Aurat March 2023

Men march. In uniform. Like in a circus. After killing millions, they get medals and monuments. They are praised. They are seen as a symbol of nationhood. And everything around blood and dead bodies.

Women can’t march. Not with their bodies. They haven’t killed in millions; so, no medals. Some naked monuments by famous male artists, but nothing much. Just bodies. Bodies on paintings, magazines, media, advertisements, etc. Hence, when they march for something more than their bodies, they become a symbol of shame and disgust.

Every man has a day. Woman… just dark nights.

Meanwhile men in public. Next to a wall on a road. Any road. With their teeny-weeny in hand. Left hand, mind you. Urinating. And thinking: how women march for vulgarity only to undress and proclaim indecency with their bodies? Why do they all want to dance naked? Even with all this, why don’t I get any?

After they are done urinating their mind, they don’t mind, their own business.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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