TLP-PTI Season 2021

2017: TLP is standing for the Prophet PBUH and we are standing with them. Close the roads. Burn the papers. Bring the capital down. Throw the government out. [After the Break: Rs.1,000/- each]

2018 A: No comments. No participation. Ok, burn but we are not burning with you. Elections are ahead and we want power not protests.

2018 B: No, not anymore. We are ruling Islamabad now and we will not let them burn. Capital won’t come down.

2020: They are against peace of the society. Must be banned. Banned.

2021: They are blackmailing the state. We are Muslims and we are for Islam while they are also Muslims but they are not for Islam. Let me rephrase…

4 days back: They are on a mission against the country and funds are coming from abroad. It’s a conspiracy against Pakistan.

3 days back: We are in talks. Things are going ok.

2 days back: They are funded by India. They are Indian funded traitors working against Pakistan using Islam for their vested interests.

Today: We have an agreement. All is good for now. No, we cannot tell you details of the agreement now. Will do it in appropriate time. No, they are not Indians anymore.

Next season in next season.

Conclusion: Things would have been way better if judgement of Qazi Faez Esa could have been read with an open mind and implemented accordingly.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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