga, jaga re…
Lagay dil mera, Haraam re…


Just remember, behind beautifully meaningful songs, are harassers sometimes. And you must think, what was she doing with Noori in the car’s backseat. “Must have done something”.

And then Rehman Malik died. Must have done…

The world has always been falling apart. Your world. His Highness’s world. And the world. It has always bled. Power, wars, religious wars and superiority, for some decades of rule, and that’s all. Most of your investments and returns won’t be utilized by you. Perhaps not even by your kids. But the current existence – the present time – matters; as you are comfortable in cozy beds, hot showers, and moving around in luxury vehicles. That really matters. That’s all that matters. Because we are mere consumers.

And after that, death matters. Death, we don’t know of. How? To where? Till when? No one knows. Tariq Jameel says that we will be served with alcohol and women. Sweet alcohol. Beautiful women. So many. Here and there. But for that, you need to follow these men in the business of religion. Nah!

Just like you followed the business of Jihad in the 80s. You let your sons die. And in the end, Generals’ sons enjoy. You have blood and some graves. They have blood-money. But they will die too.

Worry not. Ukraine will fall. And our idiot will be remembered for his walk on the bloody carpet.

Random Numbness (Dec 2021)

You are stupid.

Have you ever realized this? Things around you – society, norms, values and interpretation of the religion – are here to make and keep you stupid. And you hardly ever disappoint.

This government came in power with the promise that the foreigners and expats will come back for jobs. The other day, Fawad Chaudhary was proudly tweeting the number of people who went abroad in the last 3 years. He is expecting more drain (yes, I didn’t use “brain”) in the next couple of years.

He’s happy. Because he’s in power. You are happy. Because you are stupid.

Similarly, while everyone is pious and guarding the religion, which is always in danger, sins are on the rise. Sins are systematic. Systemic. For example, last week two BS-17 employees were suspended by KMC because they asked for Rs.1 lac in bribery from a woman to not demolish her home. When she could only pay Rs.25,000, they made her an offer. Sexual favors in return for her home. They thought they are Godfather and made her an offer she won’t refuse.

Where on earth do you get such flexibilities? You pay in cash. Or you pay in bed. The erectipious (erect and pious) society, ready to kill and be killed in the name of religion, has all the flexibilities to offer.

This level of piety is from the top echelons of government machineries right to the bottom of Gujjar Nullah.

Everything is fine. The machinery is working. It’s constantly being greased.

You were told that the PM-in-making will make a corruption-free state. He comes with a tasbeeh and a team of ex-corrupts who have been fighting for the last 3 years against ex-corrupts and you are cheerful. Because you are stupid.

You were told that the PM is on a drive against corruption. Then the corruption of Generals is revealed in the form of Pizzas and business empires and real estates and Covid-19. The PM rejects the AGP report. His drive against corruption is itself corrupt. Like Chairman NAB. But your views remain intact; just like your stupidity.

You are told that the government is going against all land mafias. Nullah homes and middle-class residences are demolished while the PM’s home is regularized cheaply and Bahria and DHA continue to  stand. Erected. But you are content. Not because you are biased. Not saying that. But because you are plain stupid.

You are told that your religion is the best and it’s the religion of peace but the guardians of the faith kill and you get confused. Is there need of blood? You get confused. Then the PM comes and tells you that liberals are “khooni” and you get your answer without questioning how the liberals are khooni when the blood is on the hands and tongues of the guardians themselves. But you have no further question and no curiosity to search on your own, and hence, you stay stupid.

You are told that there is only one punishment of blasphemy: blood. People are killed. Then, MAYBE a few of you question what the actual punishment is. Then you realize there is no punishment. Because there is no blasphemy. What is blasphemy? Sweet blasphemy? All the big ideas which have shaped the modern world; were blasphemous ones to begin with. The crowd doesn’t matter. The mind does. But, for you, blasphemy matters. Humans don’t. Because, you are blasphemously stupid and you have no other skill than theological interpretation and re-interpretation. An interpretation which is not even your own.

What is interpretation? Sects. Sub-sects. Until there is another religion altogether. Religion into religion into religion. Like dreams of inception. You pick and choose. Then everyone picks and chooses. And then all are against all. Everyone becomes blasphemous to the other. A violent mob is nurtured in this environment and then humans are killed and burned and charcoaled in the name of Islam and in the name of the Prophet.

Sialkot is just one recent episode. You have seen and done mob lynching before. You have shuddered before condemning it. You have been afraid. Deep inside, you fear for yourself and your family. You have no way of knowing who a closet fanatic is. These extremists; these people who kill; these people who lynch without thought, without verification; outwardly, they look like you and me.  

Who knows what your kids are going to be like? Maybe your kids will suffer. Maybe they will be brave enough to voice out their anger and then unfortunate enough to be killed. Dead bodies with broken fingers and broken ribs and broken dreams. But you don’t think that far because you are too stupid and too cowardly to be that farsighted.

Satan was born in the house of Allah.

Musa was born in the house of the Pharaoh.

Expect a mind being born in your home and your stupid-self shouldering his/her dead body. This is where we are going.

You think merging in the crowd will guarantee your safety. You think stupidity and denial is the only solution to a long and peaceful personal life. You think chanting the slogans of the crowd will keep your life afloat. You think the stink won’t stink if you yourself live in trash. What rubbish!

As Fahd Husain wrote “Then, just like that, it’s over. And done. And dus­t­­ed. Because, you see, no one is really responsible. Or everyone is. And when everyone is, no one really is.” Hallelujah!

This is the last century of religion to be honest. Humanity has survived long before there was any religion and it is going to survive that way with advancements in science, medicine and technology. The questions which once needed some explanations to satisfy one’s self are evaporating. We know the reasons behind lunar eclipse, earthquakes, tsunamis, deaths, famine, etc. We know more than our ancestors in these areas at least. They relied on myths and religion to have answers; we don’t need to.

Religion and faith should be a personal matter. But, hate mongering and division in the name of religion and killing in the name of religion needs to be stopped on a national level. The Government needs to take responsibility to curb religious extremism and for a tolerant and diverse counter-narrative to emerge. And individuals need to take responsibility to search for answers; to question; to stop blindly following.

Basically, you need to stop being stupid.

His Highness knows the counter-arguments. It is a long debate and it has certain merits and demerits. But my thesis is… hush! No! Your mind is too fragile to read that.

So, another time. Maybe.

His Highness, is after all, Zarathustra.

District Development Package (DDP) of Punjab 2021-22

This piece is in response to Mr. Hasaan Khawar, SACM to the Chief Minister Punjab, who has recently tweeted that District Development Package (DDP) is a game-changer for Punjab. Well, it is not a game-changer.

Budget 2020-21 was prepared with mockery in the name of ‘Development’. Punjab – like KPK – has made one of the stupidest budgets (particularly development portfolio) in years.

A quick look.

Hundreds of thousands of new schemes – tagged under DDP – were included in ADP 2021-22 of Punjab; to make parliamentarians happy. Most of these schemes were non-feasible and against the set rules of development criteria.

For example, a school is proposed near another school (instead of revamping the old one) so that the parliamentarian of the region can cut the ribbon of the new building right before the next general elections.

Similarly, a health facility is being established right within the vicinity of a DHQ or Tertiary Hospital. To cut ribbon. Before election.

And even the calculation is messed up. There are around 20 DDP schemes in ADP 2021-22 which are regarding “Establishment of Trauma Centers” across Punjab. The cost of Trauma Center should be same (at least somewhat). But, no. One trauma center is being established for Rs.50 million while another one is being established for Rs.500 million. Same is the case with schools, BHUs, RHCs, roads, etc. There is no homework and there is no planning.

You remember there were talks of “angry parliamentarians” and “forward block” in Punjab during April-May 2021? This DDP was designed to make them happy. Now they all have something to look forward to cut ribbons around the next General Elections.

With these DDP schemes in ADP 2021-22 worth billions of rupees, CM Office of Punjab directed the Administrative Departments and Local Administrations of the province to approve all the schemes below Rs.50 million by July 21st, from Rs.50 to 400 million by July 31st, and above Rs.400 by August 31st. Even if the schemes were non-feasible.

PC-Is (which is a document of a scheme / project with its complete scope of work, costing, financing, etc.) were prepared within days. Copying one PC-I and pasting it to other 100s. Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners approved (originally approved, principally approved, or pathetically approved) schemes in wholesale. One after another. With or without PC-Is. With or without feasibility. With or without availability of lands / sites. Because they had no other direction from the top, and mostly, the bureaucrats have no ground to stand on.  

There is an online portal called SMDP of P&D Board of Punjab. All the Secretaries, Commissioners, and Deputy Commissioners were in race to mark their schemes as “approved” on the portal. They were approving schemes on Eid-ul-Azha days as well. Don’t be surprised. They were approving schemes without DDC / DDWP meetings.

This is Punjab at the moment. With a stick in the arse, bureaucrats were running around the directions of the CM.

What will this huge DDP portfolio lead to?

Billions will be wasted. With unplanned PC-Is and hassled approvals, long-term results are going to be scaring. Ugly structures with repetitive scope of work and with duplication in equipment and HR; Punjab’s development is going to be hurt in the long-run (technically called: MTDF which is the throw-forward to finance these schemes in future).

This is happening in all 32 departments of Punjab, which fall under the “charismatic” leadership of Planning & Development Board.

Do you know what is the difference between Parliamentarians and Bureaucrats? Nothing. One is cream (expired) and the other is power elite. Both with poor IQ and least concern for the general public. Usually hand-in-hand with the tax-payers money being wasted like this.

Let me give you another example.

Consider the land is free. On a 10 marla plot, you can construct a brand new home, with properly furnished baths and bedrooms, at a cost of Rs.1 crore. Rs.1 crore is a huge amount when you make your own home.

Now come to a government dispensary. Again, the land is free. For a one room dispensary with one shelf, a toilet, a couple of doors, and basic furniture; it will cost Rs.1 crore.

A simple single storey building with a couple of rooms, toilets, and a passage; will have a cost of over Rs.5 crores.

Huge briberies from contractor to SDO to XEN to SE to Chief to all the ugly ducklings in and around the Secretariat move in a discreet manner. That’s the only thing that moves from bottom to top in a swift and sincere manner. With huge corruption, even the newly established structures look old and are ready to leak as soon as there’s Monsoon.

News says that development budget of the province has increased from Rs.337 billion in 2020-21 to Rs.560 billion in 2021-22. But it is not development based on feasibility studies. It is just more. More allocations. More releases. More opportunities. More corruption. More generation of wealth. More ribbons. And more everything.

Random Numbness (April 2021)

Welcome. It’s been a while since numbness; so this will be a long one. Fasten your seatbelts and brace for impact.

The PM was on TV a few days ago. Uttering crap and bickering like usual. Selling religion, as it sells. But then he went farther and talked about rape, parda, fahashi, and stuff. Don’t want to go in details as you must have heard and digested that already. Some of you must have agreed with him as well.

Don’t want to get personal with him, and won’t; but this man is the finest hypocrite we have ever produced. The finest. He can bend in any direction for his selfish reasons.

Right now, he is not even a PM but he is having the media time, PM house, and other benefits of the PM. That is all that he has wanted for 22 years. 22 years he sold something and in the end was purchased by those who were the ugliest in his (earlier) view.

Ugly man to sit on top. Loves lecturing. A tasbeeh in hand. Pictures of offering Namaz. Talking about state of Medina. And that’s all that he has to offer.

What he said about rape and temptation was his ugly side of consciousness. I bet he doesn’t believe it himself because this is not the way he lived and this is not the way his kids are living.

Kids – both genders – are not safe here. Kids under the age of 5 are raped and murdered routinely here. Graves are not safe. Dead bodies are not safe. How come parda as an argument? Temptation?

What we need is a complete re-hauling of our education system. We need to teach sex education with evolutionary syllabus which will offer different content to students of different age groups. We need actual history to be part of the curriculum; where we need to accept our mistakes. We need curriculum on inter-faith harmony to make this land more feasible to live for humans.

Anyway. No one can talk sense here except the senseless men.

Do you know how much the establishment of a hospital costs? A state-of-the-art – well equipped –public hospital of 200-beds costs around Rs.4-5 billion. That’s the same amount which was wasted on a parade of 23rd March. On 25th March. The day was 24th March.
And it wasn’t a defense day. Anyway. It was a Republic day. But then the constitution was torn out and Ayub happened who undid Fatima Jinnah.

Too fast for historical duffers.

And that was all intentional, but my description is numb – under anesthesia – and is unintentional.

The other day, National Assembly – Patriotic Assembly – approved a bill against ‘intentional’ disrespect of forces. Intentional. Like PM’s temptations.

Do you know when such bills are needed? When you are pathetic to the core. Now tell me, what can we talk about? Cement? Cereals? Serials? Songs? Movies? DHAs? Construction? Logistics? Textiles? Sugar? Fertilizers? Housing schemes? Parade? War? Missing people? Not missing people? Half buried people?

You can talk unintentionally only. Mumble. Act as if you have dozed off and are talking sense while not in senses. Like a Guy Ritchie character where you are absolutely unnecessary.

And what about those who lick all day?

I have a friend – in disguise – who defends the government and its selectors like a rotten soul. Shouldn’t he get some award? Like Tariq Jamil and Mehwish Hayat were awarded – though for opposite reasons? I wish my friend gets some award.

Medal of honor se yaad aya that SSP Jawad Qamir got Sitara-e-Shujaat for his work. He killed a family after all. Remember Sahiwal massacre? Yes, that guy was awarded too. This is approval of state terrorism. Just when you think this stage can not fall further, it does. Next year, they may award Rao Anwar for good use of bullets and Ehsan Ullah Ehsan for his escape. Who knows?

And Ali Zafar was awarded too. He is, till now, accused in a sexual harassment case. His award should have been deferred at least. But we have this mockery of stuff. We have awarded those who didn’t deserve it. Hamayun Saeed got it too. Why not my friend?

By the way, POTUS did wrong. They invited 40 PMs and ignored ours who did the billion tree – bullion tree – tsunami bluff. Maybe they do some research. Like satellite images and comparative data. Cacophony though. PM and I, both were not happy with that.

We need investment of Rs.1 billion for marketing of 1 billion trees. That’s the plan now.

And the mockery doesn’t end here. PM approves a thing as a PM and then rejects it as someone else. Then he asks himself and talks to himself and then comes up with a final decision. But one thing is there. Kashmir is discarded. Militarily and officially.

Now remember you standing in the sun after Jumma prayer for the sake of Kashmir. Remember those days? It never was about you or Kashmir.

Kashmir is a business.
A cash cow.
Cash for Pakistan.
Cow for India.

A little about PDM.

It has fallen from grace. They stood for something which is the root-cause of all the problems in Pakistan. They took pizza by the name and threw it off the shelves. They stood tall against threats. But then, PPP stepped back. PPP has always done that since the murder of Z. A. Bhutto. The legacy it has, since 1988, is of a sell-out. They sold Karachi to Rangers and made it a perpetual burning hell – where generals like Naseerullah Babar and SSPs like Rao Anwar – went on killing sprees without a show-cause.

A day will come when tables will turn. See, PPP is in the lap now. Like PTI is. Like PML-N was. Like PML-Q always is. So, tables will turn. Though the lap will remain the same. And all the current NAB and FIA cases will be closed, and new ones will open.

The day Imran Khan will take a stand – the same stand he had for decades till he sold himself out – will be the day he is taken to the courts. He will be taken for his foreign funds, BRT, tsunami, and every single blunder he has made. Dozens of cases are ready to make his life miserable, if he will take a stand. So, he won’t. But he may.

No one knows what comes to mind and what is uttered after a snort.

So, the lap is the same and it’s all about the lap and lap dance.

Have you seen an actual lap dance, by the way? I have. Once. That too in Dam Square of Amsterdam.

Next time, His Highness intends to ask the dancer to come in uniform and dance on my lap. And history will witness His Highness, as the first one who will change the lap.

Bajwa Leaks

“Ask Agriculture Department”. That’s where it ended when Shahzad Akbar had nothing else to say. Well, that was precise and accurate. Like Faisal Vawda with a boot on the table. Demonstrating political history – and present – of Pakistan.

How did Sharif go abroad? Why is that even a question? Yes, PTI’s government in Punjab recommended it and PTI’s government in Federal nodded at the departure. But it was Agriculture Department. Ass always.

Sheikh Rashid – press conference minister of the state – has reiterated a zillion times that it was establishment. But he also claimed that PM IK didn’t know about it.

Well, what does he know? For international matters, boys go to meet MBS. Boys talk to Bill Gates. Civil bodies are only to represent where they can’t go. Like UN. Or Summits.

Yet ECP is here. Ballots are here. Votes are here. A whole democratic setup is here. To keep you busy with a democratic presence.

Zia introduced Sharif in the 1980s. Sharif took federal. Dismissed. Took federal again. Dismissed. Treason. Deal. Went abroad. Came back. Took federal a third time. Dismissed. Deal. Abroad.

See the pattern. He ruled for around 9 years as PM. Never completed his term. Did all the dirty work for the establishment. And as soon as he got the confidence to impose civil supremacy… dismissed. Followed by treason. Followed by corruption. Followed by deal. Followed by a visit abroad. Followed by another selection.

Meanwhile Bajwa, the CPEC-Bajwa, is on Twitter. Businesses abroad. Papa John’s Pizzas with 133 restaurants. Prados. Mansions. Properties. Bajco. Worth somewhere around US$100 million.

That would be around PKR 17 billion. Just 17. Billion.

But it’s not Panama Leaks or Dawn Leaks. It’s Bajwa Leaks. He’s not a PM to be taken out by the collar or a journalist to be cleaned up.

So why so serious? Will you mourn every single island in Australia? Or every single acre? Or every single farm house? Or every single housing scheme? Or every single marriage hall? No.

We have other things. To grieve. To weep.

We have Hayat Baloch. Like we had Sahiwal. And Naqibullah. And hundreds of thousands of others. Begging for basics. Striving to breathe. Do we care if this or that is in federal? No. Because nothing changes.

They are all in one boot. Or boot on them. Or whatever.

Why to care about the every single leaf when we have this beauty of diversity?

We have Julie Khan. The trans-vocalist. She dared to defame Pakistan with truth. So lies were invented to book her and humiliate her. She had been violently treated in the past too but she didn’t learn. Hopefully, she’ll learn now.

Then we have dead bodies. Falling here and there. Like leaves in autumn. Will we mourn about every fall on each fall? No.

Then we have people going missing all of sudden. And their not-so-nationalist parents being prized with national awards. Like Joyo.

But we do insist to be that voice that shakes whatever podium it gets.

Let’s see another pattern.

Wherever there are foreign funds, there are boys. Locust. Covid-19. Floods. Earthquake. CPEC. And stuff.

So, you should be rational enough to rise above the dust to see a macro picture.

Or you can keep on proving your sect, your religion, your caste, your language, and your political party. This or that. Waste of time.

Read لَكُمْ دِينُكُمْ وَلِيَ دِينِ.

For you is your religion, and for me is my religion. Move on. Rise.

Don’t take nationalist salad or religious sauce anymore. Ask for pizza. Where’s your slice?

It’s Papa John’s Pizza by the way. There is papa. And there is pizza. Those who consider them as ‘papa’ won’t ask for pizza. Even a bacon pizza will become holy and sacred.

All you need to be is Faez. Not Faiz. It will be a struggle for better Pakistan and better future for future generations.

Rise yourself above all the petty things. Above the dirt. Above the dust. Above the noise pollution. And then you will be able to see the root cause of all the problems around you. It’s pretty uniform.

Together we Stand! Together we shall See!

From the ending of 2012 to the beginning of 2013, the predictions of Mayan Calendar and Doomsday proved to be true for Pakistan. Apart from having a victorious cricket tour of India, Pakistan faced gruesome crisis. American drones were continuously thrown on innocent people on western border. LOC on eastern border is shaped into a before-war scenario. Within the borders, situation is further bloodcurdling. Killing of Shias in Quetta/Hazara got bloodier, threat to lives of Punjabis are higher in Baluchistan, target killing in Karachi didn’t take a break yet, and suicide bombings in Peshawar have increased in last some days.

Destruction has become fate of Pakistan. From north to south, the whole country seems to be covered in shroud. Game of pimps has started in political affairs of state as elections are approaching. Tahir-ul-Qadri is on his way to Islamabad for restoration of constitution in relevance to elections, which seems to be a complete drama. Altaf Hussain just attacked his “political drone” by targeting Quaid-e-Azam. Imran Khan is still with unfinished agendas and party. PML-N is Punjabing in their Punjab by not speaking in national crisis which makes them coward. Lastly PPP, it never cared and doesn’t give a damn about anything.

Internally and externally, Pakistan is totally shattered at the moment. There is nothing developmental or cultural on which we can be proud of. Pick up the newspaper or click on any channel, we see dead bodies, blast news, drone attacks, victims, victims’ families, death, hunger… and yet no one is speaking for change, apart from political stakeholders.

We can easily blame it on America or India for atrocities happening in Pakistan. There is no doubt that certain events lead us to this belief, but the real problem is within ourselves. Is Pakistan so weak that anyone can intrude? Is Pakistan so naïve that foreign agendas can jeopardize the whole country?

At present there is one organization which appears to be most benefitting; i.e. military. Pakistan Army is now being called by protesters to hold emergency in Baluchistan. Many are advocating martial law over the country. Words and actions of Tahir-ul-Qadri reject all political parties and favor the army. Army is again playing “big daddy” role while sitting behind the curtain.

Calling army would be another smack on wounded Pakistan. Army has failed miserably, within or without politics, in FATA, western borders, and northern areas. It has failed miserably in dealing with messy situations of Raymond Davis, OBL Operation, attacks on GHQs, dealing with drones, and missing people in Pakistan. From Musharraf to Kayani, there is nothing about army to be proud of. Calling them for help would be welcoming another disaster.

I don’t have any conclusion as I don’t know who is loyal, honest and right for this country presently. Many believe Khan, others believe Sharif and another crowd believes Qadri. Honestly speaking, I don’t think anyone of them is good but may be Khan or Sharif, together, can be the best option. They should unite for the sake of Pakistan and clear all this mess of violence, burglary and corruption.

Even in the worst case scenario, I don’t believe that Pakistan will have to lose its region. I also don’t believe that it will be defeated by any external or internal powers. May be we have to sacrifice more, so what. We are sacrificing before its creation. It is dream of our Iqbal, a reality of our Quaid and “oonthni” of Prophet Saleh A.S. as mentioned beautifully by Ashfaq Ahmad. No one can tell the future of Pakistan but we are sure it is not depressing. We are hopeful and we are struggling. Hoping it best in words of Faiz;

We shall see

Certainly we too, will see; we shall see

The day that has been prophesized
The one written on the Tablet of Fate
We shall see
When all crowns will fly
When all thrones will fall

Then only Allah’s name will remain
Who is unseen, yet ever seeing
Who is the sight, as well as the scene
When the anthem of truth will be raised
Who I am too, And so are you

And the people of God will rule
Who I am too, And so are you

We shall see
Certainly we too, will see; we shall see
We shall see

I Am Hazara!

I was mother of a son till yesterday when a bomb blast took this privilege of life from me. My son lost his life in this attack. Unfortunately, I am not alone. See there! these are all mothers and sisters who have lost their loved ones. These are all those who have a reason not to smile for rest of their lives.

I don’t know what my son did, what was his crime, what did he do to be killed brutally? I know he was Shia, but is it a crime?

Someone has killed my motherhood. That someone calls himself a Muslim, I know. How dare he can call himself a Muslim when he cannot call himself a human? Who gave him this right? Who the hell gave him this duty to kill? Who is he? How can I curse him? Oh Rabba!

With all other ill-fated families, I am not burying my son. For the sake of our breathing ones, we are taking this bold step of not burying our non-breathing ones until we get a promising word of justice. We want protection. Your silence has killed my son; now speak with me to stop this genocide. If you have a reason, talk to us. You can teach us, you can argue; but you cannot kill us.

Prophets didn’t kill people. Companions of Prophets didn’t kill people. They were used to preach through harmony and peace. In the worst cases, they were used to leave. They never killed. They never started genocide.

I remember how my Prophet PBUH treated Abu Jahl when he reached height of disrespect. My Prophet PBUH just changed his way. He PBUH didn’t kill Abu Jahl.

What is the reason behind your killing? How you encourage someone to this worst level of act against humanity?

Do you use money? Shame!

Do you blackmail? Shame!

Do you use religion? Shame!

Do you use Islam? SHAME!

How dare you use my religion to kill my son?

Before yesterday, I was full of motherhood, love, harmony and peace. Since yesterday, I have become a body who is cursing everything around her. I wish all the mothers die before seeing their motherliness lying in front of them with such brutality. I wish I would have died before yesterday.

This is the body of my son. Yes this is his blood. This is blood of a Muslim, a Muhammadi, a Husseini, a Pakistani and a martyr. I’m not burying him till I get a promising word of safety for all other sons around. You cannot imagine at what stage of life I am now as I myself never thought of it. I never thought that this life will take me to this verge of obscurity. But here I am standing with my dead son.

I will leave quietly as soon as you will give me justice. I will leave when you guarantee the protection of my people. Then I will bury my son. I will leave this road. I will go back to my home where I have enough space and life to grieve.

Please give me justice and let my son have a proper burial. You didn’t treat him right when he was alive. Please treat him right when he is no more. Stand beside and speak with me!