American Murders

After Alex Murdaugh’s sentencing, one thing that comes in mind is that even though human history is full of murders but something isn’t right in America right now.

Here’s an epiphany:

Robbers and thieves murder for food or wealth. They have a reason or motivation, sometimes accidentally; but they do it to gain something or to remove the witness.

Some murder for revenge. A clear motivation.

Some murder to hurt a particular person. Another clear motivation.

And there can be other reasons. All wrong but there is always something behind the ugly action.

But America’s recent history of murders – and mass murders – is insane. Convictions have shown that murderers murder for fun there. Murder to taste blood. Murder for the sake of murder only. No clear motivation. No revenge. Nothing. Just murder. For fun.

Like the recent case of Bryan Christopher Kohberger who stabbed and murdered 4 students.

And some, when they aren’t caught, goes into a habit until they are caught. For example, in a small Muslim community of Albuquerque, New Mexico, a man is killed every once in a while and murderer is yet to be caught as there is no dot to connect between the random murders, except the pattern of murdering.

Maybe it is something like rape when rapists don’t enforce themselves on others for sexual pleasure but to show power.

Remember that serial rapist Marc O’Leary? He did once. Didn’t get caught. So he went into this habit and was only caught accidentally. Sexual pleasure was secondly for him.

School shootings are usual news in the US. Kids are perhaps as much unsafe there as they are in Afghanistan. Other countries wake up from slumber when their schools are targeted and the US is still debating about freedom of guns and bullets.

Anyway. It’s insane. America is giving tough time to Russia and China at global level, but deep down the society at individual level is scary as hell.

As if every murderer there is an American Psycho – who is into murders and executions just for fun or addiction.

It’s debatable. This epiphany. But if something is wrong with a murder anywhere, then something is insanely wrong with murders in America.

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