Through ups and downs

Further down to pits

From highs and lows

Lower to the lowest

From the misery of existence

From the fear of oblivion

From the old-world order to the new

From sultanates to McDonaldization

The questions are same

The issues are same

The pains are same

The love is same

The departure is same

The idea of being is same

From shaking hand at hello to not letting it go at bye

With a fear in heart and a little shivering in spine

From the curls of a cigarette to dismissal after the last puff

Like a whole life of a tooth, from birth to decay

The journey is same

The travelers are insane

Some, an inch taller

Some, an inch shorter

That doesn’t matter in holding hands

A little awkwardness before an invention

A little tension before the new rise

Yet, no body to stop because it’s the time of a new idea

A new beginning

Like the first kiss, a dry one

In a humid weather to give way to a spring

To another journey of the same life

To another decade beyond the early decades of freedom

Towards the unknown, from the unknown

To the destination inside the womb of the grave

Coffins are same

Death is same

Beyond death is the unknown

Unknown is same

Who cares beyond death? Beyond unknown?

Perhaps we all do

In this journey

From known to the unknown

Towards a single destination

The ultimate dream of the promised land


And beyond that is nothing

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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