Animal Farm of Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy is idiotically funny. Whoever comes on top, must be accepted. The shit that comes down from anus of the boss, must be taken in hands by the juniors. With respect. That’s why the whole recruitment system is based on finding ‘yes boss’.

That is another reason that every secretariat is hustling and bustling in office hours. Even in off hours. All departments are running around madly with briefs, presentations, and meetings. Yet, there is hardly a thing that moves.

For instance, hundreds of meetings and briefs have been conducted to provide relief to flood victims. Yet, nothing. Millions have already been wasted on meetings and stuff without any relief for the victims. This is the beauty of bureaucracy. It keeps on moving yet nothing moves. Not even an eyebrow on all the wasted papers and funds.

Come to Punjab.

Muhammad Khan Bhatti is currently the Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister. He’s not a bureaucrat but the whole bureaucracy of Punjab is reporting to him. He rose from Grade-7 to Grade-22 just because of his loyalty to Elahi family. Now imagine the beauty of Mehmood-o-Ayaz kind of system. The ugly sharks like Chief Secretary, Chairman P&D, Secretary Finance, SMBR, and other giants of administrative departments are all reporting to a clerk. A business clerk. The clerk can even keep them waiting on one leg – the leg – whenever he wishes to.

Apart from beauty of bureaucracy, this is beauty of being an idiot too. A suited booted idiot who moves with the world moving around.

So, it’s all about hierarchy. Hierarchy of bastards. Whoever comes on top, must be respected. It is not about work to be done but work not to be done. It’s not the only idiot on top. The stream follows all the way down to the point where bureaucracy ends. And this whole system is Orwellian. Like Animal Farm. Where pigs are on top and known as the bastards.

Solution: Dissolve. Dissolve the bureaucracy. Employees should get promotions gradually to reach on top. Just like in private organizations where employees rise with years of experience and field knowledge. Imagine a bureaucrat being posted as CEO of Google or NASA or Tesla. No don’t imagine. Let imaginations be clean.

Author: SakiNama

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