Iddat & The Judge

You played with the religion. In the end, religion outplayed you. That’s how people are done and dusted in a theological state.

Iddat has punished an ex PM to prison. While qisas and diyat helped murderers get away with crime and punishment.

Like once, the whole state was playing with Jihad and Mujahideen. Until both turned back and took the state violently with over 80,000 dead bodies.

I know. You have your arguments. But I have counterarguments. I’m not against the religion. I’m against the use of it by the state and people.

In the end, religion will wipe away basic rights if the state will own it to set its own narrative. For common people, it’s a lose-lose. Always.

Don’t fall into a trap. Differentiate between personal and public choices. And if you cannot respect someone’s privacy, then be ready to be violated of your own personal space some day.

It’s a lose-lose. Remember that.


Let me. Let me think this through by imagining myself as a Judge. I am a Judge. Yes, I am.

So, how did I do it? How did I analyze iddat? If I can analyze iddat period, can I analyze period too? Can I? If I think I can, I can. Steno! Note that one. It’s a quotable quote and I am the Judge.

Ok. Let me extend my intellect. What if I order that all the parents must submit DNA tests of their children to the court? Or Nadra. Else, Nadra may be ordered to cancel B-Forms of their children. How strict is that order? I have bounded the entire generation to my order. 250 million.

But I am not done yet. I am the Judge.

I will clean the marriages. I will differentiate between your harami and halali lineage. Ooooh! I’m so excited. This will lead to divorces, but I don’t care. A marriage should be on halal terms. Or there should be no marriage at all. We will go back. To the times of matrilineal societies. No marriages. No divorces. I will be remembered as the judge who ended divorces.

This is getting on my nerves. This is getting on my nerves. I need my pill. Order, order. The court is adjourned.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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