Veena! You are dismissed

How embarrassing, Veena! You always prepare for viva even when you know you have cheated the exams. That’s an unsaid rule.

Just because of your interview with Badami, the 5th Generation Warfare is in danger. The whole marketing campaign is down. Funds are wasted.

After exposing deep cleavage in India, you have exposed the deep state in Pakistan. This is deep shit!

This ain’t a tattoo you can remove. This is not front cover of FHM. This is Twitter. This is our warzone.

Now, in order to keep the legacy intact, and in the name of patriotism, and survival of the nation from uninformed and un-uniformed bloody civilians, and Indians, and Afghans, and the dolphins in the Arabian Sea; you are hereby dismissed from the services.

Till further orders from the incompetent authority.

Veena! On a personal note, see the current state machinery closely. Fawad Chaudhary comes and dismisses Sheikh Rasheed. Sheikh Rasheed comes with a different press conference. Then both tells a completely different story. Then they correlate. Then they make a new story.

And when they can’t handle it anymore, they put it on India. Simple. Switch hit it is. Why couldn’t you do that?

You didn’t know Azmat Saeed? Take a break and Google. Start coughing when you don’t know. Fall. Pretend a stroke. Play it like you played it in Big Boss.

No wonder you were dismissed from there too.

It’s not about position. Not about enjoyment. Because it’s not a position. It’s a narrative. You don’t enjoy it as long as you want to. You keep it inside forever.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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