Bajwa Leaks

“Ask Agriculture Department”. That’s where it ended when Shahzad Akbar had nothing else to say. Well, that was precise and accurate. Like Faisal Vawda with a boot on the table. Demonstrating political history – and present – of Pakistan.

How did Sharif go abroad? Why is that even a question? Yes, PTI’s government in Punjab recommended it and PTI’s government in Federal nodded at the departure. But it was Agriculture Department. Ass always.

Sheikh Rashid – press conference minister of the state – has reiterated a zillion times that it was establishment. But he also claimed that PM IK didn’t know about it.

Well, what does he know? For international matters, boys go to meet MBS. Boys talk to Bill Gates. Civil bodies are only to represent where they can’t go. Like UN. Or Summits.

Yet ECP is here. Ballots are here. Votes are here. A whole democratic setup is here. To keep you busy with a democratic presence.

Zia introduced Sharif in the 1980s. Sharif took federal. Dismissed. Took federal again. Dismissed. Treason. Deal. Went abroad. Came back. Took federal a third time. Dismissed. Deal. Abroad.

See the pattern. He ruled for around 9 years as PM. Never completed his term. Did all the dirty work for the establishment. And as soon as he got the confidence to impose civil supremacy… dismissed. Followed by treason. Followed by corruption. Followed by deal. Followed by a visit abroad. Followed by another selection.

Meanwhile Bajwa, the CPEC-Bajwa, is on Twitter. Businesses abroad. Papa John’s Pizzas with 133 restaurants. Prados. Mansions. Properties. Bajco. Worth somewhere around US$100 million.

That would be around PKR 17 billion. Just 17. Billion.

But it’s not Panama Leaks or Dawn Leaks. It’s Bajwa Leaks. He’s not a PM to be taken out by the collar or a journalist to be cleaned up.

So why so serious? Will you mourn every single island in Australia? Or every single acre? Or every single farm house? Or every single housing scheme? Or every single marriage hall? No.

We have other things. To grieve. To weep.

We have Hayat Baloch. Like we had Sahiwal. And Naqibullah. And hundreds of thousands of others. Begging for basics. Striving to breathe. Do we care if this or that is in federal? No. Because nothing changes.

They are all in one boot. Or boot on them. Or whatever.

Why to care about the every single leaf when we have this beauty of diversity?

We have Julie Khan. The trans-vocalist. She dared to defame Pakistan with truth. So lies were invented to book her and humiliate her. She had been violently treated in the past too but she didn’t learn. Hopefully, she’ll learn now.

Then we have dead bodies. Falling here and there. Like leaves in autumn. Will we mourn about every fall on each fall? No.

Then we have people going missing all of sudden. And their not-so-nationalist parents being prized with national awards. Like Joyo.

But we do insist to be that voice that shakes whatever podium it gets.

Let’s see another pattern.

Wherever there are foreign funds, there are boys. Locust. Covid-19. Floods. Earthquake. CPEC. And stuff.

So, you should be rational enough to rise above the dust to see a macro picture.

Or you can keep on proving your sect, your religion, your caste, your language, and your political party. This or that. Waste of time.

Read لَكُمْ دِينُكُمْ وَلِيَ دِينِ.

For you is your religion, and for me is my religion. Move on. Rise.

Don’t take nationalist salad or religious sauce anymore. Ask for pizza. Where’s your slice?

It’s Papa John’s Pizza by the way. There is papa. And there is pizza. Those who consider them as ‘papa’ won’t ask for pizza. Even a bacon pizza will become holy and sacred.

All you need to be is Faez. Not Faiz. It will be a struggle for better Pakistan and better future for future generations.

Rise yourself above all the petty things. Above the dirt. Above the dust. Above the noise pollution. And then you will be able to see the root cause of all the problems around you. It’s pretty uniform.

Author: SakiNama

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