Online Morality and Immorality

The online world is unsafe for both genders EQUALLY. Anyone can be a victim.

The problem is our obsession with seeing others doing things which are natural and biological.

We all do the same things. As we all are the same. With the same needs and systems. Just because you are safe by now doesn’t mean you have moral authority over victims.

Involuntarily, people have been taped in washrooms, try rooms, cinemas, hotels and everywhere. Married couples have been taped by hidden cameras. Because cameras are everywhere.

Only if we stop talking about leaked stuff and stop sharing it, this will change. If society will stop labeling someone because of a leaked video or picture – made voluntarily or involuntarily – the related risk and trauma will diminish gradually.

On a sidenote: Every single share is a downgraded version of your moral self. And every single share is kind of “gunah-e-jariya”. You’ve seen, fine. Why is there this need to share?

Now coming to the moral brigade who thinks naming and shaming would make them pious. Well, that won’t. Those who are caught doing anything – including cheating – were just unlucky.

Reminds me of what Adam Sandler once said in a movie: “It’s easy to be a judgmental prick when nobody wants to fuck you.”


That is it. First we are curious to find such scandals, videos, and pictures. Then we enjoy them. Then we share and talk about them. And after that we give lectures about morality, religion and how bad society has become.

Society has always been like that. Read Manto. Or Ismat. Or pretty much anyone who has penned down human behavior. The only difference is that now we have social media and cameras in our pockets all the time, with memory disks, to record stuff and make lives around us miserable.

Society is as ‘immoral’ as it was before. For me, this isn’t even immorality. Immorality is violence, rape, child abuse, domestic abuse, and related stuff. If madressashs don’t make you angry for unsafe children, then it’s better to shut up now because these male dominated schools are the foundation of sexual molestation in Pakistan which then spreads all over the country.

P.S. these scandals and your siding with morality doesn’t make feminism weak. Even Amber Heard couldn’t damage it. Feminism stands till there are Mohsin Abbas Haiders and Feroz Khans on prime time TV screens, playing exactly the same roles.

Author: SakiNama

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