He was 22 when she came into this world. That was his time to get what he wanted to get. The whole world. With a grip of his charm and smile. And he did.

Anyway, meaning being, she was zero when he was 22. Though zero came in 2018.

Back to chronology. He was 26 when he had his breakthrough. She was 4 then.

He was 30 when he stamped himself over a billion hearts. She was 8 then.

He was 35 when he visited Egypt and made his shirt more memorable than the Pyramids. She was 13 then.

A twist: He was 35 when he had an affair with a principal’s daughter. That principal was 58 at that time. Today, he is 58 but he is still in university and the principal has… well, the principal doesn’t matter because he retired.

He was 44 when he proved he wasn’t a terrorist. She was 22 and growing.

And then he became Dorian Gray.

Remember that curious case of Dorian Gray? No, not Benjamin Button. Dorian of Oscar Wilde. He stopped aging and the mirror got all the wrinkles. So, like Dorian, he also stopped aging. But she didn’t.

Now, she’s 36. He’s 58 – but considering the Dorian’s way of aging – he is 44. Stuck. And the two are together sharing as a couple. For you, it can be a difference of 22 but for him, it’s a difference of 8. Since she’s aging and he’s not, both will be 44 after 8 years.

This will be the story of Donkey. Inside sources. Could be wrong. Apologies.

Author: SakiNama

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